National Leadership Council – 2014 All Class Retreat

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National Leadership Council – All Class Retreat

The National Leadership Council (NLC), DiscoveryBound’s multi-year servant leadership program, is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, leadership qualities and a service approach to life. Every year over President’s Day Weekend, high school teens currently enrolled in the NLC, their mentors and parents of those graduating, come together for an All Class Retreat (ACR).

This year’s celebration included a series of firsts – two graduating classes, a new home in renovated Wyly Lodge, and the launch of fresh curriculum.

The group of more than 330 participants gathered at the A/U Ranches to explore the theme of “Satisfied! ‘How happy are those who know their need for God, for the kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5:3 (from J.B. Phillips), as an answer to societal issues and peer pressures that might distract one from feeling truly satisfied – content, fulfilled, whole and complete.

The 2014 classes hosted a beautiful joint graduation ceremony, which included honoring two teens with the peer-nominated Kevin Watters Award for Spiritual Integrity. A/U-DB Executive Director, Gina Lindquist, presented the awards to Tia Goebel of the 2014J Class and Isabel Jamerson of the 2014S Class. Like Kevin, both Tia and Isabel inspire and live a deep sense of spirituality, as well as honesty, unselfishness, love and fearlessness.

NLC-2014-Tia-GoebelTIA GOEBEL
(from her Class Leaders Jordan Martindell and James Orlet)
Tia is ALWAYS steadfast in her study of and reliance on CS. She is driven and yet consistently humbled by her understanding that all she does is through God. She led the Class in their reading assignment of the Science and Health. She ran their Class calls, sent out emails, outlined the planned readings for the week, and shared supportive thoughts through a variety of communications.  Tia experiences such joy when watching others succeed and excel and is rewarded as she sees others dig deep into CS. If she can help, she will! Her passion and drive is equaled by her joy, and she carries herself with such grace.


NLC-2014-Isabel-JamersonISABEL JAMERSON
(from her Class Leaders Susan Stodden and Summer Wright)
Isabel is absolutely a woman of integrity and spiritual poise. A number of the teens have called her for support and shared how she responded immediately with a healing message and effective work. On their adventure trip when a teen had symptoms of poison oak and became very afraid, she asked Isabel to pray with her. The treatment was effective and all symptoms vanished within the hour. This healing is published in the Christian Science Sentinel. Isabel routinely shares inspiration and healings on calls with her Class. She is also always genuine, loving and inclusive of everyone on the team.

We are so grateful for all the Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound alumni who play a vital role in supporting DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC) program!

How do students apply to the National Leadership Council?

If you know of Christian Science students who are currently starting in 8th grade, please talk to them about NLC, or contact us and we’ll be glad to share more with them.

Please note, the application for the next NLC Class will be available on the DiscoveryBound website  August 10th; the deadline for submissions is October 10th


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