Adults 20s-30s Find Shared Spiritual Interests – and Lots of Fun – at New England Events

In the years after college and before parenthood, fun and clean social events seem to be harder to find. Through DiscoveryBound Outreach Affinity Group activities, I’ve really appreciated being able to interact with other Christian Scientists who are in the same stage of life that I am.

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Just One Friend Can Make a Reunion

Every time I visit with someone from camp, I’m reminded of how special our time was together at the A/U Ranches. It doesn’t take long to reminisce over some story of laughing so much it hurt or overcoming some limitation that I marvel at today. These encounters are special and help me keep focused on the things in life that matter – love, laughter, friendship.

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60th Reunion: Register Today!

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Whether you’ve been waiting for this event since the 50th or it’s your first reunion, it’s time to register for Adventure Unlimited’s 60th Reunion, August 21-24! We hope the theme, “The Adventure Continues,” will inspire you to return to the people and place you love, and to stay connected long after your fun-filled weekend. Highlights will include […]

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