The A/U Ranches are all about horses!

There has always been a natural progression of skills in the Horse programs between Sky Valley Ranch for 3rd – 8th graders and Round-Up Ranch for 9th – 12th graders. You’ll love being challenged year after year through a variety of activities designed for your grade and skill level.

Note: you must be enrolled in a 2-week session to participate in horse programs.

Whether you are in a “specialized” horse major or in general horsemanship, our experienced instructors will help guide you through a progression of horse skills and horse care. Depending on which Horse major you choose, you will be expertly trained in obstacle work, gymkhana events, polocrosse and cattle work. All campers will have the opportunity to highlight the skills they’ve learned in our traditional end of session rodeo.

SVR = Sky Valley Ranch · RUR = Round-Up Ranch
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Camp Major Grade Session(s)
 SVR Buckaroos 3-4 All
 SVR Horsemanship 5-8 All
 RUR Cattle Working 9-12* 1
 RUR Horsemanship 9–12 All
 RUR Polocrosse 9-12 2 & 3

SVR Buckaroos (3rd–4th graders)

Gentle horses and loving, experienced counselors make Buckaroos a fun fit for young horse lovers. What’s really cool is that you get your own horse to take care of! You will learn how to groom your horse and how to train it. There is also a three-day camping trip that you will take with your horse and other campmates. On yourtrip you get to stay in a teepee on the ranch property! At the end of camp, you and your horse will not only compete in a rodeo, but you’ll perform a drill routine at the opening ceremony! (You will help create the routine with corral counselors) It’s going to be so much fun!
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SVR Horsemanship (5th–8th graders)

Have you always wanted your own horse? Well, in the horsemanship major, you’ll actually get a horse you can call your own! Plus, whether you’re a beginner or think you’re a pro, riding is a blast when learning horsemanship skills from our corral counselors. This major is designed for all riding levels. We have three different patrols in order to serve each rider’s ability. You will apply the skills you are learning, basic or advanced, to working cattle, learning polocrosse, and training for gymkhana events. Then, round out your experience with a three-day pack trip through the Rocky Mountains.
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RUR Horsemanship (9th–12th graders)

This major supports all riding levels. In it, you will focus on the fundamentals of horsemanship and on communication with your horse. The majority of your time will be spent learning how to reign, training for gymkhana events, and mountain riding. You will also be introduced to polocrosse and cattle working in this program. In preparation for your three-day pack trip at the end of the session, you’ll learn how to pack and take care of your horse in the back country.
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RUR Cattle Working (9th–12th graders*)

*Open to 8th grade campers with advanced riding skills
This major is designed to let you experience the life of a true American Cowboy. Horsemanship skills are taken to new level in this program. Campers will get first hand experience – driving, sorting and cutting cattle not only at the A/U Ranches, but also working alongside cowhands on a working cattle ranch for their 3 day trip. They will also learn gymkhana events and have the opportunity to compete in the end of session rodeo.
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RUR Polocrosse (9th–12th graders)

Originally designed as a dressage exercise to develop a more natural seat when riding, polocrosse has truly become the “king of the one horse sports”. Think of lacrosse on horseback and you have an idea of what polocrosse is like. It’s a quick moving game that involves three players/horses per team. The major will help you develop a balanced seat under competition conditions and to learn the racquet skills and strategy necessary to play the game. Close out your summer polocrosse experience by traveling with your horse to play in a sanctioned polocrosse tournament. You will also be able to participate in the traditional Gymkhana Day at the Ranches.
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Youth Program Highlights


Come for one, two or all three sessions!
Session 1:
(15 Days) June 24 – July 8 | (8 Days) June 24–30

Session 2:
(15 days) July 10 – July 24
Session 3:
(15 Days) Jul. 26 – Aug. 9 | (8 Days) Jul. 26 – Aug. 1



Priority Enrollment
Through Nov. 15, 2020
15 Day Session = $1,945 | 8 Day Session = $1,175
First choice of major, priority if limited capacity
Winter Enrollment
Through Apr. 15, 2021
15 Day Session = $2,045 | 8 Day Session = $1,225
Regular Enrollment
Apr. 16 up until camp
15 Day Session = $2,145 | 8 Day Session = $1,300

Additional Fees
Surcharge for all Horsemanship programs = $225/per Session
Surcharge for Mountain Biking program = $200
Surcharge for DB NLC program = $150
Charge for stay over between Sessions = $125


Christian Science campers can still apply for financial aid through our partner, The Campership Fund. (If you had already applied for a campership for overnight Youth Camp, those funds will automatically be applied to Youth Adventure Day Camp when you sign up.)