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What's your defining moment?Some of the most significant moments we have experienced in life have been at the A/U Ranches or DiscoveryBound events (formerly the A/U Field Program). Adventure Unlimited’s National Alumni Board is gathering Defining Moments from former and present staff, as well as campers and all program participants.

If you have had a significant healing, spiritual insight, experienced growth and gratitude in Christian Science while at A/U or a DiscoveryBound event – we would like to hear from you!

Visit our website to view examples of Defining Moments written by A/U-DB Alumni.

If you have any questions, or when you are ready to submit your Defining Moment, send us an email.


2 Responses to “Your Defining Moments”

  1. Jan True Jacoby, Laguna Hills, CA

    It would be difficult to enumerate all the blessings I’ve found at A/U. From my first experience as a camper at the College Stampede in 1970 to the Women’s Bible over the last three years I have always come away with a new way of looking at something specific in my life. A few times it’s been about a major decisioin I had to make and other times it was about gaining a sense of peace about something. One Christmas time I spent a week in Valerie with hardly enough energy to walk back and forth to the cabin I was sharing with several friends. While they were out skiing everyday I was enjoying the fire in the fireplace, sleeping, reading a little, and just soaking up the loving and healing atmosphere. By the time I got home on New Year’s Day I felt that I had a new lease on life. Within a week or so I was back to my ice skating lessons and enjoying life more than ever. Take it from me, you can go to A/U needing healing and go home healed!!

    • Jayna

      What a betiauful little boy! I'm a new follower from Mama, Mommy, Mom Wednesday Hop! Thanks for sharing your story!


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