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The A/U-DB National Alumni Board has 20 members from around the country. The board’s purpose is to keep alumni in touch with the work and growth of Adventure Unlimited, support the organization’s work in the Christian Science community, and renew and strengthen alumni fellowship. Please feel free to be in touch!

Richard Colarossi – Outgoing President
Dove Canyon, California
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Richard lives in Dove Canyon, California, with his wife Buff and two children, Dean and Ellison. He and his family enjoy traveling and everything the outdoors has to offer. Richard is financial consultant with AXA Advisors/Wealth Management Strategies. Richard was a camper from 1983-1986; counselor from 1987-1990; family ranching in 1978-79 and 2006-2012.  While attending the 50th reunion in 2005 he renewed his love for A/U. He has served on the A/U-DB National Alumni Board since 2009 and is the outgoing president.

Laurel Terry
 – Newly Elected President
Carson City, NV
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Laurel lives in Carson City, Nevada, with her husband, Tim, and many four-footed friends. They met while working at the Ranches in 1972 and she considers the Ranches her second home! She “pays it forward” each summer as a Bunkhouse/Office parent. Both of the Terry children, Jon and Allison, have been campers and staff members. Allison received the Cap Andrews Award for Moral Leadership in 2005. Laurel feels Adventure Unlimited supports the Christian Science movement as a proving ground for healing and spiritual progress.

Stephen Abbott – Vice President
Putnam, CT
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Steve attended Sky Valley Ranch as a young camper and later returned to A/U as a wrangler and has attended Adult/Family Camp. One of the first A/U (now DiscoveryBound) chapter events was held at the Abbott home in Barrington, Illinois in the 70s. Steve is involved with running a manufacturing plant in Putnam, Connecticut, as well as two energy start-up companies. Steve is a graduate of Principia School and College. He enjoys tennis, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking and biking.

Tom Crow
 – Treasurer
Santa Monica, CA
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Tom is thrilled to serve on the A/U-DB National Alumni Board. He first came to the A/U Ranches in 1996 and then spent the next decade rafting the Arkansas River as a camper, staff member, and program head. More recently he has had the privilege of participating in various DiscoveryBound events, including the leadership conference, annual ski weekend, and regional events. Staying involved with A/U keeps him connected to a life-changing, second home and as an Alumni Board member he loves helping bring new people to camp and to DB events. Tom and his wife Elise live in Santa Monica, California, and enjoy the beach and hiking in the local mountains every chance they get.

Maree Sytsma
 – Secretary
Buena Vista, CO
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Maree has been involved with Adventure Unlimited in some form or another since the early ’80s when she and her family returned from living abroad in Germany. Mother of 3, grandmother of 4, every member of the family has been to the Ranches as campers and Alissa and Kameron were staff members. Currently, after 20 years at A/U, during which she served in many different capacities including Assistant to the Executive Director, Ranch Office Manager and Women’s Bible program coordinator; Maree is living in Buena Vista experiencing life in the valley from a different perspective – becoming active in the community and embracing a part-time healing practice.

Debbie Davis Alford – 
Chesterfield, MO
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Debbie’s two children, Cassidy and Carson, have attended A/U Youth Camp for a number of summers, Cassidy has worked as a counselor, and the family have been on staff both Christmas and Adult/Family Camp. Typically working remotely from Colorado each summer, Debbie attends end-of-session activities, and enjoys entertaining counselors on days off and campers on stay-overs. The family is also very involved with DiscoveryBound and the NLC (National Leadership Council) – Debbie served as an NLC mentor for four years. She also has chaperoned several national DB events. After spending 20 years as a public relations consultant, for the last several years Debbie has overseen branding, marketing and PR as director of communication for a professional services firm. Debbie deeply values the way A/U-DB has inspired her family members to strengthen their individual healing practices, applying Christian Science to every situation and sharing it within and beyond CS circles.

Linda Appleby – 
Cincinnati, OH
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Linda lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and works as an International Relocation Consultant, a job she loves which began when she and her family moved back to Cincinnati in 1999 after living almost 7 years in England. Her children, Jessica and Mike, were campers in the 1990s and early 2000s, with Jessica on staff as a rafting counselor after her camper years. Linda attended camp for 11 years in the 1960s and 1970s, finishing as a horseback riding counselor.  She and her husband have attended 6 Cowboy/Cowgirl camps and shared the experience with their grown children.

Keith Babcock – 
Fort Collins, CO
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Keith currently lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado, with his wife and two children. His connection with A/U began in 1977 when he joined the ranch summer staff, serving until 1987 as a rafting guide at Round-Up Ranch (RUR). Keith has also served as an instructor for the staff rafting guide training school 1988-1990. Keith worked on the winter ski staff from 1977-1994, but had the esteemed honor of being Nellie’s “kitchen boy” for two winters. No need to ask what her response was when he managed to freeze all the eggs intended for the next morning’s breakfast. Keith had the privilege of advising Teen Councils with the Denver A/U Chapter in the 1980s, and then the Sacramento Chapter in the early 1990’s. In the summer of 2003, he led a sea kayaking trip to Vancouver Island for the Adult Expeditions.

Carole Beisel
 – Louisville, CO
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Born and raised in Southern California, Carole and her family moved to Louisville, Colorado 17 years ago and never looked back. Carole and her husband Chris have two daughters, Chelsea and Lauren. Chelsea recently graduated from college and is living in Kentucky, while Lauren is a junior at Principia College. Carole enjoys living close to the mountains and loves walking her dog, traveling and spending time with friends and family. She is member in the Boulder branch church, and teaches in the Sunday school. Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound have blessed Carole and her family in so many ways and continues to do so every year. Carole is delighted to give back to the A/U-DB community by serving on the Alumni board.

Christine Dissette
 – Dallas, TX
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Serving on the National Alumni Board feels like a great honor for Christine, who is absolutely thrilled to be able to “give back” to the place she and her four children called home for more than a dozen summers in a row. From A/U Chapter activities in the Chicago area in the late 70’s through years of Bunkhouse Parenting and working in “The Hub” – and continuing today, this organization has blessed her with beautiful friendships and opportunities for giving, leadership and fun! The great confidence and varied experiences her children gained through their years as campers and counselors – riding, hiking, rafting, and laughing – have carried them off to live, work, and study all over the globe.Today, Christine is enjoying getting to know Texas; she currently works in Communications at The Leaves Christian Science Nursing facility.

Christie Francis – 
Las Vegas, NV
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Christie fell in love with Adventure Unlimited back in 1972 when she attended Sky Valley Ranch (SVR) for the first time as a camper. Since her camper days in the ’70s she’s been involved as much as possible: summer and winter staff (beginning with dish-washer back in ’80), Denver Headquarters – full-time staff, SVR Camp Director for four summers in the 90s, and bunkhouse mom. Christie was also involved with a local (A/U now DiscoveryBound) chapter and DB as teenager and adult board member in California, Texas, and Nevada, attended several staff reunions, and is now on the alumni board. She credits A/U with making all the difference in her life, as far as understanding and applying Christian Science in a practical way, on a daily basis. Currently she resides in Las Vegas; and was thrilled to see her 9-year-old son at camp this year for his own first unlimited adventure!

Don Kuhs
 – Wimberley, TX
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Don spends his professional time as a managing executive of Integrated Financial Planning Center in Austin, Texas. He married his wife, Glennette McCormick, in 1972. They have two grown children, Crystal and Caitlyn. He remembers participating in the Adventure Unlimited College Stampede back in the ’60s. He also was on staff at the A/U Ranches as a counselor and as program head for both waterfront and arts/crafts majors.

Katherine McCoy – 
Buena Vista, CO
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Kathy is a graphic designer who lives and works with her husband Mike, from their home and studio, near Buena Vista, Colorado. After many years in graduate design education in Michigan, Kathy’s work in design now focuses on history and trailhead kiosks, publications and branding for Colorado museums, environmental groups, and public land agencies. A life-long class-taught Christian Scientist, Kathy’s first Adventure Unlimited experience was the 1964 College Week, and in 1965 and 1966 was an arts & crafts/mountain climbing counselor at Round-Up Ranch – a life-shaping experience! Daughter Annie thrived at the A/U camps throughout her childhood summers, and was a junior counselor and Sky Valley mountaineering counselor.

Julie Moss – 
Albuquerque, NM
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In high school Julie was involved in the (A/U – now DiscoveryBound) Inland Empire chapter and the Albuquerque chapter when her parents were the chapter advisers, while she was in College. Julie also served as the Albuquerque chapter President for 5 years. The 1973 Ski Stampede was the only time she was a camper. Julie was on the Winter Staff for 5 winters and Summer Staff for 3 summers 1977-1979. Julie has participated in the Memorial Day Service Weekend for many years. While in College and after she often rode up with a large group from Albuquerque for 7 years and has brought her family up for 20 years. Married for 27 years to George and they have two daughters, Caitlin and Meghan. Both daughters started at A/U young, Caitlin was 1 1/2 years and Meghan was 10 months, both girls were campers and have been on staff.

Kate Mullane Robertson – Buena Vista, CO
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Kate, her husband Jeff, and their five children have spent countless summers at the Adventure Unlimited Ranches – as campers, counselors, parents of campers, adult volunteers, and active alumnus. Youngest daughters, Emma and Clara, are polocrosse-driven, horse-centric, camp-obsessed, Link School students. They love living next door to their favorite place on earth, and are eager to serve as C.I.T.s after having concluded their last summer as campers working at Family and Cowboy/Cowgirl Camp. Since Kate’s first girlhood exposure to the Adventure Unlimited Ranches in 1965, camp has been “home” to her heart. Her entire year leads towards serving camp each summer. Her calendar is not defined by a fiscal year-end or a calendar year-end, but the beginning of camp. Driving through the camp gate is still a sacred gift – each and every time.

Jeni Sammons
 – Portland, OR
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Jeni has spent her adult life as a community leader, coordinator and volunteer. She has served on school boards and on non-profit board of trustees. Jeni has a personal goal of providing leadership and support to youth in the Christian Science church community. Her first connection with Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound began as a camper in the ‘60s, and continues today as a local DiscoveryBound board member and past president of the National Alumni Board and Chair of the ’14 Adult Base Camp committee. She is a co-leader with husband Ed Sammons of the National Leadership Council classes of 2011 and 2016west, Mentor Resource Coach for NLC mentors and class leaders as well volunteering with national DB event planning and implementation.

Rusty Signor
 – Dripping Springs, TX
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Rusty has had a long affiliation with the Adventure Unlimited Ranches. He began as a camp counselor in 1966-69, followed by work as an A/U Canadian canoe guide 1968 & 69. Returning to the A/U Ranches again in 1970 as the Assistant Ranch Manager then as Round-Up Ranch corral Program Head in 1971, full-time Denver chapter advisor 1971 & 72, corral Program Head in 1977, Mountain Training Instructor 1988-90, and Corral Training Instructor 1991-2009. Rusty served on A/U’s Board of Trustees from 2007 – 2010 working with the Ranch Remodel Committee and various construction projects, camp slideshow host 20+ years and on staff for various (A/U – now DiscoveryBound) regional activities and all three of his children attended summer camp and have worked on staff as well.

Mac Stitt – Parker, CO
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Mac began working with Adventure Unlimited in 1968 as a chapter advisor in Chicago. He was elected to the Board of Trustees in the early 80’s and served for 11 years, 8 as Chairman of the Board. After A/U had 4 Executive Directors in 4 years, Mac stepped into that position which he held for 3 years. He has served as bunkhouse dad for several years, and currently helps out at camp as the rafting bus driver for a few weeks each summer.

Peter Swank – 
Boulder, CO
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Much of Peter’s time growing up in Minnesota was spent outdoors playing with his three older sisters and younger brother. After moving to St. Louis, he spent two weeks during the summer at A/U and fell in love with the outdoor activities, community support and practical application of Christian Science. The next four summers were spent at camp working in the mountain biking and mountaineering/hiking-climbing programs. After two years of guiding, he moved to Boulder, Colorado and began working on his graduate degree. Peter finished with an MBA focused on Energy Management and currently works at a commercial solar company in downtown Boulder. Peter loves being on the Alumni Board because it offers a wonderful way to give back to an organization that has meant so much to him.

Allison Terry – 
Boston, MA
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Allison peaked her first 14’er as a Challengers camper at Sky Valley, and she has loved the mountains ever since. She spent several summers at the Ranches as a camper, counselor, program head, and CIT Trainer. Her parents met at the Ranches in 1972, so it’s always felt like a second home to her. Allison loves serving on the National Alumni Board because it’s a way to stay connected to camp and its purpose. She now lives in Boston and coordinates online infographics for the Christian Science Monitor. Before moving to Boston, she received her master’s degree from American University in Washington, DC, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana.

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