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Unity: God’s Nature Perfectly Expressed

By John Biggs, CS

John Biggs, CS

“I once thought that in unity was human strength; but have grown to know that human strength is weakness, — that unity is divine might, giving to human power, peace.” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 138:17)

How wonderful it is to reflect on all the ways that Adventure Unlimited and her many “windows to God” have brought us all together. Whether it’s happy memories of gathering around a campfire for songs and games at the A/U Ranches, waking up with your hiking group to catch a mountain sunrise or gathering for a local DiscoveryBound event, Adventure Unlimited is a hub for good!

These days, I think we’re all really appreciating any opportunity to gather and feel that sense of unity with others around you. It’s so good to know that our true unity is not something that can be victimized by circumstances or subjected to so-called laws of a material view of health or capacity. 

One summer I was serving as camp practitioner for Sky Valley [2nd- to 8th-grade Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches] and feeling dejected by the oncoming sensation of a heavy cold. “I want to be of service!” I cried to God. “Don’t let me be taken away from these dear campers and staff!” 

My healing came when I was willing to stop separating myself mentally from the camp community – I’m “over here” praying and you’re “over there” being a camper or counselor. My healing came in realizing that God had brought us all together, and I had every right to fully appreciate the wondrous works of divine Love as we played, rode, climbed and prayed together. 

I stopped feeling separate and embarrassed and just let myself appreciate the bounty of camp. I was healed – but even more importantly, I had learned that nothing could separate me, or any of us, from the good that we all have to offer as God’s expression.

Unity isn’t something we force or need to be afraid of losing. Unity is the essential nature of the relation between God and Her beloved children, you and me. Adventure Unlimited opens many windows in our lives to see the light of God… and in seeing that light, we’ll realize that we are a crucial part of that light. 

You matter to God, to Adventure Unlimited, to your community, your church and your family. Unity is not a function of human action but of God’s nature, perfectly expressed. Love to be alert for how you’re part of this natural community of God’s beloved family. 

Thank you for joyfully, intentionally, lovingly being part of the community of Adventure Unlimited! We love you!

This post kicks off our new column “The Practitioner Corner,” which will include messages from a different Christian Science practitioner each season. If you’d like to request a topic for our next issue, please email us at [email protected].

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