By Dean, written at age 9

It was peak day for our three-day, overnight mountaineering trip. Leading up to the trip, I’d had two accidents while playing at camp, bumping my head and hurting my ankle. After visits with the camp practitioner and nurses, I decided that I still wanted to go on the trip. I really wanted to feel like I had finished the mountaineer program, and peaking my first 14,000-foot mountain seemed like a really important part of that.

I woke up on peak day feeling tired, weak and cold. Those feelings lasted until our group Bible Lesson study on the trail. Then, during Lesson study, my ankle started hurting again, but I heard an angel message from God reminding me that I don’t need to listen to the body – it is not in charge. “I am perfectly built by God to do any activity,” I heard myself thinking!

As we got going again, I noticed that another camper was having a really hard time. He didn’t seem to like being up this high. I wanted to help him and decided to sing to him, making up my own songs from various Bible quotes that I had memorized in Sunday School last year. Then, I sang two hymns by Mary Baker Eddy, which begin “Shepherd, show me” and “O gentle presence.” This helped the kid go, and we all peaked Mt. Yale! Helping him felt so good that it motivated me to finish the hike too, and I was the first one to the top!

The day was very hard, but I felt like God was carrying me along the way. I felt like every step I was doing, something was one step ahead of me, guiding me onward.

I realized that I was actually having fun when I was scrambling over loose rock as we approached the peak. I really liked that part! And I loved seeing the picket-pen animals play in the rocks, too.

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