Committed to the cause of
Christian Science

Total Funds Needed: $2,800,000

This fund will provide working capital for an operating reserve to be ready for critical, unanticipated facility and mission-related needs during the Campaign period and beyond.

I was led to include a freshman college student in DiscoveryBound’s Winter Weekend… She experienced a huge transformation in her view of Christian Science as a result of that event’s inspiration discussions and the loving, inclusive atmosphere. She went on to be a counselor at a Christian Science camp – her first camp experience event – and then considered Principia College. That weekend shifted her life and her commitment to Christian Science.
– DiscoveryBound Chapter Leader

What Can You Do

Ready to help? For information on how to make or direct a gift, you can give online or call 888.416.7348 x109 or Email.

Adventure Unlimited Foundation, serving DiscoveryBound and the A/U Ranches, is the fundraising arm of Adventure Unlimited, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches

Our experiences change lives. At the A/U Ranches you’ll find a Christian Science atmosphere with staff dedicated to helping you see the role God plays in your life. Each program and activity is designed to help you break through limitations, reach your goals, and see God in action.

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