Program Updates: Youth Camp, DB NLC Summer Trips, DB Outreach National Event and more

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Wondering how Adventure Unlimited’s programs are running now that restrictions and regulations are different? Here are a few updates.

A/U Ranches Youth and Family Camp

The A/U Ranches has been thrilled to welcome back in-person programming in the form of residential Youth Camp for six weeks, three weeks of Family Camp and two weeks of Day Camp this summer. Each has been operating in cohort groups and following local regulations. Wonderful healings mark this summer, and participants are happy to be back together as many missed last year’s day camp and Family & Friends Getaway.

One youth camper shared this experience:

When I got there, I was welcomed with open arms and so much love.… I felt completely accepted by everyone and never felt judged for who I am. Someone asked me if I had a best friend in my cabin and I said that they are all my best friends! One day, I wasn’t feeling well and so I went up to Highview to see the Nurse Practitioner. She gave soup and a smoothie and then she prayed for me and in 10 minutes I was completely healed! … I can’t wait to come back for two weeks next year. I am more excited about camp than I am about Christmas – and that’s really saying something!!

The A/U Ranches Spring Service Weekend

Last spring, due to regulations, the A/U Ranches was cleaned up by a dedicated band of local volunteers. But this year, thanks to changes in Colorado’s regulations, we were able to include participants from all over the country, with some distancing restrictions still in place. Service projects included painting, gardening, forestry and helping to prepare the cabins. In between work projects, attendees connected over music, meals and more. Read more.

Volunteers at the A/U Ranches’ Spring Service Weekend 2021

DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Summer Trips

Due to travel restrictions during the 2020 summer, NLC sent five classes on domestic service trips this year. Because of the unusual trip timing, the senior 2022 classes also worked to complete their internships last summer, with a few finishing up after their service trip this year.  

  • The 2022A class worked on conservation and supported at-risk communities in Montana.
  • The 2022Z class gave time and energy to uplift local communities in need in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The 2023B class worked on environmental issues in the greater San Diego, California area.
  • The 2023S class spent time in upper Michigan volunteering with trail maintenance at Pictured Rock National Park and the surrounding area.
  • The 2024S class performed service work in New Orleans and experienced the local area.
  • The 2024A teens traveled to the Leelanau Outdoor Center and the surrounding area for an adventure trip, kayaking, camping and hiking.

The newest 2025 classes held their orientation summer at the A/U Ranches, on a staggered schedule to abide by regulations. Both classes rafted, completed the high ropes course and took a four-day camping trip into the Colorado wilderness.

NLC Class 2025K gathers for their
orientation summer at the A/U Ranches

DiscoveryBound Outreach

As restrictions continue to lift, DB Outreach has been able to plan more in-person programming, in addition to continued virtual events like watercolor classes and game nights. DB Outreach’s National Event will take place on August 28 in three different locations. To learn more about the upcoming events, click here.

DiscoveryBound Compass

The fall retreat for our new 2021-2022 Compass group will be held in person at CedarS Camps during Labor Day weekend.

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