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There are many ways to get involved with Adventure Unlimited. Giving of your time, talent and love are fun and rewarding experiences. The biggest benefit is being a part of our programs and witnessing the development and triumphs of fellow Christian Scientists. The support of volunteers is very important to Adventure Unlimited and critical to the success of our programs.

It was such a pleasure to join the event as a practitioner. Seeing the youth of our movement growing together in their understanding of Christian Science and exploring their precious relationship to God is indescribable. What a joy it is seeing Christian Science in action!

Ways you can be involved

A/U Ranches

  • Service Weekend – attend this event and help spruce up the A/U Ranches’ facilities for the annual programs.
  • Bunkhouse Parents (Sky Valley Ranch) – assist our youngest campers by staying in the cabins and giving them added support and attention, as needed.
  • Christmas Camp – give of yourself and participate as a guest by volunteering during this special week.
  • Camp Christian Science Practitioners (Journal-listed) – provide metaphysical support and inspiration to participants and staff, while staying on property. Practitioners are available for youth, adult and family programs.
  • Camp Christian Science Nurses (Journal-listed) – offer care and physical assistance to participants and staff as they rely on Christian Science treatment for healing. Nurses are available for youth, adult and family programs.
  • Camp Shows – host a gathering in your local area to engage Christian Scientists in a sense of community, where information can be shared about Adventure Unlimited’s programs, including the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound.
  • Host Foreign Participants – arrange overnight housing for foreign students who fly in early before a program or need to stay an extra day before departing.
  • Drivers – transport students and families to and from the A/U Ranches and the airport to attend programs.
  • Ambassadors – help spread the word about our programs and encourage participation. Hand out flyers, share experiences with fellow Christian Scientists and help connect them with the appropriate resources and contacts.

For more details about volunteering with the A/U Ranches, call 888.543.4849 ext. 105 or email.


  • DiscoveryBound Ambassador – pass along important information to your local Christian Science community about upcoming DB programming and help encourage participation.
  • Chapter Workers – help plan and promote DB events for your Christian Science community and their friends.
  • Event Supporters – work with area Chapters to spread the word, chaperone events, carpool or help fundraise for local Sunday School students to attend regional and national DB events.
  • Chaperones –  guide and supervise participants at local, regional and national DB events.
  • NLC Mentors – shepherd a teen in the NLC program, providing professional and spiritual guidance, leadership, and support through their journey.
  • NLC Class Leaders – instruct a class of students throughout the four year program and help to assure fellowship, spiritual and moral guidance, and curriculum completion. Each class has two Class Leaders.
  • Compass Guides – lead a group of teens through a one-year program meant to foster a strong group bond and to nurture each teen’s innate moral and spiritual compass. The Compass year includes monthly webinars and three in-person retreats, and each group has two Guides.
  • Contributors – offer resources to support DB chapter activities. Open your home for a planning meeting or event. Offer the use of your recreational vehicle or help provide food and drink, etc.
  • Christian Science Practitioners – serve as a Christian Science practitioner while attending activities and retreats.

For more details about volunteering with DiscoveryBound Outreach, NLC and Compass, call 888.416.7348 x138 or email.

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Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches

Our experiences change lives. At the A/U Ranches you’ll find a Christian Science atmosphere with staff dedicated to helping you see the role God plays in your life. Each program and activity is designed to help you break through limitations, reach your goals, and see God in action.

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