SVR Horsemanship


Corral Program Head
My name is Kassie, and I will be returning this year for my second year as Sky Valley Corral Program Head! This will be my 13th year at camp and my 6th year on staff. I am so excited to see new and returning faces this summer! A little bit about me: I am finishing up my Environmental Studies and Sustainability degree at Principia College, and I love all things environmental. Other things I love include music, art, and physical activities like swimming, rock climbing, and lifting. I absolutely love being at camp, surrounded by those that support each other’s progress in their relationship to God. I can’t wait for the fun journey that’s waiting ahead this summer at camp, and I can’t wait for y’all to arrive!


Hello! I am so excited to be coming back to camp as a counselor in the Corral program! I am currently a student at Principia College, where I am studying Digital Media and Journalism. I play for my school’s volleyball and softball team! This year will be my 10th time coming to camp. I can’t wait to have a great summer expanding my love for the A/U Ranches and learning more about Christian Science. Can’t wait to meet everyone!


Corral CIT
Hello A/U Campers! My name is Daisy, though I also go by my middle name, Wulf. I am an avid music lover, and I play guitar, piano, and bass. I’m going into my senior year at boarding school, and I’m really looking forward to being back at camp again for my ninth year. I believe that the A/U Ranches is a special place because the people are special, so I’m so excited to be with all of you this summer! Can’t wait to see you all in the mountains!


Hello A/U Campers! I cannot wait for this summer and being able to meet you all and work with you in Corral! I am a current student at Colorado State University (Go Rams!) and am majoring in Equine Sciences. If you can’t tell already, I adore anything and everything that is horses, but in the winter I love to hit the slopes! I cannot wait to come back to camp (I’ve been going since I was 12!). Camp is such a special place to get to know God more and be enriched in Christian Science. I cannot wait to meet you all this summer and pack it full of fun memories!


Hello, A/U Ranches Sky Valley Campers! I am so excited to share your camp experience this summer as a corral CIT! I am currently about to be a senior in high school in San Diego, and I’m going to be a cosmetologist when I graduate. This is going to be my 10th year at camp. I love gardening and being outdoors! Coming to camp has been an amazing experience every year; I’ve made great friends, and I continue to strengthen my relationship with God. I cannot wait to share it with you! I look forward to helping you make great memories!


Hello Friends old and new! I can barely contain my excitement for working in the Sky Valley Corral this summer. I am currently a student at Elon University in North Carolina, where I am majoring in Communication Design and Entrepreneurship. Outside of my course work, I spend my time going on camping adventures with friends, crafting, and jogging around campus. I’m SO looking forward to strengthening my relationship with Christian Science and connecting with you all. Sending my love. I’ll see you so soon!


SVR Mountain


Challengers and Challengers Outcamp Program Head
Hey, A/U Ranches campers! I hope you’re as excited as I am for this summer. I’m the Challengers Program Head, and I’m looking forward to all the adventures we’ll share. Right now, I’m a student at Texas State University, majoring in wildlife biology. I enjoy learning about and exploring nature, playing the piano, and playing games with friends. I choose to keep coming back to camp, this being my fourth, because I grow closer to God each time, while also learning how to use Christian Science in my day to day. I also always look forward to meeting all the wonderful people both working and coming to camp, and I’m excited to meet you all! It’s going to be a great summer!


Challengers Program Head and Mosaics counselor
Hi! I’m Otto, and I am very blessed to be the session 2 Challengers Program Head and session 3 Mosaics Assistant Program Head this summer! It is so exciting to be back for another summer at the A/U Ranches and to get a chance to take all of you wonderful campers and blooming young Christian Scientists into the wilderness for a couple of weeks. I have grown up in the Colorado wilderness through doing Boy Scouts and being at A/U, so it needn’t be said that having the opportunity to work in the mountains for the summer is truly exciting. I hope to not only build a safe, yet challenging experience for all of the campers, but also to help inspire spiritual growth — what is our experience here if not an observation of God’s allness and goodness? I am expectantly and joyfully looking forward to a wonderful and healing summer. See you soon!


Explorers Program Head
Hello! I’m the Explorers Program Head at camp this summer. I’m so excited to get to spend time in the great outdoors and with campers! I’m an art major at Principia College. My weeks leading up to camp this year have been spent on an abroad program in New Zealand, where I have been learning a greater appreciation for the beautiful earth God has given us. I love camp because it gives me an opportunity to learn more about what it means to be one of God’s creations by giving me a better connection to nature. I also love playing games and making art. I can’t wait to see everyone at camp this summer!!!


Explorers CIT
Hi! My name is Annalise, and this summer I will be a CIT in the Explorers program! I’m so excited to get to know all of you and engage in the wonderful Christian Science atmosphere A/U Ranches are able to impart. This will be my 11th year with the Ranches, and I’m thrilled to keep coming back. Explorers was my first program at camp and the first place I felt camp’s magic. I hope I’m able to bring that same feeling to the people around me during my time here in the summer. In my free time, I enjoy camping, backpacking, photography, and so many other outdoor activities. Mary Baker Eddy says, “Only the action of Truth, Life, and Love can give harmony” (Science and Health 169:27). I love the idea that expressing God in our daily lives produces unity, and I strive to live by that concept. Just as camp is a second home to me, I hope to welcome you into your home away from home.


Hi Campers! My name is Bri. I’m from San Diego, California, and I love to surf, rock climb, play guitar, and do many different sports. This will be my first year working at the A/U Ranches, but I spent my senior year at The Link School, right next door to camp, and have really loved being in Buena Vista. I’m super excited for this summer and can’t wait to meet you guys! See you soon!


Hey A/U Campers! I am so excited to meet and spend the summer with you all! My name is Emma, and I will be working with the Explorers program. I just finished my first year of college at San Diego State University, majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Social Work. I love going to the gym, reading, going to the beach, going on hikes, and listening to music. It’s been a while since I’ve been at camp but this will be my seventh summer at the A/U Ranches, and I’m so excited to be back! I can’t wait to meet you all and have an amazing summer 🙂


Explorers CIT
Hi everyone! My name is Fisher, and I am an Explorers CIT this summer. I am from the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I love hanging out under the sun. I am a twin, and I love studying engineering and linguistics. Colorado and the A/U Ranches have always been a great retreat from the heat, offering me a unique experience I relish each time I come. The healing atmosphere is why I come to camp year after year. There’s no greater place to be where you can feel God’s presence so clearly. This will be my 8th year at camp, and I can’t wait to explore with you all!


Hi, my name is Joe, or you can call me Pepe. I will be in Mountaineers this summer. I am looking forward to spending time with the kids, playing games, seeing new faces and familiar faces, and doing a lot of hikes. I grew up in Los Angeles and spent my high school years at the Link School here in Buena Vista. Now I am going to college in Leadville with my brother Brian. What I love about Christian Science is being in the woods and listening to God’s voice, or reading Science and Health because it brings up a lot of points when I am reading it.


Hello, my name is Lincoln, and this will be my second year working for the A/U Ranches. I will be in the Challengers and Challengers Outcamp programs. I look forward to seeing the other side of camp once again and being such an important and impactful part of the camper’s lives.  At my home, I like to explore the woods, which is fun and brings me peace. Some interests that I have are sports, specifically soccer. I have been playing on my varsity soccer team at Principia Upper School. I actively support Christian Science in my life by reading articles in the Christian Science Monitor. I find these cool not only because they are about real world problems, but also because I can see how Christian Science can be applied to them.


Mountaineers CIT
Hello! I am thrilled to be a Mountaineers CIT at A/U Ranches this summer. At the moment I am currently attending school in San Jose, California, where I am an active member of Hiking Club, Speech and Debate, and Drama. Some of my hobbies include salsa dancing, flying, art, and listening to audiobooks. This summer I am excited to meet new people and help campers learn how to apply Christian Science principles while exploring the beautiful outdoors. I’ve attended Christian Science camps for the past 10 summers and have gained so much from those years as a camper, so I can’t wait to give back as a CIT! It’s going to be an incredible summer, see you soon!


Challengers Outcamp
Hello, A/U Ranches Campers! I am looking forward to being back at the Ranches this summer as a counselor for Sky Valley Corral and Challengers Outcamp. I am currently a student at UC Santa Cruz, double majoring in Psychology and Global/Community Health. I am a member of the UCSC Triathlon Club, with the privilege of enjoying the mountainous and coastal road biking and trail running that Santa Cruz has to offer. I love camp (this summer will be my 10th year) because it has offered me an opportunity to grow closer to God in a community of loving Christian Scientists. Camp has been a pivotal part of my relationship with God and how I have been able to lean on His love each day of my life at home. I love getting to share the blessing of God’s love with our wonderful campers, and I cannot wait to see new and returning faces this year. I look forward to meeting you! I am so excited for the harmonious summer to come!


Hi all! My name is Sia, I’m 19, and this will be my seventh year at camp! My favorite outdoor activity is rock climbing, which is unfortunate because I live in Maryland. I also love long walks, which is part of why I’ve peaked over 10 mountains. I still get excited every time. When I’m not outside, I love reading, drawing, and listening to music. I’m a comic book fan and a big advocate for rock music. Right now I’m reading Eyeliner: A Cultural History and listening through the discography of Laufey and Frank Zappa. I’m so excited for this summer and moving mountains with you!


SVR Water


Waterfront Program Head
Hey everyone! 🌟 Get ready to dive into the fun adventures of the A/U Ranches’ Waterfront program with me as your Program Head! 🏞️ I’m a student at Principia College, where I’m learning all about computer science. 🖥️ But when I’m not coding away, you’ll find me rocking out as a drummer in a cool local band 🥁 because music is my jam! 🎶 Growing up in the Christian Science community, I’ve gathered a bunch of spiritual treasures 🎁 that I’m super excited to share with anyone who needs them. So buckle up and get ready to explore with me – it’s going to be an awesome journey! 🌊


Hello! My name is Mischa and I am so excited to be working here at the A/U Ranches. I am a former camper and can’t wait to be a counselor this summer. I am 18 years old and now live in Denver, Colorado. I am a former swimmer and can’t wait to be working in the Waterfront program with my fellow staff and meet all of you!

Tommy CIT

Hi, A/U Campers! I’m excited to come to camp and be a part of the Waterfront program. What really gets me pumped is the thought of sharing these experiences with you, my awesome campers. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing someone conquer their fears, master a new skill, or bask in the beauty of nature. Whether we’re paddling out on the lake, perfecting our cannonballs off the dock, or just hanging out by the water’s edge swapping stories, I can’t wait to dive into all the fun with you!

RUR Horse


Polocrosse Program Head and Family Camp Corral
Hi there! My name is Sophia, and I am looking forward to being back at camp this summer! I am currently studying at Principia College with a double major in Business and Creative Writing. I’m on the editing staff of a literary magazine there, and I love reading fantasy series, running, and riding horses. I will be the Round-Up Corral Program Head first session and the Polocrosse Program Head the remainder of the summer. This is both my 15th year at camp and my 15th year of riding horses. I ride both at and outside camp, and time in the saddle is best spent at camp during summer! I can’t wait to go riding with you all soon!



Helllloo Campers! I am counting down the minutes to camp this summer and I am super excited to be joining the Round-Up corral team! I am just finishing up a gap year where I worked as an intern and traveled to 5 different countries. I will be starting college here in beautiful Colorado in the fall and enjoy playing guitar, hiking, cooking plant-based foods, yoga, and of course, riding horses. I have been going to camp since I was 8 years old, and it has always been my favorite place in the world; I get to spend time with my best friends, explore nature, deepen my relationship with God – and I even get paid for it! See you all this summer ❤️



Hi, I’m McKenna. I am a corral counselor and will be at Sky Valley and Round-Up this summer. This will be my 12th summer at the A/U Ranches and my 4th year on staff. My favorite things to do at camp are play polocrosse, work with cattle, teach archery, and lead some awesome evening programs. I am currently a college student studying biology and history. I am super excited for this summer!

RUR Mountain


Mountain and Conquerors Program Head
Hi, my name is Caroline! I just finished my first year at the University of Vermont. I am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders with a Linguistics minor. I have been coming to camp for 13 years now and have loved every summer of it. I love skiing, and recently I have been getting into backcountry skiing. I am an avid hiker and climber, so I look forward to the hiking adventures we will have this summer! I cannot wait for you all to enjoy A/U Ranches’ loving community this summer.


Mountain Biking Program Head
Hey, my name is Cooper, and I will be the Mountain Biking Program Head this summer! I love mountain biking and the demonstration of progress I see at the A/U Ranches every year in my own and campers’ riding. The Arkansas Valley is a wonderful and beautiful place to learn, make mistakes, and have fun on a bike, and I’m so excited to share that love with everyone who gets to ride with us this summer!


Mosaics Program Head
Hey guys! I can’t wait to be at camp this summer as Mosaics Program Head. I am currently working in Wyoming as a Contract Geologist, but I will be attending New Mexico Tech this fall to pursue a Master’s Degree in Geology. I love hiking, backpacking, camping, caving, cooking, baking, and playing the mandolin. This will be my fifth year on staff at A/U, and I can’t think of any better place to connect with friends and nature while growing closer to God. I look forward to seeing everyone at camp this summer!


Mountain Biking and Kayaking CIT
I am an avid Christian Scientist from California who loves mountain biking and kayaking. I am a rising senior at Principia Upper School. I also love supporting others through Christian Science, and I love being at camp. This is my 7th year being a part of the A/U Ranches family.


Hello, A/U Ranches Campers! I am so excited to come back to camp this summer as a Mosaics counselor! I am currently a student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Applied Mathematics. I run track and play tennis, and I am also super involved in leadership and campus outreach. Camp has been my second home since I was little. This summer will be my 13th summer at the Ranches! I also was involved in NLC in high school and love applying Christian Science to my everyday life. I am so excited to meet everyone this summer and I look forward to lots of fun!!


Mosaics CIT
Hello everyone! I’m Calder, and I’m so excited to join the staff this summer as a Mosaics CIT. I hail from the Gulf Coast of Florida, where there’s an abundance of sunshine and humidity. As such, the A/U Ranches and Colorado make for a welcome retreat. I enjoy spending time engaging in all the outdoor activities camp has to offer, whether that’s rock climbing, rafting, or peaking mountains! Camp is such a fantastic place, with many opportunities to connect with God and express yourself as God’s reflection. The ability to push and challenge yourself, in such a welcoming and loving environment, is what makes me want to come back each year. I’m sure you’ll feel the same. I’m looking forward to meeting y’all this summer and having some amazing experiences!


Hey, A/U Ranches Campers! I’m super excited to be a counselor for various mountain programs at A/U! I’ll be a student at the College of William and Mary in Virginia next year. I like playing chess, hiking, juggling, and making origami. I love A/U and going to camp because it pushes you out of your comfort zone, allows you to grow as a person, and forges a deeper connection with God. I can’t wait to meet you all!


Mountain Biking CIT
Hey, I’m Garrett, and this is my CIT year. I am so stoked to be here for my 9th year at the A/U Ranches! I love baseball, mountain biking, and kayaking, and I am in the MTB program this summer for my fourth summer. I have been going to Principia School in St. Louis since 8th grade, and am so ready to graduate! I love the A/U Ranches and Buena Vista. One of the most important parts about camp is being able to expand your knowledge of God and Christian Science with a great group of people your age learning about the same thing. This will be such an awesome summer, and I can’t wait to meet you! See you soon!


Mosaics CIT
Hej Allihopa! My name is Heather, and this summer I will be working as a Mosaics CIT. I’m really excited to be at camp and meet all of you guys! I’m looking forward to going caving, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and doing all the other fun activities at camp. I’m from Malmö, Sweden, where I currently go to gymnasium (high school). I also speak fluent Swedish, so if you ever want to learn any, come ask me! Vi ses!


Hello, my name is Mitchell, and I will be a counselor in the Mosaics program this summer. I have been a camper at A/U for multiple summers and am excited to give back to this amazing organization. I attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and will be a rising sophomore this summer. I enjoy running, hiking mountains, weightlifting, biking, and anything else I can do outdoors. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and playing rugby. I am thoroughly excited to be a part of Mosaics and look forward to getting to know you this summer.


Hello everyone. My name is Tessa, and I am beyond excited to be working at the A/U Ranches this summer. This is my third year on staff and my 14th year at A/U overall. Camp has always been my favorite place, and I am so grateful to be returning again to work in the RUR Mosaics program! I am a rising sophomore at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, but I have lived in Africa most of my life. I love camping and exploring, which makes my time at camp even more special. I am looking forward to deepening my relationship with God while surrounded by my favorite people in the coolest place. Let’s make some wonderful memories. See you so soon! Can’t wait!!

RUR Water


Rafting CIT
Hello, my name is Jack. I have lived in southern California for about seven years and lived in Colorado before that. I enjoy playing video games, building LEGO, and playing sports. I have been going to the A/U Ranches for roughly ten years. I have been a part of most, if not all of the programs at Sky Valley Ranch, and I have white water rafted at Round-Up Ranch. I look forward to helping campers develop memorable experiences and to giving them the opportunity that I had when I was a camper at the Ranches.


Hey everyone! I’m stoked to be back this year rafting at Round-Up! I’m an architecture major at Cal Poly SLO, where I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, frisbee, and board games. I also love playing piano, doing art, reading, and pondering the universe. It’s amazing that in a place so big, camp always brings together some of the best people, including you. I can’t wait to meet you all. The river is calling, see you soon!


Hi A/U Ranches Campers! I am so excited to be at camp this summer on the Round-Up Ranch Rafting staff. I am currently about to graduate from Principia Upper School and will be going to Missouri State University in the fall to study chemistry and criminology and play in the marching band. I am a member of my school’s varsity swimming, field hockey, and lacrosse programs and have been swimming competitively for 12 years. This will be my 4th summer at camp and in the rafting program, and I love being in the water and going down rapids. I also love making new friends in my boat family and around camp. I value building a connection with God through spiritual discussions and ideas with the use of Christian Science and making camp a special and valuable place for all. I can’t wait to come to camp this summer and meet you!


Hey! I am so excited to be back at camp this summer as a rafting counselor! I am an incoming freshman at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. I have been planning my return back to camp since the minute I left last summer, and I am so excited to get back into all of the exciting activities. There is no better place to explore new things and Christian Science than at camp. I can’t wait to make this summer filled with wonderful memories!


Rafting CIT
Hello A/U Ranches Campers! I’m super excited to be a CIT in the Rafting program this summer. I am going to be a senior in high school next year, and I love the sciences and Japanese. I am a member of The Faith Club, and I do Track and Field. This will be my 7th year at camp, and I love it here where I can expand my knowledge on Christian Science and learn and grow with you as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you all this summer! It’s going to be lots of fun!

Seasonal Leadership


CIT Trainer
Hey Everyone, my name is Chaney and I am thrilled to be back at camp for my 13th summer, this time as the CIT Trainer! Just this May I graduated from Whitman College with a bachelor’s in psychology, and I plan to pursue a master’s in counseling in the next couple years. A major part of my experience was playing for the soccer team, as this sport has been a passion of mine since I was a toddler! I also enjoyed participating in community outreach organizations including the elementary mentoring and adopt-a-grandparent programs. In my free time I love to climb, run, hike, and journal! I can’t wait to be back at the Ranches this summer because there is no place quite as fun, embracing, awe-inspiring, and spiritually revitalizing. See you there!


Assistant CIT Trainer
Hello A/U Ranches Campers!! I am excited to be at camp as the Assistant CIT trainer this year. I just graduated from Principia College and am in the process of moving to Buena Vista. I love camp so much because of the loving atmosphere, and I love engaging with other young Christian Scientists. I am so excited to get to see all you returning campers, and get to meet all the new campers!!


SVR Assistant Camp Director
Howdy Y’all! My name is Owen, and I am so proud to be serving as your Assistant Sky Valley Camp Director this summer. This is going to be my 13th year at camp and my sixth time on staff (first in a director position). I can’t wait to be back at camp to meet all the new campers and see the returning faces. Evening programs are my favorite activities at camp, as it’s the perfect way to have a lot of fun as an entire camp. My hobbies include playing the violin, cheering on the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Flyers, and building LEGO. I always feel better connected to God when at camp, so I am looking forward to daily spiritual prep and discussing the Bible Lesson and metaphysical theme with y’all!


RUR Assistant Camp Director
Hey, I’m so excited to join you this summer as the Assistant RUR Camp Director for 2nd and 3rd sessions. It will be amazing working alongside the incredible Rusty Rohde to ensure we all have an unforgettable camp experience. I look forward to supporting the staff and jumping into the joy-filled activities that make our camp so special (Clue Night is my favorite!!).

In addition, I love witnessing Christian Science in action through everything we do. I can’t wait to help foster that meaningful spiritual development for everyone and create a community where everyone truly feels loved and valued. Together, we’re going to make this summer inspiring and memorable. I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and sharing in this adventure! See you soon!

Support Staff


Kitchen Support
Hello, I am Coline, and I am looking forward to working with kids, working in a kitchen (I did a lot of deli and restaurant work in college), and spending time in a beautiful mountain community with the great Rockies nearby. And spending some time with my friend Ali, who is also working in the kitchens this summer, as we drive across three states. I am a Kindergarten teacher, love the outdoors, and enjoy running, hiking, kayaking, biking, cooking, and eating.


Floating corral counselor
Hi! My name is Erin, and I am so excited to be coming back to camp this summer as a corral counselor! One of the things I am most looking forward to is our 3-day trips. I love being in nature, where we can disconnect from what is happening in the world and focus on reconnecting with God. When I am not at camp, I am working at other ranches around the country and dancing whenever I can. To me, dancing is praying, because I am expressing joy and limitlessness. I can’t wait to meet you all and share my love for horses, dancing, and camp with you!


Assistant Cook
Hey y’all! I am very excited to be part of the A/U Ranches kitchen this summer! This will be my first summer in Colorado, and as a Texas girl, I’m beyond stoked for a not 100+ degree summer! I’m looking forward to exploring the great outdoors and feeding everybody! In my free time, I enjoy reading and dabbling in painting. I’m looking forward to a summer filled with love and adventure!


Assistant Cook
Hello! My name is Mary. I am so very happy to have the wonderful opportunity to work in the kitchen as a member of the A/U Ranches staff this summer! Although I was not raised in Christian Science, I have been diligently studying it for the past fifteen years and am raising my daughter, who is now eleven, in Christian Science. (She has been attending Sunday School since she was two, and attended the Horsemanship Program at A/U last year.) I have been a teacher in the public schools on and off for the last twenty years and am currently a Spanish teacher for lower-elementary and preschool students. My hobbies include hiking, riding horses, learning foreign languages, and reading. I cannot wait to begin my adventure working at the A/U Ranches.


Ranch Hand
Hey Campers! I am very excited to join you this summer as a Seasonal Ranch Hand. I’m currently studying biology at Principia College. I love working with horses, exploring the beauty of the natural world, and playing the guitar, especially around a campfire under the starry sky. This will be my first summer at camp, and I am very excited to start this journey. I believe camp is the perfect place to deepen our understanding of God and apply Christian Science in our daily lives with other people. I’m excited to meet all of you and share an inspiring and joy-filled summer together!


Round-Up counselor-at-large and kayaking counselor
Hey Campers! My name is Nolan, and I will be working as a counselor-at-large for the first two sessions, and in the Kayaking program for the third. This will be my 7th year at camp and my first year as a counselor. I love rafting and kayaking, and I hope to do as much as I can while in Buena Vista. I am attending Cleveland State University this fall. I can’t wait to meet you all and have an amazing summer at the A/U Ranches.


Hello there! I’m excited to capture all the wonderful moments at camp this summer as a photographer. I am currently doing video and photography work in Denver and starting a freelance videography/photography business. I grew up in a very creative family, so I love music and art. I’m super excited to be back at camp for my 11th summer! I started going to camp when I was 13, and I remember how magical it was for me. I can’t wait to meet you all and capture that magic again this summer.


Hey, my name is Sierra, and I am working as the lead photographer at Round-Up up this summer. I will be a sophomore at Black Hills State University in the fall, where I study Photography and Outdoor Education! I also run collegiate cross-country and track, which I love doing. Photography is my passion, and camp is my happy place. I have enjoyed growing with God at camp as a camper and as a staff member, so I am excited to join programs rafting, climbing, riding, and just having fun!


Christian Science Nursing support
Hi! I am excited to be supporting campers again this year. I have been an Assistant Cook for several seasons, and this year, as an apprentice Christian Science Nurse, I’ll get to “climb with joy the heights of Mind” at Highview as well. I can hardly wait.


SVR counselor-at-large
Hello, A/U Ranches Campers. I am thrilled to meet and spend this summer with all of you. My name is Tom, and I currently attend the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Accounting. I am a huge football and basketball fan and enjoy trying new sports/activities. I will be an at-large counselor at SVR, meaning I get to work with all the programs. This will be my third summer at A/U, and I could not think of a better place to be for spiritual growth. Let’s make this summer the best one yet!

National Leadership Council Staff


NLC Program Head
Hi there! My name is Spencer, and I am an NLC Program Head! I am a recent graduate of Principia College and will be going to grad school for Earth Sciences in Amsterdam this fall. This will be my 10th summer at the A/U Ranches, and I’m super excited to spend it with the NLC program. 🙂 I graduated from NLC in 2018 (Class of 2018C) and have been an NLC and mountain counselor/program head at A/U nearly every summer. My favorite part of camp is definitely the mountains! I love going on hikes and sharing the beauty of the natural environment around us as we pursue greater heights and demonstrate God’s strength. I look forward to meeting you this summer and can’t wait to see what adventures we will go on!