“I love how much DiscoveryBound has been a part of who I’ve been the last year or so,” says Vince Lomascolo, a participant in DB Outreach activities for 20s/30s adults. He’s attended in-person and virtual events, and also chaperoned a trip with a DB National Leadership Council class.

During a 20s/30s trip to Maine, he had a healing of anxiety. “I had a lot of really heavy stress,” says Vince. While praying about it, he says, “I came to the conclusion that any challenge I’ve been encountering, whether it’s with anxiety or anything else, was one of two things. I was either accepting too much responsibility for things that were absolutely in God’s control, or I wasn’t taking enough responsibility for loving myself or someone else and expressing those qualities of God. When it felt that simple and succinct, a whole weight lifted off of me and made the rest of the year so much better. It helped me open a lot of friendships and really solidify a lot of things in my life.”

In fact, he says, “The 20s/30s program has really helped me solidify the way that I practice Christian Science in a demonstrative way. As a kid and teenager, and then in college, I went back and forth on how strong my practice of Christian Science was depending on the time. Now, between living here in Boston, working at The Mother Church, and also these experiences with DiscoveryBound, it’s definitely become an everyday kind of practice and really just a part of me.”

Vince has loved making the practice of Christian Science and his participation in DB Outreach 20s/30s events a habit. “The way I feel being a part of the DiscoveryBound family is how I want to feel all the time,” he says. “The more I can make that a consistent part of my life, the more I’ll feel that way and be that way in my life.”

Many DB Outreach 20s/30s participants receive financial assistance to experience weekend programs like the one in Maine. You can support these trips with your gift today.

Vince (right) on the DiscoveryBound 20s/30s trip to Maine

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