National Alumni Board Gathers Virtually for Annual Retreat

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2020-2021 NAB

The NAB has worked together in recent months to identify and metaphysically address challenges strongly pressing humanity that directly impact Adventure Unlimited alumni. That prayerful work carried into the retreat, where a large focus of conversation among the group addressed inclusivity and how we ensure that alumni feel the “welcome home” spirit so many expect from their time participating in Adventure Unlimited activities.

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Feeling Loved, Accepted and Valued

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Being at the A/U Ranches again after all those years – seeing so many dear friends and reminiscing about old times – brought Adventure Unlimited to the forefront of my mind again. It was a reminder of how my experiences at the A/U Ranches, spanning the ages of 11 through 22, influenced my life and set me on a path that would have been very different otherwise. […]

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