NLC Alumni Service Trip: Seeking Spiritual Solutions to Tough Challenges

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In May, 12 alumni of DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC) worked on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, home to the Oglala Lakota Nation, through relief agency Wings as Eagles Ministries. Three of the alumni who participated – Kynan Witters Hicks (2010), Tia Goebel (2014J) and Shane Witters Hicks (2013) – share their thoughts about this weekend of service.

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From Camp Counselor to Professional: Translating the Experience of a Lifetime into a Successful Career

Anyone who has been a counselor at the A/U Ranches knows the hard and soft skills that are necessary to ensure a harmonious, safe and fun-packed experience for campers. But communicating the value of those skills on a resume to potential employers can be a challenge. To serve this community as it searches for fulfilling employment post-camp, Adventure Unlimited has partnered with The Albert Baker Fund and its ABF Career Alliance.

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Preparing for a Summer of Healing

Rain clouds hang low over the valley. Mt. Princeton and Columbia Basin are draped in mist. It is late May, and there is a mixture of eager anticipation for the summer to begin, and a soft exhalation as the snow melts and spring green spills across the foothills. We are getting ready to receive – counselors, campers, families and guests.

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Just One Friend Can Make a Reunion

Every time I visit with someone from camp, I’m reminded of how special our time was together at the A/U Ranches. It doesn’t take long to reminisce over some story of laughing so much it hurt or overcoming some limitation that I marvel at today. These encounters are special and help me keep focused on the things in life that matter – love, laughter, friendship.

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NLC: Leadership for a Lifetime

For many National Leadership Council (NLC) alumni, there is a lingering hunger to be of service to mankind. As former NLCers ourselves and leaders of the NLC Alumni Initiative, we get the chance to talk with NLC graduates about their future goals and ambitions as they move through college and young adulthood. We’ve found that the drive to be conscientious global citizens is permanently embedded in our daily activity and likely won’t be extinguished.

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Horsemanship at the A/U Ranches: Learning Trust and Confidence

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When you signed up your children for Youth Camp or told your camp-age friends about the great adventure they can have in the Rocky Mountains this summer, chances are you thought about the horsemanship program. It’s just one of many majors campers can choose at the A/U Ranches. But it’s also one that helps young people like Emma and Cassidy to discover their God-given strength and confidence.

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DB Compass: The Quest for True North

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It was 10 p.m. New Year’s Eve, and I was just finishing up a planning discussion about the next day’s activities. Through the kitchen doors, we suddenly heard uproarious laughter blasting in from the other side. Curiosity piqued, we entered a now much quieter room to find all 13 of the 2015-2016 Compass teens with massive smiles, intensely watching and listening to each other as they decided together what their next course of entertainment would be.

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