The In-between Time

There are snow showers some days, other days sunshine and warmth to melt it away. Most of the country enjoys joyful peeks at spring in between leftover patches of winter. Now it is the in-between time, when we begin to think about warmer days, adventures ahead of us, perhaps recalling memories of backpacking trips, paddling on the river or riding horses to campsites high in the evergreens.

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NLC Classes Join in Prayer to Overcome Health Challenge

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The first of four summer experiences for a teen in DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC) is a two-week outdoor adventure orientation. It’s an environment that brings together the two newest classes in person and kicks off their journey as a family. During their orientation last summer, the classes had an opportunity to rise up in support of one another when faced with a health challenge.

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NLC: Leadership for a Lifetime

For many National Leadership Council (NLC) alumni, there is a lingering hunger to be of service to mankind. As former NLCers ourselves and leaders of the NLC Alumni Initiative, we get the chance to talk with NLC graduates about their future goals and ambitions as they move through college and young adulthood. We’ve found that the drive to be conscientious global citizens is permanently embedded in our daily activity and likely won’t be extinguished.

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