DiscoveryBound – A Life Changing Experience

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Frankie (in the green shirt) and friends at a DiscoveryBound National Event.

Frankie Hodges is a fun-loving high school sophomore who attends a Christian Science Sunday school near Cleveland, Ohio. However, Frankie’s story isn’t an ordinary one. Frankie comes from a modest home where neither of his parents is a Christian Scientist, yet Sunday School and DiscoveryBound changed Frankie’s life.

Listen in on part of a conversation between Frankie and James Woodley, A/U – DiscoveryBound Foundation President, as Frankie tells his story and how Christian Science, DiscoveryBound, and Nette Bemis, the wonderful lady who introduced Frankie to Christian Science, changed his life…



To support DiscoveryBound’s purpose of providing inspiring, recreational, leadership and service activities on local, regional, national and international evels; creating an atmosphere where individuals experience Christian Science in action, please visit our website, contact us by email or call 303.779.3000 ext. 107


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