NEW! Alumni Podcast: A Thousand Windows

The National Alumni Board (NAB) has launched a new podcast, A Thousand Windows, which shares interviews with members of the Adventure Unlimited alumni community about their experiences in A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound (formerly A/U Chapter) programs.

The debut episode features Hap and Stephanie Holly, who met at the A/U Ranches in the 1970s and are now married.

Listen below for the story of how they met and how camp changed their lives:

Hap (left) playing the accordion at the Hi Stampede talent show in 1975

How has your experience at the A/U Ranches or in an A/U Chapter/DiscoveryBound program blessed what you’re doing now? Email [email protected].

7 Responses to “NEW! Alumni Podcast: A Thousand Windows”

  1. Kiersten Bess Agnew

    Thanks for this wonderful example of Love in action, and for the spiritual atmosphere that fosters these relationships. I never had an opportunity as a child to experience a Christian Science camp. A few years ago I was blessed to be the Christian Science Practioner at Cedars and saw and felt this atmosphere of Love …

    Now as a Journal listed Christian Science nurse, I look forward to coming at some point to participate in that activity

  2. Ginny Nilsen

    what a joy to hear! I ve watched the movie if HP’s family a few times (what Love Sees) and have known his Sister and mom. I’m so grateful to have heard his voice and story. Thank you Adventure Unlimited for recording this and also for my many years at camp ! Ginny

  3. kaye cummings

    What a beautiful, heartwarming story!! Thanks so much to Hap and Stephanie for sharing their love story!!

  4. Diane Hanover

    Hap and Stephanie—Lovely to hear your story again and your happy voices. I remember your summer romance well and am so touched by how you shared it. Hope we’ll be together again at another reunion, before too long. Diane

  5. Nancy Martin

    Oh dear Harp and Stephanie! My folks,, Don and Marian Martin began their five years as property manager in 1975. Mom would send me cassettes of the various musicians from talent shows and tell me about the staff members and campers. So when I came on stuff in 1976, I felt like I already knew you Hap! We did a little music, and I think a 14er. I didn’t get to know you Stephanie but I knew somebody was making Hap very happy…and for 39 years now! All blessings to you both. Nancy Martin

  6. Mark Davis

    Great to hear the story of Hap and Stephanie’s meeting again! I met Hap at the Ranches, too and we have since been friends, roommates and musical colleagues since.

    The Ranches truly have changed many lives since 1955. Mine included.

  7. Linda Fisk McNeil

    What fun to hear Hap and Stephanie’s story again (sadly minus the song Hap wrote for her, I think that summer.) I first met Hap on a Hi Stampede bus going to A/U from Southern California in 1973. I was glad to meet him again on staff in 1975. [He even remembered my local radio station!) He was on my 1975 staff team in Alan Orcutt’s “Outsmart” [forgive me old friends, if I have the name somewhat wrong.] It was a wonderfully planned team building event. We had checklists for a series of obstacles we had to get over or through, and tasks we had to finish together. We couldn’t speak above a whisper. We had to hide from all the other teams, but could call out [Found!!???] if we sighted another team. On each team someone had to be blindfolded, and led everywhere. We had Hap, so no need for a blindfold. At one point we had to run very quickly across a large field. My recollection is that Chris Hopple took one of Hap’s arms and Bruce Powers the other. Unfortunately they failed to communicate running near a small Aspen and ran Hap directly into it. Bless Hap! He managed to stay relatively quiet and to recover well. We kept on running, but we were all cautious with those two after that. The visuals of that event are still seared in my thought. I remember Hap telling stories about the practical jokes his cabin mates and campers played on him (short sheeting his bed and pinecones in his bed to name a couple.) Thank you Hap and Stephanie for sharing your lovely romance! It never grows old!


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