2024 Metaphysical Theme
“When man is governed by God, the ever-present Mind who understands all things, man knows that with God all things are possible.” – Science and Health 180:25–27

How can we all live generously? We’re grateful for the inspiration this year’s metaphysical theme provides in showing us how it’s natural to live and act with a sense of unlimited good. Consider these examples of generous living:

  • a camper who takes the spirit of camp home with him
  • a DiscoveryBound participant expressing the love she feels in DB programs everywhere she goes
  • a volunteer giving his time to the organization he cherishes
  • a donor sharing her stewarded resources in support of all of these programs

We’ve also found fresh ideas in this article from the Christian Science Sentinel.

Living generously begins with acknowledging the good in our lives. We hope you enjoy the stories below of friends who are living generously, and we invite you to consider what this looks like in your life.

Living Generously: When One Conversation Changes Everything

Rusty’s enthusiasm for giving is palpable. “Don’t be a hoarder!” he says in his affable Texas drawl. “Only five percent of Christians shed the light!” He heard this “don’t be a hoarder” comment from a minister while working together in the prison ministry in Austin and has adopted the phrase as another way of saying, “live generously.”

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Wranglers reunite through horses, friendship and living generously

“This was a great time, like coming home again – a great meeting with old friends and making new ones,” says alumnus Don Gregory. “I saw firsthand how well the horse program has been improved and upgraded. It was a pleasure to ride up the mountain, after about 30 years. There was lots of renewal of amazing feelings and inspiration unique to the A/U Ranches in that beautiful, familiar setting in the Colorado Rockies.”

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Living Generously at the A/U Ranches

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Alison Peticolas, A/U Ranches Director

Living generously is what camp is all about. In so many ways, camp opens the door (or window) to a view of life that is focused on the other, on giving. I remember during my first years on staff, this passage from Mrs. Eddy becoming my guiding focus, “…blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” (S&H 518:17-19) I loved the opportunity to serve that camp offered and continues offering today.

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NLC All Class Retreat Keynote

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Amanda Wietman

I love talking, thinking and putting into practice generous living. I love it so much I decided to incorporate it into my job so that I could learn more about it and experience it more often. I even started an advisor book club at work focusing on philanthropy so I could keep learning. It makes me happy, it gives me a sense of purpose and I feel fulfilled…

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