Who Do You Hope to See – At the 60th Reunion?

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Who Do You Hope to See – At the 60th Reunion?

The National Alumni Board reached out to a few people we want to see at the Reunion, and thought we would share what they are up to these days. Is there someone you hope to run into at the 60th Reunion? Send us suggestions at [email protected] or post your ideas below.


Moffet Zoe Atcheson – Hart Silverman


Moffet started at the A/U Ranches as a Volunteer Worker with Dave Jewel as the leader. She came back as an out-of-camp Mountaineering Counselor with David Nutter in 1973, and then moved over to the Corral with Anne, Bob and Margie Howe. She also ran the Arts and Crafts Program with Anne Toves, and was the Sky Valley Corral Program Head.

Moffet and her husband, Barry, live in Big Sky, Montana. She has a studio where she works and does some snowshoeing while Barry teaches skiing on the mountain. In the summer, they camp and fish all across Montana. They also have a “getaway” home in Laguna Woods, California, where they go in spring and fall – the “mud” seasons in Montana.


Nathan Bowen


Nathan attended A/U as a Camper 1981-1989; Seasonal Staff 1991-1998, and 2004-2006; Full-Time Staff 1998-2003. As a teen, he also participated in the Denver Chapter during the late 1980s, and the San Francisco Bay Chapter as a volunteer in the late 1990s. He has been active at Regional and National DiscoveryBound events since 2006.

Nathan is the Executive Director at Crystal Lake Camps (CLC), one of the other CS Camps, based in central Pennsylvania. He lives in Boston with his wife, Ariana Herlinger, who works at The Mother Church. Over the past few years, Nathan has been instrumental in having Crystal Lake Camps host several DB Regional events. He is also dedicating more time to serving as a Christian Science Practitioner.


Alison Osborne

14_Zipline-DB.AlisonOsborneAli Osborne was never an A/U camper (she’s a Bow-Isle girl) but she attended DiscoveryBound Regional and National events during middle school and high school (2001-2006). During university, she started the British Columbia, Canada DB Chapter, organizing local teen and young adult events, and served as a DB summer intern. After graduating, she worked for Adventure Unlimited – DiscoveryBound in the National Leadership Council (NLC) Department and is currently an NLC 2016E Class Leader.

She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication and will be traveling to China this fall as part of her program. Her thesis focuses on the role of sport in community level peace building. She’s especially interested in empowering girls through sport and education. This year, Ali joined the BC chapter of the Society for Intercultural Training, Education, and Research (SIETAR). She also launched her blog, The Good Game Initiative, which highlights various sport for peace and sport for development projects. Ali enjoys teaching Sunday School, serving on TMC Youth and Church Alive committees, hiking, running, skiing, and living on Bowen Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


Kenny D’Evelyn

Kenny-DEvelyn-zipKenny was a Camper at the A/U Ranches in the 1990s and early 2000s – mostly in the Corral. As a Staff member for seven years, he was a Wrangler, Wrangler Ranch Hand, and Program Head for Polocrosse and Cattle Working.

He lives in Washington, DC, working as a management consultant specializing in leadership development in the company’s international sector. Kenny’s work has taken him to the Philippines, Malawi, and Switzerland.



Celeste (Signor) Fowden


Celeste was an A/U Camper from 1986 to 1989 in Horsemanship, Mountaineering, and Conquerors. She was on the Mountaineers Staff 1997-1999 and Conquerors Program Head in 2003.

Celeste now works full time for CBRE (a commercial office real estate broker) in Dallas. She is the mother of three precious girls, Conley (5), Courtney (3), and Carson (8 months), and wife to a wonderful husband, Clay.



Bob Baggs

14_Zipline-Bob-BaggsBob attended A/U as a camper in 1957.  He became actively involved in the Adventure Unlimited Field Program (now DiscoveryBound) in 1969. He was a Chapter Advisor and held all positions on the local Chapter Board, in 7 different cities. In the late 90s, Bob started supporting DiscoveryBound Regional and National activities. He was part of the first Boston Bound (formally Boston Youth Meeting) National in 1999. In 2009, Bob became a Trustee for A/U-DB and was a key volunteer at this year’s Boston weekend over Memorial Day weekend.

Bob recently moved to Denver, CO. He is still supporting DiscoveryBound and continues to be a member of the Board of Trustees. He’s an avid sailor and just returned from accompanying his second National Leadership Council, Class Adventure Trip, sailing the San Juan Islands. Bob looks forward to supporting many more DiscoveryBound events.


Betsy Gaudette-Cross


Betsy was an A/U Camper in a three-week program in 1966, 1967, 1968, and then as a Counselor in 1972. She was at Round-Up as a Riding Counselor for high school kids.

Today, she is a photography high school teacher and lives in Visalia, California. She has four children: Grant, (34), Megan (31), Katherine (24), and Kevin (21), and three granddaughters.



Bill and Jill Morse


Bill worked at the A/U Ranches in the kitchen with Nellie during the summer of 1968. Bill and Jill met at the Ski Week event the Christmas of 1967 and have been married since August 1969. They were Chapter Advisors in Fort Worth, Texas, while attending Texas Christian University in 1969-1970.

Today Bill and Jill live in Cambodia where they work for a US-based charity called the Landmine Relief Fund. Bill is the international project manager for a group of ex-child soldiers who are clearing landmines and unexploded ordnances. Jill teaches English to 35 at-risk children living at the Cambodian Landmine Museum Relief Center. They and their dog, Mikki, moved there in 2009. In August, Bill and Jill will renew their wedding vows in a traditional Cambodian ceremony.


Michelle (Moretti) Seaman

Michelle was a Camper in 1989 and 1991-1994, participating in Tennis, Challengers, Horsemanship and Rafting. She joined the Staff in 1995, 1998, 2001, and 2003 as a Rafting Counselor and spent the summer of 1996 on the Kitchen Staff.

Michelle lives in Atlanta with her husband Derek and two daughters, Natalie (5) and Kayla (20 months). She is an event/video producer with Wits’ End Productions.


Stacey Toevs


Stacey was a Camper from 1976 to 1984. She spent the summers of 1985-1988 as Staff in the Sky Valley and Round-Up Corrals.

She is living in Denver with her husband Bob, two kids, one dog, two careers, one house and two bikes. They take all too infrequent forays into the mountains. Fortunately, they get to see great A/U-found friends in the Mile High City, where Stacey has now lived exactly half her life!



Who do you look forward to reconnecting with? Post your ideas below.

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  1. Seeking "rip"david hinkson my name- Lizabeth mcKibben

    Looking for you, Rip, as I’ve moved your home town of Venice, FL

  2. Virginia (McNamee) Pendleton

    I would love to see any and all A/U staff friends from the summers of 1977-1978-1979!

  3. Clariece lisciandro tally

    I would love to connect with anyone who attended ski camp years 1975-1978 and round up August 1976


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