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NLC teen experiences true friendship, healing and a sense of belonging with her class.
Read Mia’s story



DiscoveryBound program brings together teens exploring Christian Science.
Read Otto’s story



Teenage camper’s exclamation of the Truth transforms his experience from fear to joy.
Read Nico’s story


Constant Support

A teen receives immediate help from her DB National Leadership Council network.
Read Michaela’s story


Loved and Supported as a Teen and Adult

A 20s/30s adult who loved DiscoveryBound Outreach activities as a teen embraces a new DB community.
Read Amanda’s story



Prepared for Life

Away from the A/U Ranches for several years, a former camper returns as a staff member and reconnects with a sense of home and an understanding of Christian Science.
Read Chris’ story



Calm Replaces Fear While Caving

A CIT reaches out to her program head for support in overcoming a fear of small spaces – and is healed.
Read Katie’s story



Healing in the Heights

Support from her classmates and class leaders help an NLC teen overcome panic during a steep climb.
Read Lauren’s story



From Questions to Clarity

Unsure about the truth of Christian Science, a teen navigating the Compass program emerges with a clear message: to be a healer.
Read Kaitlyn’s story



Teen Discovers in Himself the Person He Wants to Be

A caring chapter worker and church member helps a young man see his worth – and it changes his life.
Read Alex’s story



Finding Her Voice

A teen rises above a disadvantaged background and, supported by her National Leadership Council mentor, embraces confidence and a joyful future.
Read Claudia’s story



Following and Rejoicing, Without Limitation

A teen feels God’s guidance at camp and takes it back home to a new school.
Read Lucas’ story



Revealing the Servant Leader Within

Moving outside her comfort zone far from home, a teen discovers her innate leadership qualities – and healing – in a strong peer community.
Read Rachel’s story



The Blessings of Choosing to Engage

A weekend event opens up opportunities for supportive peer connections and spiritual growth for one teen.
Read Mackenzie’s story



Rise Up and Bike!

A teen camper overcomes her fears – and finds healing – on a mountain biking trail, through joy and love.
Read Leila’s story


Corrina list image

Standing Solidly in Truth

Step by step, a teen with an ankle injury discovers the spiritual freedom that comes from leaning on God.
Read Corrina’s story


Joshua list image

A Life-Changing Summer

In just four weeks at camp, a teen and his family find their lives transformed.
Read Joshua’s story


Noel list image

Finding Joy

A young man is embraced in a community of love and lifted out of an injury-induced depression.
Read Noel’s story


Love’s Everlasting Arms

Staff and campers witness, quickly and decisively, that no challenge is too great for God.

Read Astrid’s story

Jackson's Story

Conquering Fears

An eager young man in the Horsemanship program learns to let go of restricting fears and to harness the joy and confidence of Truth, Life and Love.

Read Jackson’s story

Key Way Chapter's Story

The Blessings of a Loving Community

A group of Ohio teens demonstrate how DiscoveryBound Outreach is more than just a fun time.

Read the Key Way Chapter’s story

Shane's Story

Unified Through Service and Prayer

The National Leadership Council builds a culture of servant leadership that stays with students long after graduation.

Read Shane’s story

Harvest Song - Brooke

Being a Healer in the World, But Not of the World

In serving, a teen discovers a spiritual foundation for global prayer.

Read Brooke’s story

Harvest Song - Samantha

Learning to Express, Not Impress

Fear and a sense of personal accomplishment give way to joy and freedom over a ski weekend.

Read Samantha’s story

Harvest Song - Grace

Recognizing God’s Control

Immediate prayer brings a quick healing when a camper is thrown from a horse.

Read Grace’s story

Lily Homepage Testimonial

Growing Closer to God

A student in the National Leadership Council learns flexibility, trust and the beauty of quiet prayer during her Adventure Trip.

Read Lily’s story

Michael Homepage Testimonial

Discovering a Sense of Belonging and Worth

Formerly bullied and friendless, a teen finds acceptance and love in Adventure Unlimited’s programs.

Read Michael’s story

Ben Homepage Testimonial

From Skiing to Biking, Love Triumphs

A teen finds a supportive group of friends, and healing, in two Adventure Unlimited programs.

Read Ben’s story

Wyatt Homepage Testimonial

Seeking… and Finding

A camper’s searching questions are brought home one evening in the presence of his prayerful counselor.

Read Wyatt’s story

Adventure Unlimited Foundation, serving DiscoveryBound and the A/U Ranches, is the fundraising arm of Adventure Unlimited, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.