Sky Valley Ranch (SVR)
Round-Up Ranch (RUR)
Camp Staff

SVR Horsemanship


Hello! I’m Brianna and I am working as a Corral Staff this summer at Sky Valley. This is my 12th year at camp and I am looking forward to working in such a supportive group of staff as well as getting to teach new and returning campers how to ride and work with horses. I love spending time outside, which I have been doing a lot recently after joining my college’s softball team. I also love theater and art as well as photography. I’ve been spending as much time as I can at home with my new golden retriever puppy, Bella and teaching her how to retrieve my lost softballs. Since I started going to Principia I’ve had a lot of chances to practice CS as well as have fruitful discussions with other teens my age and work through our questions regarding CS.


Hi, my name is Hayley. This will be my first summer at the A/U Ranches and I will be working in the Sky Valley Corral with the Buckaroos/ Patrol One. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and riding with all the campers, and the great activities and lessons we will learn when riding, and taking care of the horses. Also, I am super excited for the inspiration time we have at the start of each activity. When I am home, I love to be outdoors and hangout with friends and family, and babysit my nieces and nephew. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to pick up a Christian Science Monitor, Journal, or Sentinel and read some previous testimonies or inspiration and keep it in my mind all day. I am so excited to share my thoughts of Christian Science with everyone throughout the summer.


Hi everyone! My name is Hudson, and I will be working at the Sky Valley Corral this summer. A fun fact about me is that I have attended the A/U Ranches for 11 years, and I am excited to be a returning counselor. My favorite part about camp is all of the role models that campers have access to, and I look forward to fulfilling that for each camper. I love Christian Science because it provides me with a spiritual lens to view the world. Whether in my school work at Duke University, sports like squash and lacrosse, or life in general, Christian Science provides me with all that I need to live a happy and full life. I look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!


Co-Program Head SVR Corral
Howdy ya’ll, my name is Karl and I am very excited to return to the Sky Valley Corral as one of the co-program heads for the summer! There are truly few things better than being able to be outside on the back of a horse in the beautiful Colorado mountains all day. To me, the best part about camp are our three day backcountry trips, and I absolutely love having the privilege to lead horse pack trips each session for the corral. As a professional wildlife biologist outside of camp, camping and exploring in the outdoors is my passion, and I always look forward to sharing it with campers. I believe there is no better way to connect with God than to challenge yourself in the wilderness and witness the beauty of His creation firsthand. See you all at camp!


Assistant Program Head SVR Corral
Howdy! My name is Kassie and I am the Assistant Program Head for Sky Valley Corral. I am so excited for another summer full of riding horses and beautiful mountain views. Outside of camp I love to swim and paint and I love taking courses related to conservation. One of my favorite quotes from Science and Health that I read to myself every morning is, “From love and from the light and harmony which are the abode of spirit, only reflections of good can come” (SH 280: 4-6). I cannot wait for the fun summer that’s waiting ahead of us!


SVR Corral
Hi, my name is Michael, I am very excited to be working with the corral staff and I know we will have a loving and hard working environment. I’m looking forward to my bond with my horse, creating new relationships with campers and staff, and strengthening my prior friendships at this camp. Soccer, boxing, and gaming are all activities I enjoy in my spare time. I focus on correcting my thought using Christian Science. A goal I have this summer is to increase my study of physical resources, such as reading Science and Health or studying my lesson each week. I love using Christian Science to attack every problem in my life.


SVR Corral
Hi! My name is Michaela. I will be with the corral program this year! I’m very excited for all the growth and learning that I’ve always experienced as a part of camp and am excited to further grow and practice Christian Science. When I’m not riding horses, I’m a long distance runner, avid hiker and backpacker, and constantly trying to learn new things. One of the best methods I’ve found for receiving accurate information is by praying and listening to God. When striving to practice the Science, I turn to this quote from Science and Health; “When we fully understand our relation to the Divine, we can have no other Mind but His, — no other Love, wisdom, or Truth, no other sense of Life, and no consciousness of the existence of matter or error” (p. 205:32).


SVR Corral
My name is Renee and I am a part of Corral staff! Summer of 2022 I’m most looking forward to getting to know more lovely CS individuals and spending time at the beautiful A/U Ranches. At home in Ventura California, I love being outdoors climbing, hiking, riding and spending time with my dog Bella! I’m so excited for this summer and all the beautiful memories sure to come. “Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way.” Mary Baker Eddy


SVR Corral
Hello everyone!! My name is Veronika and I’m a rising senior from California. I’ll be working in the CIT and corral program at the A/U Ranches. At camp I am most excited for meeting new people I’ll be working with and campers! I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to continue my journey with CS and learn more about the healing power of God. I can’t wait to share this experience with campers and everyone around me, this summer is going to be filled with so much fun!! Some little things about myself, I am a rower athlete and compete in crew competitions around the west coast. I love to paint and make art for my friends and family. I am an active reader and huge movie fanatic. I take road trips across America at least twice a year, seeing beautiful places and scenery, as well as incorporating photography into my travels. I hope to use some of these hobby’s with the campers and make this an amazing summer!

SVR Mountain


Explorers CIT
Hi! I’m Anna from St. Louis, Missouri and I will be an Explorers CIT this year. I am so excited to meet all my campers and I know we will have a blast. My favorite activity at camp is going rock climbing at Turtle Rocks. I play field hockey and lacrosse and I love to be outdoors. I am looking forward to continuing to see how each person and activity at camp is a blessing.


Hello! My name is Beka and this will be my second year working at camp and my 5th year going to camp. Although I have not been at camp for that long, I have grown up in Buena Vista, CO and have been rock climbing, hiking, rafting, and exploring there my whole life. I am beyond grateful that I have gotten the chance to do those things and then share my love with all of them with everyone at camp! Something that I think is so special at camp is that all of the counselors are there to share what they love with you and give you all of the support you need to try something new. Reaching beyond your comfort zone and to know you have someone there the entire way is a great value that we have at camp, to which I am excited to give to my campers and everyone else at camp.


Program Head Explorers 
Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m program head for the Explorers! I’m so excited to get to know each of the campers and to spend another summer in the Colorado mountains. I am a Junior at Baylor University, where I’m majoring in International Relations. When I’m at school I love exploring Texas, finding new hiking trails, and going country dancing with my friends. During college I have really deepened my love for the Bible. One of my favorite books is Psalms because it really emphasizes God’s promises to us and how faithful God is at keeping them.


Assistant Program Head Challengers
My name is Chaney and I’m going to be the Challengers assistant program head this summer! I’m looking forward to being back in the Rocky Mountains alongside an incredible group of staff, helping to provide the same unforgettable experiences that I had as a camper at the A/U Ranches. During the year, I go to school at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, where I study social psychology and English. I also play soccer, climb, and volunteer at a local elementary school. Life as a student athlete can be hectic, but the principles of Christian Science help me remove limits I might put on myself and allow me to regain peace and composure during periods of stress and doubt.


Hi! My name is Claire and I’m a counselor for the Explorers program. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great summer full of growth and fun adventures! During the rest of the year, I go to school in Eugene, Oregon and am double-majoring in Global Studies and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. In my free time I like to lead trips through my University’s Outdoor Program, play volleyball, rock climb, go on runs, volunteer with my school’s Rotary club, and spend time with friends and family. One of the things I’m really excited about this term is presenting a project at the research symposium I’ve been working on for one of my classes that involves inclusivity and diversity in the outdoors. I love to lean on the idea that God, Life, is the perpetual spring of unchanging good in our lives and to see how God’s goodness is reflected in our discussions and daily activities. Acknowledging the good is a fun way to set a great foundation for the day!


Challengers CIT
Hello, my name is Issam and I’m going to be a CIT in the challenger’s program. I’m really excited about this summer and I look forward to doing fun activities with campers and learning what it takes to be a great counselor. My main hobbies include playing sports like running track and soccer. I love to spend my time with friends outside doing activities and just hanging out. I incorporate CS a lot into my life especially when I’m running track. Whenever I feel pain or tired in a race or practice the idea of “running with God” has always helped me push through. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be at the A/U Ranches this summer and cant wait to get started.


Hi I’m Katie! This summer I’m going to be with Mountaineers. I am so excited to have the best summer with everyone at camp. I can’t wait for rock climbing at Turtle Rocks, going caving, and having so much fun. By the time I get to camp I will have graduated from Principia College. I majored in Biology and spent a bunch of time outside collecting data for classes. I love being outside and some of my hobbies include hiking, painting, and playing the violin. One of the parts I love about camp is the supportive atmosphere. There are so many opportunities to grow closer to God and I love the idea that we’re all expressing God in each moment. I can’t wait to see you soon!


Challengers CIT
Hi! My name is Mabel, and I’ll be a CIT with the Challengers program this summer! At home, I love to read, do ballet, and spend time with my friends. I’m looking forward to spending the summer in the beautiful Colorado mountains, and continuing to explore and use Christian Science every day!


My name is Mitchell and I am with the Challengers program at Sky Valley. My hobbies include running, swimming, helping others through community service projects and watching Marvel movies/TVshows. I am looking forward to hiking out in nature, learning new skills, and learning how to become a better leader. I greatly appreciate walking through nature and am excited to learn more about it. I am also looking forward to learning leadership skills that will allow me to take on future job positions. I try to use Christian Science in my everyday life by focusing on the expression of God’s qualities to allow me to stay positive and enjoy the world around me. I can’t wait to go to Colorado, see the mountains and meet new people.


Hello everyone, my name is Nathan. I’m grateful to be one of the staff members that gets to work with the Explorers program this summer! I’m most looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people I’ll get to call friends. I’m a wildlife biology major at Texas State University and I enjoy reading, playing the piano, wildlife spotting, and camping. “To love and to be loved,one must do good to others. The inevitable condition whereby to become blessed, is to bless others” – Mary Baker Eddy. I can’t wait to meet you!


Program Head Challengers
Hello, my name is Sean! This summer I will be the program head for the challengers program. This will be my first summer at the A/U Ranches so I am looking forward to a lot of things, but I think the thing that I am most looking forward to is leading the campers up the mountains and having fresh experiences. This past year I have spent finishing my senior year of College at Principia, but in the fall, I hope to be at The Link School in Buena Vista as a Resident Assistant. One way that I like to incorporate Christian Science into my life is at the beginning and end of my days. In the morning I like to declare the day for Mind like the Bicknell Young article talks about, and before bed I like to give gratitude. I am really looking forward to this summer and all the new faces!


Mountaineers CIT
Hello! My name is Sia, I am the Mountaineers CIT, and I am super excited for this  summer! I have been going to camp since I was 11, and I am looking forward to staffing the program I started in. I am so excited for this summer, I am so happy to see my friends, make more, and come back to such a kind and loving environment. I am also looking forward to developing my relationship with God. Even though in my everyday life I try to treat everyone with God’s loving kindness and foster integrity, I am looking forward to spending  time growing myself Spiritually in the beautiful Colorado rockies. At school, I am in an art program (painting and sculpture), I am my class’s treasurer, and I help run our model UN. In my community at home, I work towards growing and supporting others, at camp I look forward to doing the same with campers and fellow staff. I am so thankful for this  opportunity, and I am thrilled for all the fun we’ll have this summer. See you there!


HI everyone! My name is William! This summer at the A/U Ranches, I’m going to be a counselor in the mountain program. I’m looking forward to making a lot of new friends with campers and counselors alike, as well as getting to see the beautiful mountains of Colorado, as I have never been to Colorado before. During the Fall,Winter, and Spring months, I attend Principia College where I am undeclared but looking to major in Computer Science. I play Rugby for the Thunder Chickens and love hanging out with my friends. Being a Rugby player demands that I am always protecting my thought, which is why Christian Science is so important to me. Christian Science has always been a part of my life and it always provides me with the comfort I need to accomplish any task. One way I always know how to pray is by giving gratitude, which I see as one of the most powerful forms of prayer.

SVR Water


My name is Carrie. I will be working with the waterfront program this upcoming summer, which is something I’m really looking forward to. I’m also looking forward to meeting all the counselors and campers that I’m going to be with and being able to enjoy myself in the sun and in the water. I like to read books, play with my dogs, and I really love swimming. I also play the trumpet and piano. I try to use CS on a daily basis, and love the hymn “In Heavenly Love Abiding.”


Program Head Waterfront
Hello! My name is Dana, and I’m the Waterfront Program Head this summer at Sky Valley Ranch. I’m so excited to meet all this year’s campers and start making long-lasting memories at such a special place. I graduated from Principia College this past spring with a degree in Mass Communication and I’m hoping to enter a career in the journalism field, specifically in local news. In my free time, I love to play video games, learn songs on my piano and ukulele, and take long bike rides. I incorporate Christian Science into my daily life by striving to see the beauty of Divine Love reflected in everything around me.


Hi, I’m Gabe! This will be my first summer at the A/U Ranches as a counselor. I will be working with the Waterfront program. I am looking forward to having fun on the lake and seeing growth and learning with the campers and myself. I am graduating from Prin this spring with a degree in Education. I love playing Rugby and Ultimate frisbee or just about anything that keeps me moving around. I love to look at the world around me and see all of God’s expressions within every little thing. A thought from Mrs. Eddy that sticks with me is the idea that man cannot be tempted with fatigue or ailments while doing good deeds and working hard.


My name is Jake and I will be a counselor in the waterfront program this summer! I am most looking forward to meeting all the new faces at camp and having a joyous environment where we can all grow in our understanding of Christian Science. Outside of camp, I am a private pilot at Auburn University pursuing a flight degree. In addition, I enjoy photography, outdoor adventures, and playing the piano. No matter how I go about my day, it is always important to know that God is the one Mind leading and guiding us every step of the way.


Waterfront CIT
I’m finishing my junior year of high school, and  am really looking forward to being at the A/U Ranches as a CIT!  I started going to camp when I was eight, and have been back every summer since then. At home, I pitch for my high school baseball team, and my goal is to continue playing into college, and possibly beyond. I really enjoy listening to all kinds of music. “Be still, and know that I am God” is an idea from the Bible that I take  with me into all parts of my life. See you this summer!

SVR Staff


Sky Valley Co-Camp Director 

I am Kate and I am one of the Co-Camp Directors for Sky Valley. I am a mom of 4 great kids and two dogs and two cats. I love to garden, cook and explore historic areas with my husband Bruce. We recently moved to Columbia, MO from Salem, OR. I love camp and went to camp for most of my childhood. I am so excited to work with the children at camp and support the counselors for a fun summer of learning more about God and Christian Science. I was the Sunday School Superintendent and Sunday School teacher for many years. I really enjoy teaching children about the bible and how to rely on Christian Science for their everyday life. I can’t wait to see you all this summer!

RUR Horse


Hello to all! My name is Jay, I am a 4 year staff member as of this year and will be working in the RUR Corral. I am most looking forward to my new experiences as a Round Up Counselor like an older age group and more leadership roles. As of right now, I am a full time college student as well as a parent to a 3 year old Peach-fronted Conure back home. I am also practicing the art of Shito-Ryu Karate, playing guitar, and finding time for friends and family here and there. I like to incorporate Christian Science into my life by starting every morning off with mentally preparing for my day so that I am well-equipped with the tools I need in any situation. I also like to have at least 2 new concepts or quotes at the ready. Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm for camp, I hope to see you there!


Hello! My name is Katherine and I’ll be a part of the Polocrosse program this summer! I am currently a student at Lake Forest College studying Marketing and Graphic Design and I am on the soccer team. My favorite part about being at camp is being able to see Love in action every day. I cannot wait for the summer and to see everyone!


Hello! My name is McKenna, and I will be a Polocrosse Counselor this summer. I am looking forward to being in beautiful Colorado, sharing my love for horses, getting to know new people, learning new things, and sharing my experiences in Christain Science. I recently graduated high school and am planning on taking a gap year before college. I have ridden both English and Western as well as done Polocrosse and cattle working for many years. My favorite things to do at home are to read, hang out with my brothers, and play with my two German Shepherds. This will be my 10th summer at the A/U Ranches, can’t wait to see you all there!


My name is Sophia and I am one of the advanced horsemanship and polocrosse counselors! This is my third year on staff and it is a highlight of my year to work at camp in these programs. I have been riding for 12 years now and it is a pleasure to be able to share all that I have learned and enjoy learning alongside all the campers as I am working on my horsemanship as well. I am so looking forward to getting to know all the campers that will be in these programs and can’t wait to see the growth that is achieved from when they hop on for the first time with us and at the rodeo at the end of the session.

RUR Mountain


Hi my name is Caroline! I am a senior at the Link School this year and I am excited to spend the rest of my summer in the beautiful mountains. This summer I will be a part of the Round-Up Mountain staff. I can’t wait for all of the adventures we have in store for us this summer. My favorite thing is the outdoors so you can often find me climbing, mountain biking, hiking, or kayaking in my free time. I also love to read (my favorite book is “Where the Crawdads Sing”) and paint watercolor. This summer is going to be a lot of fun and a perfect opportunity to express all of God’s goodness.


Hi everyone! My name is Evan, and I’ll be working in Mosaics this summer. I am currently studying Geology at Texas A&M University and I love hiking, camping, caving, and  playing my mandolin. I look forward to seeing familiar faces  and welcoming new ones to camp! “The Lord is my rock, and  my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust” Psalms 18:2


Mosaics Program Head
Hi there! I’m Lindsey, the Mosaics Program Head this summer. I’m so very excited to be back at camp this summer for more outdoor adventures with such sweet friends. I’m also looking forward to witnessing healing and much spiritual & character growth. I’m confident that this summer will be so full of God’s goodness! Throughout the year, I’m a student at Principia College, where I’m finishing up my Education and Religion majors. I’ve found that what I learn about outdoor education and religious practice applies directly to my work at camp. I also really love to ski, run, climb, and bike—really any activity that’s outdoors! 

Lately, I’ve found this quote from Laura Sargent’s reminiscence (where she’s quoting Mrs. Eddy) very inspiring: “Love ‘worketh with us to will and to do’ [see Phil. 2:13]—that is, to accomplish. ‘Love never faileth’ [see I Cor. 13:8]; hence, we cannot fail in our demonstration. We do make the demonstration.” Can’t wait to see you so soon for Summer 2022!!


Program Head Mountaineers
My name is Matthew. I get to be the Mountaineers Program head this summer. I am excited that I get to spend my summer at camp, and looking forward to seeing new and old campers alike. When I am not at Camp I go to Principia College. I am a theater major and love performing on stage mainly comedy, but I love it all. Other hobbies that I enjoy doing include fishing, coin collecting, Improv, and climbing. Before a big performance, I often think about how “God isn’t the greatest power, he is the only Power”


Mountain Biking CIT
Hello everyone, my name is Owen Katz. I am the CIT for the mountain biking program this summer at the A/U Ranches! I’m really looking forward to riding my bike hard and playing lots of camp games. Some of my hobbies at home include mountain biking, tennis, and playing saxophone. Whenever I am facing a challenge, no matter how big or small, I like to turn to the phrase, “Breathe in inspiration, breathe out demonstration.” This will be a great summer!


Hello! My name is Quinn, and I’m going to be a Counselor in the Mosaics program at Round-Up this summer. I am super excited to spend time at the A/U Ranches mountain biking, peaking mountains, having fun with campers, and being in the Rockies! I love to ski, mountain bike, wakesurf and wakeboard! I really enjoy playing music, cooking, songwriting, and spending time with my family and friends. I’ve been playing guitar, drums and percussion instruments since I was three, and love playing whenever I can. I think Christain Science is about pursuing your relationship with divine Love in the most authentic way for you, and I think camp brings out the best in campers and their spiritual selves, if you will. I think that campers mature, grow, blossom, and grow in wonderful ways throughout a camp session, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how each camper is able to reflect the best parts of themselves at camp, and am excited to have a blast playing in the mountains!


Mosaics CIT
Howdy Campers!
Hey everyone! My name is Tessa. I am a rising senior in high school at the International Community School of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I am so excited to be working as a CIT this summer in the Mosaics program. I have been coming to the A/U Ranches for 11 years and have loved every summer I get to spend there. This summer I am looking forward to seeing everyone, new and old, and having a great time with them while we get to do fun activities. I love to rock climb and hike and always look forward to going on adventures in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado. On all my journeys, one of my favorite hymns, number 53, comes in handy, my favorite line reads “everlasting arms of love are beneath around above” and I take this line with me everywhere I go whether it be hiking a mountain, rafting down the Arkansas River, or visiting a new country. By knowing this, I am always ready to embark on these adventures ready to have a great time and to make memories with the people around me. With that being said, I hope to see you all this summer and make some memories of our own! 🙂


Mosaics CIT
Hello all. My name is Tina. This summer I’ll be a CIT for the Mountain Mosaics program. I really enjoy hiking and stargazing in my free time, and next year I’ll be studying astrophysics at university. Learning new things always makes me marvel at the oneness of mind, in how so many people from all around the world, any walk of life, and sometimes all throughout history all make contributions toward a unified greater understanding for all people, without necessarily ever having met or know consciously that they were working toward a unified goal of understanding.


Mountain Biking
My name is Willem, and I am going to be in the mountain biking program at Round-Up this summer. I am really looking forward to being a counselor at the A/U Ranches because I get to do one of my favorite activities, mountain biking, and, at the same time, get to know a ton of really cool people. There’s also the fact that the A/U Ranches is gorgeous and has a really fun, adventurous environment around it. At home I love to ski and mountain bike; I am also really into music and have been playing drums and percussion instruments since I was three. More recently, I started learning to play piano at the beginning of the pandemic. On a more spiritual basis, I try to incorporate Christian Science, or divine love, into my life by constantly trying to affirm that there’s a higher power that I can rely on when I need it. For this summer that’s taken to a whole new level because I’m not only able to do that for myself, but I am also able to show my campers how to tap into that while doing one of my favorite activities, mountain biking. So… I’ll end this by saying I’m just really excited about that.

RUR Water


Program Head Rafting
Hi, my name is Bailey and I’m going to be the Rafting Program Head this summer! Like every summer, I can’t wait to have everybody come back to camp. It’s going to be a super fun summer in the rafting program, and we have a great staff ready to teach campers how to raft on the Arkansas River. This past year I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and have been working at an outdoor retail company while spending a lot of time outside skiing and rock climbing. I’m really grateful for the comfort and guidance that Christian Science has provided me that has helped me move to a new part of the country where I didn’t know very many people. That comfort has made this past year an awesome learning experience and I can’t wait to continue that growth when we welcome everyone to camp in a couple months!


Rafting CIT
Hi, my name is Grayson and I am going to be a part of the Rafting program as a CIT this summer. I am looking forward to working in an environment that is so loving and accepting to everyone. Being at camp was such an amazing experience for me and I want the same for everyone else who comes. I am a high school senior and I plan to go to Principia College to major in music after graduation. I play in my high school’s marching band, jazz band, and concert band all throughout the year. I have used Christian Science while in these activities or in school by either singing one of my favorite hymns in my head or listening to them when I am having a really tough time with something. I am really excited for this upcoming summer and how I can be a part of it!


Hi all! My name is Kieran and I’m super excited to be returning as a rafting counselor this summer at the A/U Ranches! I can’t wait to get back to guiding on the Arkansas River and having a great time with new and returning campers. I’m from Orange County, CA, and am a second-year architecture major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As an architect, I love to work with my hands, make models and sketch. When I’m not making architectural drawings or building models, I enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, tennis, reading, and piano. Whenever I run into challenges on or off the river, I try to make sure to keep a calm state of mind and let myself be guided by love. I’m looking forward to making lots of great memories with this year’s rafters. It will be a summer to remember!


Howdy y’all! I’m Merrily and I’m a rafting counselor this year. I am so excited to see everyone and get on the river and have the time of our lives! I currently attend Principia College where I study computer science and play basketball. I enjoy going to Principia because I can share CS with everyone around me and talk about it with my peers. I love sitting outside in the sun and reading the lesson every week.


Hi my name is Sky from Washington State. I will be a part of the rafting program this summer, and am so stoked to get to know this camp and people for the very first time! I am excited to experience new things, adventure outdoors, and have big laughs with everyone. Some of my hobbies include soccer, climbing, skiing, surfing, hiking, and of course getting to use CS in my everyday life. A quote that I keep with me always is, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need,” and I am excited to express that divine Love with everyone this summer and make it one to remember!


Hello, I’m Zachery. I will be a counselor for the rafting and kayaking programs this summer. I’m looking forward to a lot of fun times and growth on and off of the river this summer. When I’m not at camp I run cross country, do technical work for theater and band performances with my school, and daydream about kayaking. I enjoy reading the bible and using it to answer questions and solve issues in my life. I’m looking forward to having an awesome summer and seeing all of you at camp!


Rafting CIT
Hi! My name is Zoe. I’m a CIT working with the rafting program this summer. I’m so excited to be at camp and learn more about rafting, as well as grow my understanding of Christian Science and relationship with God. At home, I run track and cross country at my high school. Running is a big part of my life and I have loved figuring out how to bring Christian Science into it, as well as in my daily life. Recently, I’ve been thinking about this quote from the bible, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31) It reminds me that my strength for running, or school, or anything else comes from God, and I don’t have to do it on my own. I can’t wait to see and make new friends at camp this summer!

RUR Staff


Camp Director at Round-Up Ranch
Howdy! My name is Hannah, and I’m so excited to be a Camp Director at Round-Up Ranch this summer! I can’t wait to welcome everybody to camp, and I know we’re going to have such an amazing summer. I have supported the A/U Ranches as a rafter from 2015 to 2018, as a Lodge Manager in 2020, and as a Camp Director in 2021! This year, I have gotten to teach Spanish at the Link School, work with the 100 Elk Outdoor Center, and continue my reporting work for a local digital publication, the Ark Valley Voice. I’m so excited for this summer and all the fun, growth, and love we’re going to share!

Camp Staff


CIT Director
Hi There! I’m Afton, the CIT Director this summer! I was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska but I am now residing in Colorado and I often say it feels like a mini-Alaska! I couldn’t be more excited for all the staff and campers to arrive, and bring Adventure Unlimited’s purpose to fruition.  Having the opportunity to share unique outdoor experiences as well as living Christian Science with every person you’re near will always be the highlight of the summer. I love that we all get to see and feel something special at camp, then take it home with us, wherever that is.  I am thrilled beyond words for this summer, and I hope you are too!


Hi there! I’m Ali and I’m so excited to be coming back to camp this summer for my fourth year as a staff photographer. I can’t wait to photograph special moments of campers and staff and hopefully peak a couple more mountains! I’m from Austin, Texas where I love to roller skate, go on hikes, and read books by the lake. Being within the Christian Science community at the A/U Ranches these past few summers has been an amazing experience. The memories and lessons from it have stuck with me throughout this past year. I’m so thankful to be able to come back for more of those experiences and I’m looking forward to seeing you all this summer!


Lodge Manager
Hi, my name is Bruce and I will be one of the Lodge Managers at the A/U Ranches this summer. I can’t wait to get back into the camp community, and working with the CITs at becoming more experienced staff members. Outside of camp, I am a Philosophy major and Music minor at Principia College. I love to sing and play music, spend time with my friends and family, travel, and learn new things. I trust in God to guide me through hardships, and appreciate daily blessings when they arise.


My name is Howie. I will be one of your drivers this summer. My wife, Gail, and I just moved to Buena Vista in January after 40 years living on the Principia campus in St. Louis where I was a teacher and football coach. We have 2 mini-Aussies – Missy and Jack Jack – who go with us everywhere. I like to play golf and pickleball. My favorite meal is breakfast. My favorite music is classic rock. One of my favorite A/U Ranches memories is climbing Mt. Princeton when I was 12 and riding Red in the rodeo.


Office Staff
Howdy!  My name is Ingrid and I am looking forward to coming home to the A/U Ranches this summer. Hard to believe this will be my 11th summer. Previously, I have worked at both Round Up and Sky Valley Kitchens for Summer Camp, Christmas Camp and Memorial Day clean up weekends. This summer will be another fun one helping out in the hub with clerical duties. Can’t wait to meet y’all 🙂


Wrangler Ranch Hand
Hello, my name is Jordan and I’m going to be A/U Ranches’ Wrangler Ranch Hand. I’m looking forward to camp because I love the activities and excitement of all the new and returning faces. I’ve been living here at the ranches for the past year or so, feeding and working with the horses, keeping them content and preparing them for another amazing summer. As with the journey of life, I have been growing in Christian Science, learning to put God first in all my choices, and trusting when that seems impossible. I still have so much to learn, and am grateful for all the A/U Ranches has done for me. I look forward to seeing your experience, and what it does for you.


Hi everyone! My name is Kate, and I will be supporting the NLC class at A/U this summer! I love to sing, write, and spend time outside! I am so excited to be supporting NLC this summer, as my first year at camp made such a big impact on me. I absolutely love Christian Science and its practical and radical application, and I’m so excited to see all the limitless good that will unfold this summer!


Rodger has three A/U Ranches Alumni kids – Harrison, Cameron and Kiersten – who all are former campers and former staff, staff trainers, as well as a DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council graduate. His wife, Ingrid, has been part of the A/U Ranches seasonal staff since 2012. Along with his whole family, he’s been a Christmas Camp staff member since 2014 and a Family Camp staff driver since 2018. Rodger is an alumnus of Principia College. He and Ingrid raised their family in and around New York City, but became Colorado residents when they moved to Steamboat Springs in 2018.


Hi y’all! My name is Savannah and I’m from Bristol, Indiana. I am currently an incoming senior in high school, in the CIT program! Back at home, I play varsity soccer as well as softball, and I love to work outside and paint! I’m super excited to be in the great Colorado environment surrounded by God’s love and creation.


Hi! My name is Wyatt, and I’m excited to be a counselor this summer for the NLC and Sky Valley programs. Right now, I’m a student at Principia College, where I’m studying physics, with a minor in religious studies. At Prin, I’m also on the swim team and an active member of CSO. I’ve been a lifelong Sunday School student and Christian Scientist, and I love how Christian Science urges us to think deeper about and demonstrate God’s Laws in all situations! I’m originally from Bellingham, Washington, and I’ve been drawn to the A/U Ranches as a place for spiritual growth and adventure! I’m looking forward to giving my all this summer in a supportive, fun-filled environment filled with adventure and growth!  “…blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 518:17–19 blessed)