Experiences that challenge, inspire, connect and bless

Adventure Unlimited’s goal is to provide inspiring, recreational, educational, leadership, service and social activities for Christian Scientists and their friends. With the mission of “Opening Windows to God,” our activities nurture healing and a sense of community, in an atmosphere that’s conducive to reliance on Christian Science.

Today, more than ever, there’s a need for experiences that challenge, inspire, connect, and bless. Adventure Unlimited is dedicated to providing the activities that support individual growth in Christian Science. The practical and effective application of Christian Science is as much a part of our mission today as it was under founders “Cap” and Marianne Andrews’ leadership back in the 1960s.

We recognize church, Sunday school, the Christian Science camps and schools, Summits and CS youth activities like DiscoveryBound all play an essential role in the village that supports Christian Science youth. Church and Sunday school lay the essential foundation of spiritual instruction, and Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound provide the laboratory to see it demonstrated.

– Gina Lindquist-Bailey, Former Executive Director

We accomplish this goal through the many wonderful programs and continuum of activities we’re able to offer. All the youth, adult and family programs at the A/U Ranches, including 100 Elk, as well as DiscoveryBound OutreachNational Leadership Council (NLC) and Compass, work to strengthen a sense of community and fortify the principles of Christian Science. Because of this approach to our work, our programs aim to bless all those who attend and support them.

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The same principles on which Adventure Unlimited was founded continue to inspire us to live and share Love’s divine adventure with you. We invite you, through this section, to learn more about all that we offer.


Cherish the Memories

There are many ways Adventure Unlimited and all our programs are “Opening Windows to God.” When possible, we try tocapture images of these experiences and share them with you! Our Photo Gallery provides links to photos and slideshows of special memories that you can view and enjoy year round.

Photo Gallery


Christian Science in Action

We know it’s not always possible to attend our programs, so we’re bringing our programs to you! The Adventure Unlimited Video Gallery includes footage from a variety of events. We invite you to browse the channels, albums and files to get a glimpse into how we are “Opening Windows to God” for those we serve.

Video Gallery