Connecting 20s/30s: Your DiscoveryBound Young Adult Manager

2018 Friendsgiving in NYC

G’day alumni! There’s great news for everyone: Adventure Unlimited’s focus on 20s/30s has progressed from the Young Adult Research conducted in 2017 to implementing its findings through the creation of the DiscoveryBound Young Adult Manager position and so much more. Having started in this new position in mid-September, I’m privileged to share this awesomeness with you.

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Adults 20s-30s Find Shared Spiritual Interests – and Lots of Fun – at New England Events

In the years after college and before parenthood, fun and clean social events seem to be harder to find. Through DiscoveryBound Outreach Affinity Group activities, I’ve really appreciated being able to interact with other Christian Scientists who are in the same stage of life that I am.

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