Year Round Events Across the Globe

DiscoveryBound is building bridges between Christian Scientists of all ages, including youth, adults and families across the United States and beyond. It consists of three program components:


DB Outreach

DB Outreach is a program that “reaches out” beyond camp and church to include those of all faiths to DB local chapter, regional and national events where they can see Christian Science in action.

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DB National Leadership Council (NLC)

DB National Leadership Council is a four-year servant leadership program for Christian Science high school students, dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, leadership qualities and a service approach to life. NLC also helps teens achieve levels of the acclaimed Congressional Award.

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DB Compass

DB Compass is a one-year spiritual exploration program for 10th-12th grade Christian Scientists. Coming together for web hangouts and retreats, students discover what it means to listen to God’s voice. They explore how Christian Science can be used to overcome challenges they may face, and build a close group of like-minded friends.

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I love the atmosphere at DB events; it feels like home. I don’t have to impress anybody, so I am able to learn about who I really am without all the pressure and distractions. These people get me!


DiscoveryBound is a year-round program for youth, adults, families and friends that provides inspiring recreational, leadership, and service activities on local, regional, national, and international levels. Our mission is to create an atmosphere where individuals experience Christian Science in action.

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Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches

Our experiences change lives. At the A/U Ranches you’ll find a Christian Science atmosphere with staff dedicated to helping you see the role God plays in your life. Each program and activity is designed to help you break through limitations, reach your goals, and see God in action.

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