Living Generously: When One Conversation Changes Everything

Rusty’s enthusiasm for giving is palpable. “Don’t be a hoarder!” he says in his affable Texas drawl. “Only five percent of Christians shed the light!” He heard this “don’t be a hoarder” comment from a minister while working together in the prison ministry in Austin and has adopted the phrase as another way of saying, “live generously.”

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Wranglers reunite through horses, friendship and living generously

“This was a great time, like coming home again – a great meeting with old friends and making new ones,” says alumnus Don Gregory. “I saw firsthand how well the horse program has been improved and upgraded. It was a pleasure to ride up the mountain, after about 30 years. There was lots of renewal of amazing feelings and inspiration unique to the A/U Ranches in that beautiful, familiar setting in the Colorado Rockies.”

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Cowgirl Reflections from Camp

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Before that summer, I was a girl who lived like a raindrop at the end of a pine needle. Playing fast and loose with time, a loner orb stained by rebellion, questioning my worthiness, searching for my voice. Funny how when God calls, plans melt. Mine dripped all over the points of the steely mountains while the wide Colorado sky opened in torrents of holiness.

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