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Ever wonder how you can help continue the inspiration, atmosphere and fellowship of camp on a year-round basis? DiscoveryBound would love your help!

Be a Church Contact:


church contacts DBLC imageWe’re newly committed to building and supporting a grassroots network of contacts in every church and society across the country to share what’s going on for Christian Science youth. DiscoveryBound’s goal is to keep these individuals informed about camp and DB programs, as well as other opportunities in the CS movement. We’d like to share ideas with Church Contacts on how to promote these activities to local branch church communities and gather contact information for those interested in receiving updates. We know there are people in the CS community that know very little about CS camps and DB and we’d appreciate your help in reaching them!


Following the traveling camp show model, DB’s new Communications Manager will work with Chapters to sponsor church contact parties with fun networking and information gathering. The natural blessing, of course, is the potential for DB church contact networking to bring together the local branch church community!

Telling the camp/DB story begins with sharing “why”. Why are these experiences so life-changing? Our alumni are in a great position to answer this! Interested in being a church contact or helping throw a church contact party in your area?

Contact Jen Dale, DB Communications Manager, by email or call 530.263.6555.


Check out DB Chapter work:


What’s involved with mentoring local CS teens or chaperoning for a DB national event? Want to give back to those who helped sponsor your camp or DB experience by helping fundraise for current youth? Do you have a home or recreational vehicle to contribute for an event? Want to host a church contact party or camp show? There are so many ways to be involved!

It’s important to keep these activities alive for CS families and youth to find fellowship with others who approach life through the shared lens of Christian Science. DB Chapters continue to build on these connections year-round and keep our youth engaged after they return home from camp. These local and regional communities directly support church with a base of Christian fellowship and interactive discussions for everyone. Recently, a Chapter Worker shared, “I’ve found that learning to work together outside of church promotes more harmony working together within church. ”Find out more about DiscoveryBound chapters at, or get in touch with the DB Regional Manager in your area.


Share the leadership you learned at camp:


So many of us were fortunate to gain leadership skills through our Christian Science camp experience. These opportunities helped us uncovered more about our individual identity and the important role of Christian Science in our lives. Sharing these lessons with others is the most valuable way to learn!

DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council program is based on such principles – delving into key leadership ethics; following Jesus’ servant leader model; building a safe and inspiring environment for high school teens to grow together in Christian Science. The program develops leadership skills of youth over the course of their high school years.

Each teen works with a local Christian Science mentor who supports his/her individual goals, spiritual growth, and activities involved in working toward the Congressional Award. Consider becoming a mentor! We also encourage you to think about those eighth grade students you know would blossom in such a program. Applications for the 2015 NLC Class and are due Nov. 5, 2010.

For more information, visit our website, or
contact Elizabeth Schelle, NLC Manager, by email or call 888.416.7348 x134.

*Mentioned by Jean Burgdorff, keynote speaker at DiscoveryBound’s 2010 Leadership Conference.

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