Sky Valley Ranch (SVR)
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Camp Staff

SVR Horsemanship


Program Head
My name is Kassie, and I am the Sky Valley Corral Program Head this summer! This will be my 12th year at the A/U Ranches, and I am so excited to ride horses and have so much fun with y’all this summer! When I’m not at camp, I am a student at Principia College studying Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I enjoy the outdoors, music, art, and swimming. I love being in communities that are just full of Love and enjoy having conversations and discussions about Christian Science and demonstrations we’ve experienced or seen. I cannot wait to meet and see everybody!


Assistant Program Head
Hello! I’m Brianna, and I am working as Assistant Program Head for Sky Valley Corral this summer. This is my 13th year at the A/U Ranches, and I am looking forward to supporting the corral staff as well as getting to teach new and returning campers how to ride and work with horses. I love spending time outside, which I will be enjoying all summer long in the Colorado sun. Since I started going to Principia College, I’ve had a lot of chances to practice Christian Science and to have fruitful discussions with other teens my age while working through our questions about Christian Science.


Hello! My name is Quinn, and I will be working in Sky Valley Corral! I absolutely adore camp; this will be my third year on staff and twelfth summer. I love the corral and am so looking forward to having you come and love it too! I am so excited to see new and returning faces at the corral and be able to engage with your interests in horses, riding, and the outdoors. I cannot wait to teach fundamental riding skills, rodeo events, and take you on trips to experience more of Colorado while demonstrating your skills.

I am currently a junior at Principia college and studying biology and sustainability. I love what I am studying and love being in Buena Vista for the summer, being able to share my love for the outdoors with your campers. I run the greenhouse on my college campus as the student manager, and I also work as an admissions ambassador and help run visiting weekends for the college. I also go to the gym regularly and enjoy the friendships I have made through that.

Christian Science has always meant a lot to me and has played a large role in my life. I was part of the National Leadership Council (NLC) during high school, which really solidified my love for Christian Science. I am a member of my college Christian Science Organization and regularly attend the services during the week. I love listening to the Daily Lift podcast and also reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to apply Christian Science to my daily life. One of my favorite quotes is from 1 Corinthians 13: “Love is patient, love is kind” – it is a great theme for camp and the lovingkindness that will be shared throughout the summer.

I truly cannot wait for the summer and cannot thank you enough for choosing to spend some of your break at the A/U Ranches to experience all the good camp has to offer!


Hello! My name is Relia, and I am a counselor at Sky Valley Corral! This summer I am really looking forward to meeting so many incredible people, trying new things, and helping my campers grow as riders, students of Christian Science, and as young individuals! I am currently attending CU Boulder studying mechanical engineering, I am a member of the school’s equestrian team, and I am super interested in making music. Christian Science is an integral part of my daily life and I love to study the Bible Lesson and read/share testimonies. Can’t wait for a great summer!


Hi, I’m Syd! I am a Sky Valley Corral staff member and am so excited to be on this journey with you this summer! I am a sophomore in college at Sam Houston State University studying geography and equine science. My favorite message I like to incorporate into my daily life is to “reject hatred without hating.” I try to enforce that message with how I react to others, keeping love at the forefront of my mind. I can’t wait to experience and foster new growth with y’all. See you at camp!


Wrangler/Ranch Hand
Hello! I’m Sebastian, and I will be serving as a Wrangler/ Ranch Hand at the Adventure Unlimited corral this summer! I’m looking forward to spending the summer working with horses, enjoying life in the beautiful central Rocky Mountains, and getting to know the other staff and campers in the A/U community. In my free time, I’ll also be running, hiking, rock climbing and fly fishing, as well as learning more about the montane ecosystems around camp through the lens of sustainable natural resource management. I also bring an open and active exploration of Christian Science in my own life, and I look forward to living out CS values along with the following idea, which has been tremendously helpful for me: “The divine idea of one’s right place is so all powerful that nothing can hide your view of it or block your path to it.”


SVR Mountain


Mountaineers Program Head
My name is Matthew, and I am excited to be part of camp this year as the Mountaineers Program Head. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, teach and learn from the experiences of others, and engage in exciting activities. Outside of camp, I am at Principia College studying theater, with a love for climbing and an interest in coin collecting. Camp is home, and “home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.


Challengers Program Head
Hello! My name is Nico and I am super excited to be the Challengers Program Head this year at camp. I’ve been coming to the A/U Ranches for 12 years now and as a camper, Challengers was always my favorite program. I am absolutely looking forward to getting out into the mountains after spending all year cooped up at school. When I’m not at camp I study Computer Science at college and play the tuba in my school’s marching band. I frequently attend my local church and try to live Christian Science in my daily life just like I do at camp.


Explorers Program Head
Hey everybody! My name is Owen, and I am really looking forward to getting to spend this summer with you all! I am the Explorers program head and I am eager to get to know all of you. To me, the most exciting thing about camp is creating new friendships and experiencing all the fun things we get to do together. In my personal life, I do tons of outdoor activities, from rock climbing, to whitewater kayaking, to leading ecology hikes.  When I am doing those activities, I always include some spiritual aspect to them. Most often it comes in the form of prayerful work right before I start, and I work with the Idea of “God rests in action” from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This summer is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to spend it with you!


Hello Dear Parents, my name is Arnold and I am more than excited to welcome your kids here at the A/U Ranches this summer. I am actually an international student at Principia College originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. At Principia College, I am majoring in Engineering Science with a focus in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Religious Studies. I have always yearned to experience what practicing Christian Science at a camp looks like and this summer, I have been blessed to join Adventure Unlimited for an internship as a Camp Counselor for explorers. Christian Science has played a significant role in my life from helping me with daily needs to academics. So for that, I can’t wait to witness the fruition of your kids’ spiritual growth and communion with God as they join our program. The Bible says “Nothing gives me greater joy than to hear that my children are following the way of truth” (3 John 1:4, NCV); so, it’s really God’s delight to see his children grow spiritually. A heartfelt thank you for sending your child to the A/U Ranches; we can’t wait to welcome them!! Sincerely, Arnold


Hello! My name is Jake and I will be a counselor in the Challengers program this summer! I am looking forward to meeting all the new faces at camp this year and being immersed in an atmosphere that is producing nothing but joy, love, and goodness. Aside from camp, I attend Auburn University where I am a pilot in their professional flight program. I also enjoy photography and outdoor adventures. Throughout my daily life, I find it very helpful to fully understand how the Divine Mind is guiding our every step no matter what is going on, and that same Mind takes us all the way, not just part way.


Hi, my name is Laurena and I’m looking forward be working at the A/U Ranches for the Explorers program. The things I’m most looking forward to is meeting a bunch of new people and spending time in nature! At home my family and I often camp and float and take hikes with our adorable puppy Lupine. I’ve found that for me being in the outdoors is the easiest place to recognize Gods qualities, both in the environment and in the people around me. I’m so excited to meet everyone at camp!


Hello my name is Lincoln and this will be my first year working for the A/U Ranches. I will be in the challengers and challengers outcamp programs. I really look forward to seeing the other side of camp, I have only experienced it as a camper and I want to see everything from a new perspective. At my home I like to explore the woods which is really fun and brings me peace. Some interests that I have are really any sports but specifically soccer. I am on my varsity soccer team at Principia Upper School. I actively support CS in my life by reading monitor articles. I find these really cool not only because they are about real world problems, but some of them I can see how CS can be applied to them.


Mosaics, Explorers, Buckaroos
Hey there! My name is Renee, and I hope you are getting as excited about camp this summer as myself! I will be doing a little bit of everything this summer. You will be able to find me in Mosaics Session 1, Explorers Session 2, and Bucaroos Session 3! I know I am looking forward to reconnecting with nature, and being reminded in that crisp Buena Vista air, the importance of reconnecting with our spiritual being. Trusting God, pushing ourselves to try new things, entrusting in his love to break barriers and achieve beautiful, gratifying milestones. All whilst surrounded by joyful friends, new and old. 

At home, you can find me enjoying my home, Ventura California, running, walking my Field Spaniel Bella, cooking up new meals and baking muffins. I love being outdoors, journaling and spending time with my family and friends. I incorporate CS in my life at home, in actions of service, hoping to spread love throughout my community, to connect and insight positivity when possible. I love the idea that people will remember the way we make them feel, rather than the exact things we may do, and I hope I can make those around me feel loved and supported!

SVR Water


Waterfront Program Head
Hi, I’m Gabe and I’ll be the Waterfront Program Head this summer! This will be my second summer at the A/U Ranches and I am very excited to see some familiar faces and meet new ones! I have lived at the A/U Ranches now for a year working for the 100 Elk program and hope to be doing the same this coming year. This year it will be my focus to practice Principled Love with my campers and staff. To me, Principled Love will look like meeting everyone where they are at and seeing it through that they will grow. I am so glad Camp presents us with all of these incredible opportunities for growth and I hope that I can help campers reveal their possibilities within.


Hello campers, my name is Parker! I am a waterfront CIT at camp this year and can’t wait to meet you. I just finished my junior year of high school, where I enjoyed doing theater and soccer after school, while taking classes like ceramics and sociology. I love going to hang out with my friends at the mall and reading during my free time. I have been babysitting for a few years now and enjoy working with kids a lot. I can’t wait to have adventures with you at camp this summer. 

Since I was young, my mom has taken my siblings and me to church. I remember singing hymns with all the other kids and getting to see my grandma every Sunday, and on occasion, we would indulge in some lunch and ice cream afterwards. Growing up in a Christian Science family, I have learned to love everyone for who they are and have the patience to appreciate all the ways the people around me express love. Watching kids express their joy and sense of curiosity through adventures and being able to safely guide them through those adventures makes me appreciate and recognize the simple beauties in the world. 

I have been going to camp for 6 years, and throughout this time, I have learned an abundance of life lessons that have guided me through countless situations. Behind all of these lessons were incredible camp counselors and CITs. Looking back, I have realized that the counselors and CITs at camp have given me so much joy and helped me create endless memories that I can look back on. It will be amazing to give back to the campers as a CIT and help them create the wonderful memories that have been created for me. I can’t wait to meet you and have adventures together! It will be awesome to go canoeing and swimming with you in the beautiful lakes in Colorado.


SVR Staff


Ranch Hand/Counselor
Hi, my name is Kian. This summer I will be serving the A/U Ranches as a ranch hand counselor. This will be my second year working at camp, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with returning campers as well as meeting all the news ones. It is always amazing to see all the growth that occurs in campers and staff alike throughout the course of the summer, along with all the great memories. Outside of the A/U Ranches, I am a rising senior at Principia College, majoring in Biology. I am particularly interested in ornithology and land management and enjoy the opportunity to further these interests in the beautiful setting the A/U Ranches provide. To best utilize Christian Science in my daily life, I love the idea of Divine authority, found on page 395 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as it is a great reminder that “When divine Science overcomes faith in a carnal mind, and faith in God destroys all faith in sin and in material methods of healing, then sin, disease, and death will disappear.”

RUR Horse


Polocrosse Program Head
Hello! My name is Katherine and I will be the Polocrosse program head this summer! I have been going to camp for 14 years and this will be my 5th year on staff! I have grown up riding at the A/U Ranches and it has become a second home for me. I am so excited to welcome all the new campers this summer to the program and to see all my returning campers again!



Howdy y’all! My name is Jay and I am going to be a corral counselor up at Round-Up this year. This will be my 5th year on staff and my 14th going to the A/U Ranches.

In my free time at home, I enjoy teaching myself acoustic guitar, expressing myself through arts and crafts, or reading. I’m currently working on the Percy Jackson series!

I enjoy incorporating Christian Science into my daily life. From things as simple as combating intrusive thoughts and seeing the good in every day to handling the current challenges in my life. I often go to a saying I made: “I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and it’s not mine.” This helps me separate my God given qualities from those that want to take away from my joy in life.

I always look forward to meeting new and returning campers and teaching them how to ride and care for our horses. Though my favorite part is seeing how far these campers have come in their confidence and abilities, no matter the program.



Hi, I’m McKenna! I am a Polocrosse Counselor this summer and I am so excited to be back at the A/U Ranches. This is my 11th summer at camp and I can’t wait to share all of my favorite activities with you and to help all of you grow as Christian Scientists and adventurers. Right now, I am on a gap year and I have been working and traveling in Costa Rica and Spain recently. I love Colorado so much and am thrilled to be attending the University of Denver this fall. I love to ride horses here and at home as well as read and play volleyball in my free time.


Hello there, my name is Sophia and I am a third year staff member at the A/U Ranches. I’m looking forward to riding and helping all the campers I can with improving and fostering their love for riding. I have been riding horses for 13 years and just love it. Currently, I am a student at Principia College. Since there is not all that much riding out there, I spend most of my free time in the gym working out as well as reading books whenever I can. Christian Science has been the foundation I’ve stood on since I was little, and while I am still exploring what it means to me, I use Christian Science as a steady protective force to lean on whenever I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed. “Love takes us all the way,” is a quote I fixate on often, from the Christian Science article “All the Way” by Milton Simon. Knowing that everything works out how it’s meant to, and that everything difficult will end but will also give lessons that can be carried forward. As a daily practice, I journal a lot and find that reflecting is one of the most important practices I can keep up. It helps me stay grounded and grateful, and I hope to be able to share that practice with the campers that are coming to camp this year.

RUR Mountain


Conquerors Program Head
Hello! My name is Caroline. I can’t wait for the amazing summer we are going to have together. I am currently taking a gap year, but I plan on studying Communication Disorders in the fall at the University of Vermont. I love spending my time outdoors whether it’s hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or kayaking. I am also an avid reader! Christian Science has played an integral role in my life. Camp is the perfect place for me to continue to learn about my relationship with Christian Science. The community that is created at the A/U Ranches is one of love and support which offers so much amazing growth as a student of Christian Science. This summer I will be working as the Conquerors Program Head and a Mosaics staff member! I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer. I have been going to camp my whole life and I look forward to sharing my love for the mountains and for the camp this summer with all of my campers!


Mosaics Program Head
Hey everyone! My name is Evan and I will be the Program Head for Mosaics this summer! I’m looking forward to all the fun activities and opportunities Mosaics has to offer. I just recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Geology, and love going camping, hiking, and caving. 

“In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.” -PSALM 95: 4-5


Mosaics CIT
My name is Ashley and I am so excited to be coming to the A/U Ranches this summer! Having been going to camp for 11 years, I am so grateful to be able to come back this year as a CIT. The A/U Ranches holds such a special place in my heart because I have had the opportunity to grow up here each summer and consistently challenge myself. I value every camp relationship I have made and am so excited to make new connections with your campers this summer. I am a part of the National Leadership Council, a servant leadership program for Christian Science youth. I practice Christian Science in every aspect of my life, whether I’m playing sports, studying for a test, or in a challenging situation. My favorite subject in school is math, specifically calculus, and I also run track and play tennis. My favorite events are the 300-meter and 100-meter hurdles. I am so excited and grateful to be a part of your camper’s summer!


Mountain Biking
I’m Nathan and this summer I’m looking forward to riding trails in the Rockies as part of the mountain biking staff. Most of the year I’m studying creative writing, studio art, and theater at Principia college where I enjoy soccer, running, and any creative extracurricular I can squeeze into my days. Among those, poetry is my primary love and I’m excited to see where camp’s inspiration takes me and my writing. In particular, I’m looking forward to being surrounded by those who share their many loves at camp as learning about each of those loves is an opportunity for me to discover new ways of seeing the world and deepening my relationship with God. On this journey, I’ve found that gratitude is my most consistent prayer, which has proven to me that as much as I pray for guidance, gratitude has often served best as a prayer prior to taking my next step forward.


Hey y’all! My name is Otto and I’ll be working with all you Conquerors and Challengers coming to the A/U Ranches this summer! I am incredibly excited to be a counselor for the first time, as the A/U Ranches has been such an important place for my family for many decades. I’ve grown up on the property and it’s like a second home to me. I am so eager to get back into the Rocky Mountains with you guys and get to know each of you, joke around, and help you grow as Christian Scientists. Christian Science is so foundational to my life, and I can’t wait to bring what I’ve learned to the table. Vice versa, I’m eager to learn you’re your experiences and studies as well. One Bible verse that I hold very close to my heart that you will probably hear me talk about a ton is the 23rd Psalm; it’s brought so much peace and protection to me throughout my life and its impossible not to share that inspiration with others. I am a sophomore in college studying piano performance and musical composition — my professional goal is to become a film or animation score composer. In high school I was in the Boy Scouts of America and earned my Eagle Scout rank. I’m also a huge nerd and the biggest Star Wars fan you can meet. Since I won’t have access to Disney+ or any of my Vader comics up at camp I will need someone to talk about it with! I can’t wait to see all of you – it’s gonna be a good summer, I can feel it!


Hey there! My name is Tessa and I am so excited to be spending the summer with your camper! This is my 12th summer at the A/U Ranches and I look forward to being in the beautiful Colorado Rockies for yet another wonderful year. This summer I will be working in the Mosaics program at Round-Up. I love to hike, rock climb, raft and do all the other fun activities we get to do while at camp! I’m from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and I love spending my free time doing all sorts of sports, cooking, and singing. I can’t wait for yet another harmonious and fun summer at the ranches embarking on adventures, developing new skills, making new friendships, and deepening relationships with God in the most wonderful place on earth. See you all soon!

RUR Water


Rafting Program Head
Hi! My name is Bailey and I am going to be the rafting program head this year at the A/U Ranches. I’m super excited to come back to camp again this summer and meet all the new and returning campers in our program. The summer is already shaping up to be an exciting time on the river! To tell you a little bit about myself – when I’m at home in Salt Lake City, I really enjoy rock climbing as well as skiing in the winter, but I’m super grateful to get the opportunity to come to camp every summer and raft as well. I think the rafting program is a great way for campers and other guests to grow closer to God due to the intensity of the river and rapids that encourage us to turn to God to alleviate fear and ensure our protection. There is so much to learn and many ways to grow when on the river! I can’t wait to meet all the future campers this summer!


Rafting CIT
Hi! I’m Ren, and I’m super excited to be a rafting CIT at Round-Up this year! As I enter my senior year of high school, my love for music and performing arts is what keeps me energized and enthusiastic. There’s one concept from Christian Science that really clicks with me.  It is the power to recognize when thoughts help us and when they don’t, and being able to let go of those thoughts, which has helped me conquer challenges and overcome fears. I can’t wait for all the incredible experiences waiting for us at camp, and I feel honored to be a leader and inspire both new and returning campers this summer. months!


Rafting CIT
Hello! My name is Sage and I am a CIT in the rafting program! I live in Tucson Az, and I’ve been coming to camp since 2018, and I’ve had fun here since the day I started, and I’d love to share that with all the campers. This year at camp I’m most excited to make new friends with the campers, and go on amazing adventures with the rafting group. At home I enjoy playing the trombone and making music with my friends. 

Everyday I use Christian Science to help me understand and treat everyone as God’s child and understand their perfection. To prove this, I hold to Mary Baker Eddy’s statement: “Man. The compound idea of infinite spirit; the spiritual image and likeness of God; the full representation of Mind.” Science and Health, pg. 591 line 5.


Hi all! I am Zachery, and I’ll be with the Rafting program this summer. I am looking forward to a lot of good times sharing the river with as many people as possible this summer. I also can’t wait for some fun church day barbecues. When I’m not at camp or daydreaming about rafting I study computer science and train for cross country and track. I love expanding my comfort zone and leaning on God when trying new things!


Hello, My name is Zemma and I’m very excited to work at camp this summer. I am a junior at Principia College and I will be an RA next year. I love being active in the CS community at Principia and I have just finished up a year of being the president of my dorm. I love being artistic and creative so I love leading arts and crafts on free choice day. I will be rafting staff at the A/U Ranches this summer and I will be working at kids’ camp first session.

Camp Staff


Hi, there! I’m Ali and I’m so excited to be coming back to camp this summer for my fifth year as a staff photographer. I can’t wait to photograph special moments of campers and staff and hopefully peak a couple more mountains! I’m from Austin, Texas where I love to roller skate, go on hikes, and read books by the lake. Being within the Christian Science community at the A/U Ranches these past few summers has been an amazing experience. The memories and lessons from it have stuck with me throughout this past year. I’m so thankful to be able to come back for more of those experiences and I’m looking forward to seeing you all this summer!


Assistant Camp Director
Howdy! I’m Chris and I’m the Round Up Assistant Camp Director who focuses on CITs and the Bunkhouse experience. I’m looking forward to getting to visit all of the activities at camp – whitewater rafting, peaking 14ers, riding horses, and mountain biking – all of which I’ll be doing for the first time! I recently graduated from Principia College with a dual degree in Computer Science and Outdoor Education. In my free time, I like to plan and go on long-distance hiking trips. I live Christian Science through ceaselessly doing good via patience, compassion, and hard work. My practice of C.S. has led me to a more peaceful and fulfilled life that I hope to share with everyone here at camp!


Lead Photographer
Hello! My name is Chris and I’m the lead camp photographer at Round-Up this summer. It’s my first time at camp so please don’t be shy and show me and my camera around. I’m a senior at Principia College double majoring in Mass Communication and Political Science and I have a minor in Economics. It’s an interesting combination and although it is not always roses and sunshine, I’ve found great joy in expressing Truth, Light, and Love through my hobbies (like photography). When you see me around please take me to your favorite spot on camp!


Hello! My name is Enzo, I’m 19, and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I’ll be working on the photography program at the A/U Ranches. This is my first time ever at a camp, and I’m really excited to live this experience and to register the great moments I’m sure I’ll have here. I’m currently studying at Principia College, with a double major in Computer Science and Graphic Design, and a planned minor in Spanish. I also play the piano and take pictures as my main hobbies.


Assistant Camp Director
My name is Katie. This is my 13th year at camp, and this year I am an Assistant Camp Director at Sky Valley. I am so excited for camp to start! This year I have been working at 100 Elk Outdoor Center, which is the Outdoor Education side of the A/U Ranches. I have loved living on property for most of the year and sharing the beauty of the A/U Ranches with school kids from Colorado and New Mexico. In my free time I love running, hiking, and rock climbing. I love being at camp because of the Christian Science atmosphere. Growing up, camp ignited a love for Christian Science for me. I can’t wait for all of the spiritual growth everyone will have this summer. See you soon!


Photography Intern
Hi, my name is Sierra. This summer I will be working as the Photography Intern up at Round-Up. I love being outdoors, being creative and doing photography, so this is a perfect place for me. I just graduated from high school, where I enjoyed running cross country and track and field. I also played trumpet and piano for many years. Next year, I am excited to attend college to study photography and to continue athletics. I really like the power of positive thinking, because it can change the outcome of any situation. I believe thinking positively brings me and others closer to God.