Friends, our planning for upcoming programs this year continues as we pray for, and expect to see, healing and improvement in the current world situation. Our outlook is one of undisrupted operation and demonstration of God in action, and we are joining in conversations with other camp professionals to prepare for an excellent summer of camp.

While we are doing everything we can to say “Yes!” to camp this summer, we are also closely monitoring the ever-changing rules and direction of local, state and federal agencies, and are meeting regularly to assess the situation and develop contingency plans if we need to adjust the spring or summer schedules.

For all programs this means evaluating conditions on an ongoing basis. The governor of Colorado is issuing regulations regarding summer camps on May 25, and we will email the Adventure Unlimited community with updates once we know how that affects our programs.

If the A/U Ranches adjusts the schedule of a program you are already enrolled in, we will also email you with updates about that program specifically. If the A/U Ranches cancels a program, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee. (If a participant decides to cancel a registration then the standard cancellation policy applies.) As you are preparing for camp, especially air travel, we encourage you to book flights allowing you the greatest flexibility in case there is a need to adjust the camp schedule.

If you have questions regarding a specific program, please email [email protected].

Current Program Status

100 Elk Outdoor Center – Spring Session
April 10 – May 22
Rescheduling schools on a case-by-case basis

Spring Service Weekend
May 22-25 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Canceled – join us for Fall Service Day this October

Youth Camp
Session 1: June 18 – July 2
Session 2: July 4-18
Session 3: July 20 – August 3

Currently running as planned

Family Camp
June Session: Cancelled
August Session: August 8-14

Currently running as planned

Adult Mini Camp/Mountaineering Reunion
August 16-22
Currently running as planned

100 Elk Outdoor Center – Fall Session
August 15 – October 30
Currently running as planned

Fall Service Day
October 9-11
Currently running as planned

Bible Study
November 5-9
Currently running as planned

Christmas Camp
December 21-27
Currently running as planned