A participant in DiscoveryBound Outreach chapter, Ignite and National Leadership Council programs describes the path his DB experiences have taken him on and the opportunities they’ve provided. Watch his story.
(From Trailmarks 2023)

About DiscoveryBound Outreach

DiscoveryBound Outreach “reaches out” beyond camp and church to invite Christian Scientists and their friends of all faiths to attend Regional Seasonal and National Annual events, where they can see Christian Science in action. There are also DB local chapters across the country that organize events for youth, 20s/30s, families and all adults in your community.

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Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches

Our experiences change lives. At the A/U Ranches you’ll find a Christian Science atmosphere with staff dedicated to helping you see the role God plays in your life. Each program and activity is designed to help you break through limitations, reach your goals, and see God in action.

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