Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees Work to Create an Inclusive Atmosphere for All

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Adventure Unlimited has always been dedicated to Cap and Marianne Andrews’ vision of creating a place where individuals could develop an appreciation of God and turn to Her in prayer. This focus on loving God, and therefore loving one another, prompted Adventure Unlimited to look at what more we could be doing metaphysically and through practical action to uphold our long-standing non-discrimination policy. This policy, consistent with nationwide employment law and applicable to all staff and participants, states that the organization does not “discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, economic status, social group or ethnic origin.”

Part of this action was the formation in September 2020 of three Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committees by Adventure Unlimited staff to ensure everyone feels included through our programs. As all Adventure Unlimited programs and initiatives start with a metaphysical basis, the focus of these voluntary committees is on opening windows to God to everyone. Staff interested in moving these topics forward and deepening their own understanding of the topic initiated the effort.

Metaphysical Committee (meets bi-weekly). Topics have included seeing others’ perspectives; unity; “The greatest of these is love…” How do we live love?; and celebrating everyone’s God-given identity.

Education, Messaging, Policy and Procedures Committee (meets monthly).This group reviews internal policies and procedures; hires outside resources, when necessary, who specialize in DEI work to guide conversations and provide outside perspectives (two of three have been practicing Christian Scientists); and develops staff training on DEI-related issues.

Book Club. Staff meet periodically to discuss a book related to DEI they’ve read.

These committees are moving Adventure Unlimited in the direction of our 2022 Strategic Plan that outlines the following in its summary:  

The 2022 Strategic Plan requires us to remain focused on strengthening the stakes – deepening the commitment to Christian Science and to the expression of the Christ in every aspect of our organization. From this standpoint of strength, we can confidently expand our tent and welcome into our community of spiritual thinkers all those who are seeking Truth. In addition to our desire to include more individuals, we are also committed to ensuring Adventure Unlimited is serving and meeting the changing needs of the Christian Science community in the long run. The key is to focus on creating a sustainable organization. To achieve sustainability, we will utilize our strengths, capitalize on our opportunities and overcome challenges – with a view to ensuring we can continue “Opening Windows to God” for many generations to come.

The strategic plan describes success for Adventure Unlimited by 2022 this way, in part

Our programs are agile in response to meeting constituent needs while serving a larger, more diverse constituency through collaboration and prayer. These programs inspire a service to mankind. Our staff is well trained, compensated and appreciated, and in turn provide life-changing, high-quality experiences for our participants.

We are grateful to the full-time staff who are working on each of these committees, and for the staff and participants who are willing to share their experiences so we can ensure every voice matters and is heard.

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