Remembrances of Camp: ‘Lasting Impressions’

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A poem by Jennifer Franklin, A/U Ranches camper, staff alumna and National Alumni Board member

Friendships formed and nurtured through the years

The majesty of the mountains

The smell of the pines, the water, the cabins

The first day of camp and the sight of the first bus arriving from the airport

Bus arriving with campers from the airport ~1980

Comforting a young camper who was feeling “homesick” on her first night at RUR

The awesome quiet when “Alone With Your Thoughts” and the pure power of those moments as you commune with God on the hillside

The supportive staff who guide and give of their time and youthful vigor each summer

Overcoming limitations on the ropes course, rock climbs, mountain climbs, endurance rides, testimony meetings, river raft trips

The sincere desire of the founders, Cap and Marianne Andrews, who persevered in bringing forth their vision for A/U and for sharing it with all of us

The sound of music ringing forth from Valerie and Wyly lodges out into the cool, Colorado evening air, and the songs of Fogelberg, Denver, Newton-John, Elton John

Starting a fire in Crow’s Nest fireplace and spending the day reading the Bible lesson and sharing this love with fellow staff and campers

Healing of sickness while climbing Yale in ’76 and the testimony published

Freedom from fear and learning to trust God to guide my footsteps on the many nights I travelled the Wyly path, sometimes running the distance to Pinebrook

Healing homesickness, loneliness, unworthiness, impatience, self-righteousness, ineptitude, jealousy, possessiveness, anger, sleep deprivation, ankle sprains, food poisoning, altitude sickness and many other situations

Conquering a feeling of separation at the end of the summer when the camp staff left to go home.

Opening Windows to God, pp. 293-294, ©1999 and 2006

Jennifer Franklin

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  1. Nicole Jackson

    After a time at the corral the people I came with decided to take a short cut back to the Valerie lodge. I was asked twice if I wanted to follow them. The first time I said “yeah”, then, I thought about it and asked myself why. Then I heard someone say “you could take the ride back in the van with Shea, the staff member. I recognized her ,somehow, so I said I’ll do that or took a deep breath and walked uphill with my friend Christopher who said he didn’t know why they went that way. She was so pleasant and we rode all the way to the parking lot. She expressed some insecurity on not knowing something about scheduling. I thought she was right to wait for me and Christopher and saw that I had not learned to follow the crowd and finally understood why, from within myself.


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