Participants in our watercolor classes have shared with us their deep gratitude for the way the experience has uplifted them; below are two of those notes. DiscoveryBound (DB) Outreach is able to offer these virtual classes free of charge, thanks to the instructor, Kelly Foxton, who generously volunteers her instruction time, and to caring donors.

A renewed love for art

When I was young, I loved art and wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I took lessons. I painted and drew in my free time. I even went to an art school for half the day during my senior year of high school. I majored in graphic design in college. But with all the deadlines, harsh critiques, and the constant pressure to produce, my love of art slowly faded away.

As an adult, I sometimes bring art into my work and into my home. I have taken lessons here and there. But ever since college ended, art has mostly just sat on the back burner. But that all changed when I started taking the virtual watercolor classes through DiscoveryBound.

The teacher is so kind, encouraging, and patient with all our questions. The paintings are fun to do and I learn something new every time. Just as in our study of Christian Science, where no one is critiquing or judging us, that is how I feel during these lessons. I feel free to learn and express myself with no worries of what the outcome may be. It really has been life changing. My love of art is back, and I give all the credit to this class and this wonderful teacher.

Finding peace amidst chaos

I had just come home from a difficult legal hearing regarding a neighboring property that we have been involved with for months (and have spent the last two weeks preparing statements, etc.). We were running late and had not even drawn our elephants [a pre-class assignment] with only 20 minutes until the class started. It was our very first watercolor class. I was tired, frustrated, and almost canceled. I felt very uninspired at the moment and just wanted to do nothing. I am so glad that the thought came to persevere and continue on. It was truly a lovely experience. It erased all thoughts of anxiety about the day. I feel so blessed that I was able to come home and share an hour of watercolor time with my daughter. We loved it and plan to continue. Thank you!

DiscoveryBound Outreach watercolor class participants and their art.

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