Conquer the Rocky Mountains

There has always been a natural progression of skills in the Mountain program between Sky Valley Ranch for 2nd – 8th graders and Round-Up Ranch for 9th – 12th graders. You’ll love being challenged year after year through a variety of activities for your grade and skill level.

The A/U Ranches are located in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area of the Rocky Mountains. Our property is at the base of many of Colorado’s famous “fourteeners” (mountain peaks at or above 14,000 feet). Therefore, we offer unparalleled opportunities for both the beginner and advanced mountaineer, and don’t forget mountain biking! For training purposes, we operate an onsite state-of-the-art, indoor rock gym and outdoor rock wall. In addition, we have a low, middle and high ropes course that is sure to challenge you, whatever your skill level. And, we are literally across the road from a great natural climbing area called the Turtle Rocks!


SVR = Sky Valley Ranch · RUR = Round-Up Ranch
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Camp Major Grade  Session(s)
SVR Explorers 2 – 4  All
SVR Mountaineers 5 – 6  All
SVR Challengers 7 – 8  All
SVR Challengers Outcamp 7 – 8  2
RUR Mountain Mosaic 9 – 12  All
RUR Conquerors 9 – 12  2
RUR Limitless 9 – 12  3
RUR Mountain Biking 9 – 12  2 & 3

SVR Explorers (2nd – 4th graders)

Welcome to camp! There is so much fun stuff to do here. Explorers is the perfect introduction to camp. You will explore nature, play games, and go hiking. Go swimming at the pool and canoeing at the lake. Climb Turtle Rocks, play on the water toys in the lake and learn about horses. You go on your own camping trip where you’ll stay in a teepee!
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SVR Mountaineers (5th – 6th graders)

Mountaineers of all skill levels will find this program has plenty to offer. You will experience the adventure of rock climbing. You’ll feel the thrill of breaking through limitations on our ropes and initiatives course. And you will get a unique opportunity to explore the Porcupine Caves. Then, conquer a 14,000 foot mountain peak on your three-day backpacking trip! How awesome?
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SVR Challengers (7th – 8th graders)

This program is designed especially for our oldest Sky Valley Ranch campers. As the oldest campers in Sky Valley you are really like leaders of the Sky Valley Ranch. As such, you’ll take backpacking, rock climbing and ropes course to the next level. You’ll also get to experience rafting on the Arkansas River. You will also participate in a service project as part of a focus on developing leadership and teamwork.
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SVR Challengers Outcamp (7th – 8th graders)

This program will have you spending a good deal of your time away from camp. Designed for those who are comfortable outdoors and confident backpackers, this program lets you spend more time exploring the Colorado wilderness. The first part of the session will include team building and backcountry skills instruction. Put those skills to work on a seven day trip of backpacking, peak climbs and even a solo experience.
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RUR Mountain Mosaic (9th – 12th graders)

This program offers a variety of activities that make of the core of the mountaineering major. You will also get to explore area caves, do some mountain biking and have a chance to go whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River. During the second session, Mosaics will spend more time in the backcountry and take a three-day backpacking trip.
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RUR Conquerors (9th – 12th graders)

If you’re an experienced mountaineer looking to be challenged, Conquerors is a great option. You will take our core mountain experiences to higher levels of rock climbing and mountain biking. Then spend 5-days in the backcountry attempting to peak several 14,000 foot mountains.
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RUR Limitless (9th – 12th graders)

Are you ready to push yourself physically while learning to rely on Spirit for your energy, power, endurance and joy? The physical intensity of this program will be significant, but that just means the success of conquering a challenge will be that much more glorious. And it’s great fun too! Some of the challenges you will be faced with include running a triathlon, climbing a technical rock wall, racing a 10-18 mile trail, mountain biking up to 50 miles, and using ropes and gear to ascend a 14,000 foot peak. Join us for the excitement and you will not be disappointed…or bored!
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RUR Mountain Biking (9th – 12th graders)

Explore the Colorado Rockies on two wheels and under your own power. Are you a novice or experienced rider? It doesn’t matter because mountain biking is an activity that adjusts to your level of riding while constantly pushing you to improve your skills. In this program you’ll build or improve a basic set of skills while riding jeep trails and single-track, and then put those skills to test on local pump and jump tracks. Your 4-day trip will include riding from the A/U Ranches to a chosen campsite while hauling your own gear a good portion of the way.
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Youth Program Highlights

Session 1:
(15 Days) June 18 – July 2 | (8 Days) June 18-25
(Camp United / All camper ages at Sky Valley Ranch)
Session 2:
(15 Days) July 4–18
Session 3:
(15 Days) July 20 – August 3 | (8 Days)  July 20-27




Early Enrollment
Thru Dec. 31, 2019
15 Day Session $1,945 | 8 Day Session $1,175
Includes an A/U Ranches t-shirt +
drawstring bag!


Spring Enrollment
Thru March 31, 2020
15 Day Session $2,045 | 8 Day Session $1,225
Includes an A/U Ranches drawstring bag!


Regular Enrollment
Up until camp

15 Day Session $2,145 | 8 Day Session $1,300

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Register for Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches. The application will take between 10-15 minutes to complete, so plan accordingly. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Name of both parents’ employers, including addresses, and work phone numbers
  • Name of your child’s Sunday School teacher
  • Practitioner’s name, phone number and email address
  • Payment information – either credit card or e-check

Register for Youth Camp

Next Steps

After you have registered your child(ren) for camp, please go into your CampInTouch account and complete these additional items:

  • Campership Application – Financial assistance is available for children who would not be able to attend camp without support. One Campership application needs to be completed per family. Campership applications are not considered until Youth Camp registration has been completed and the $200 deposit has been received.
  • Transportation Information
  • Camp Store Account Setup
  • Medical Exempt Forms

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Summer Youth Camp is for Christian Scientists in 2nd – 12th grades:

Sky Valley Ranch (SVR): 2nd – 8th grades
Round-Up Ranch (RUR): 9th – 12th grades
Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program: 16 & 17 year olds