The In-between Time

There are snow showers some days, other days sunshine and warmth to melt it away. Most of the country enjoys joyful peeks at spring in between leftover patches of winter. Now it is the in-between time, when we begin to think about warmer days, adventures ahead of us, perhaps recalling memories of backpacking trips, paddling on the river or riding horses to campsites high in the evergreens.

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Why I Loved Being a CIT Trainer

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Most of the CITs that summer were starting their first job. Many of them, even though they were very familiar with camp from years spent as a camper, were unfamiliar with a professional working environment. We’d work on developing skills like taking initiative, teamwork, conflict resolution and role modeling. Throughout the summer, I watched as CITs transformed from active observers of their fellow counselors to confident leaders.

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Packing for Camp

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The duffel bag that I first took to the A/U Ranches in 1988 – a bag so large I could fit my entire third-grade self, and perhaps a couple friends, into it at the time – finally blew its zipper last year. On the side of the dark navy-colored, industrial-weight canvas duffel, in yellow velour, “Lane Anne Keough” is printed in all capital letters.

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