DiscoveryBound Alumna Embraces New Role as DB Ambassador


When you know about something wonderful, it’s natural to want to share it with others. That’s the approach that DiscoveryBound (DB) Ambassadors are taking: They’re spreading the word about DB Outreach, National Leadership Council and Compass programs, as well as camp opportunities offered by the six Christian Science camps, in their local CS communities.

Formerly called Church Contacts, DB Ambassadors bring DiscoveryBound programs to the attention of youth, teens, adults and families in their area through email, social media, and phone or in-person conversations. They hand out flyers and post them in their own and other CS churches. And sometimes they host an activity, supported by DB staff and funding, to share information about DB and Christian Science summer camps.

Ame and her husband, Aryeh

Ame Kraus has been involved with DiscoveryBound for several years and is now a DB Ambassador. “My interaction with DiscoveryBound has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Christian Science and CS-friendly community,” she says. “When I was in my 20s, I so appreciated being involved with the other 20- and 30-somethings.”

With these friends, Ame participated in a variety of events, such as visiting different churches on Wednesday evening and inviting the congregation to dessert after, attending Bible conferences, and having an adult Sunday School class once a month moderated by two CS practitioners. “It was so inspiring and helpful to look at things going on in our lives – relationships, work, living situations, temptations and how to rise above them – through the lens of Christian Science,” she recalls.

Fast forward a few years, and Ame and her husband (who participated in the 2014 DB Tough Mudder) are expecting their first child. “The church I attend has a fairly high number of young adults, and the types of things we do are a little more small scale than what we used to do, but it’s still fun to go to the beach and get together for hikes, workouts and BBQs,” she says. “I’m looking forward to having my child – and possible future children – involved in some of the DB/CS activities in the future.”

Through these changes in Ame’s life, a door opened for her to be involved as a DB Ambassador, helping get out the word about DiscoveryBound in the Los Angeles area. “I’m glad to still be active on some level and to give back when I can,” she says. “I like being involved in the email threads and contributing ideas.”

If you’re wondering if this is a way you can support your local community, Ame has some guidance. “Jump in – especially if you’re an active branch church member,” she urges. “It seems like a natural fit to help connect people with programs that they and their kids would enjoy!”

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