Session 1:
(15 Days) June 20–July 4 | (8 Days) June 20-27
(Camp United / All camper ages at Sky Valley Ranch)
Session 2:
(15 Days) July 6–20
Session 3:
(15 Days) July 22–August 5 | (8 Days) July 22-29
Having a hard time selecting a program major? Stay for more than one session!
You are welcome to combine sessions!

Register for Camp


15 Day Session = $1,895
8 Day Session = $1,150

We feel so strongly that all kids should come to camp that we’re ready to assist with 100% of what you need to cover the cost including tuition, travel expenses and even program supplies.

Does your child want to come for two or even three sessions this summer? Great! This extends to as many sessions as they’d like to attend.

(After you register, log in to your CampInTouch account to fill out a campership form.)

First-time at Camp discount
  • $500 campership (not need-based)
  • Must apply for this through the Campership Fund
  • Eligible to any camper coming to Youth Camp for the first time
Multi-session discount
  • $200 off adding a second session, an additional $300 off for a third session
Sibling Discount
  • $50 discount for each sibling
Camp Gathering Discount
  • $50 discount for coming to camp show and signing up
Refer-A-New-Friend Discount
  • $50 discount for each new camper/family introduced to A/U Ranches, who are not currently in our database.  This includes bringing them to a camp show.
  • If the referred family attends youth camp the family who referred them will receive a $300 discount towards their tuition (within the same year).
Priority Enrollment Discount (ends Sept. 15th)
  • Campers from previous summer eligible
  • Guaranteed choice of program major and $50 discount
Early Enrollment Discount (ends Nov. 1st)
  • Eligible to new or returning campers
  • Includes $50 discount on current year pricing
$200 non-refundable

Surcharge for all Horsemanship programs = $195/per Session
Surcharge for Mountain Biking program = $150
Surcharge for DB NLC program = $150
Charge for stay over between Sessions = $100

Youth Program Highlights

Session 1:
(15 Days) June 20–July 4 | (8 Days) June 20–June 27
(Camp United / All camper ages at Sky Valley Ranch)
Session 2:
(15 Days) July 6–20
Session 3:
(15 Days) July 22–Aug 5 | (8 Days) July 22–29



15 Day Session = $1,895
8 Day Session = $1,150

For discounts, deposits and fees, click here.

Register for Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches. The application will take between 10-15 minutes to complete, so plan accordingly. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Name of both parents’ employers, including addresses, and work phone numbers
  • Name of your child’s Sunday School teacher
  • Practitioner’s name, phone number and email address
  • Payment information – either credit card or e-check

Register for Youth Camp

Next Steps

After you have registered your child(ren) for camp, please go into your CampInTouch account and complete these additional items:

  • Campership Application – Financial assistance is available for children who would not be able to attend camp without support. One Campership application needs to be completed per family. Campership applications are not considered until Youth Camp registration has been completed and the $200 deposit has been received.
  • Transportation Information
  • Camp Store Account Setup
  • Medical Exempt Forms

Your CampInTouch Account

Summer Youth Camp is for Christian Scientists in 2nd – 12th grades:

Sky Valley Ranch (SVR): 2nd – 8th grades
Round-Up Ranch (RUR): 9th – 12th grades
Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program: 16 & 17 year olds