In September 2023, DiscoveryBound (DB) Outreach 20s/30s completed two trips to Iceland that had originally been planned for fall 2020. Feedback from participants was filled with gratitude for the connections, spiritual growth and sheer joy experienced. Following is a letter from one of the participants, Kelsi Mayer.

I would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to DiscoveryBound donors for supporting my participation in the 20s/30s Iceland trip. Despite my apprehension about re-entering a Christian Science environment after a number of years of separation, I felt divine direction guiding me to pursue this trip, and was heartened to find myself warmly embraced just as I am.

I was immensely blessed by the trip, both spiritually and socially, and inspired by our morning [Bible] Lesson study gatherings to reinstate Christian Science study into my daily experience at home. I not only deepened preexisting relationships, but formed new ones that touched my heart in unexpected ways.

The trip was well-researched and planned, and due to both human effort and divine guidance, ran extraordinarily smoothly. Small hiccups in scheduling and weather conditions were met gracefully by the trip lead and practitioner (whose patience and enthusiasm never waned), as well as all participants. It felt that everyone came to the trip as their most vulnerable and genuine selves, lending themselves to an experience free from ego and with the highest aim at the helm.

One of the highlights from the trip was joining voices in unison to sing Christian Science hymns during Sunday and Wednesday services – a glorious harmonizing in praise of the divine source of being. …this trip was just the balm my soul needed, and has compelled me to reconsider my relationship with Christian Science and encouraged me to seek further activities such as this one.

Many DB Outreach 20s/30s participants receive financial assistance to experience weekend programs like the one in Maine. You can support these trips with your gift today.

Kelsi and friends on one of DiscoveryBound’s 20s/30s trips to Iceland.

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