Friends, thank you for your loving and prayerful support and patience while we’ve continued to listen and work on our A/U Ranches programs. As we’ve trustingly taken each next step we’ve cherished that “Love’s work and Love must fit” (Hymn 51:2).

Although the State of Colorado has lifted restrictions on overnight camps, the conditions and regulations on their operations are quite substantial. Compliance with these restrictions would significantly change the camp experience to an extent we think would be inconsistent with our mission. Twenty-five special committees reviewed our procedures and plans for compliance in an effort to make overnight youth camp a reality. But when the final picture became clear, our deep and humble prayer led us to cancel 2nd and 3rd session Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches for Summer 2020.

While we spent this spring doing every practical thing we could to say “Yes” to camp, the one thing we couldn’t adjust for was the imposition on Christian Science. The requirements this summer on overnight youth camps would have severely limited how Christian Science nurses and practitioners were able to work with campers and staff to support healing. Experiencing healing on God’s plan – seeing “practical, operative Christian Science” (MW 207:5) is too important to make compromises.

Cancelling overnight youth camp does not mean cancelling the summer. We are committed to fulfilling our mission of “Opening Windows to God” and have been hard at work constructing two new programs for this summer:

  • Youth Adventure Day Camp – July 6 – August 14: Six one-week-sessions of awesome outdoor adventure activities, in age-appropriate tracks, for elementary, middle and high school campers.
  • Family & Friends Getaway – July 6–17, July 20 – August 14 and August 24 – September 2: The fun, adventure and inspiration of the A/U Ranches are yours to customize into the perfect vacation for your family or friend group. Relaxing, exciting or inspiring, it’s up to you.

If you were already signed up for Youth Camp 2020, there are several options going forward:

  1. Transfer Programs – Send your child to Adventure Day Camp or join us as a family for a Family & Friends Getaway.
  2. Rollover to 2021 – Put your tuition towards the cost of next summer’s Youth Camp. Bonus: you’ll lock in the 2020 rate for 2021.
  3. Refund – Receive a full refund of your deposit and any tuition you’ve already paid towards camp.
  4. Donate – Convert some or all of your tuition payments into a donation to the A/U Ranches to help us continue offering and developing programs on a year-round basis.

Whichever option you choose, please contact Linda and let her know how you’d like to proceed. We’ll work with you to find the right solution. And if you have any questions about a specific program, please email [email protected].

We know camp is a spiritual idea we can cherish and hold on to tightly, regardless of where we are physically. We know we can trust God’s unfoldment of good for each of us.

Current Program Status

100 Elk Outdoor Center – Spring Session
April 10 – May 22
Rescheduled schools on a case-by-case basis
Spring Service Weekend
May 22-25 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Canceled – join us for Fall Service Day this October
Youth Camp
Session 1: June 18 – July 2
Session 2: July 4-18 Canceled
Session 3: July 20 – August 3 Canceled
*NEW* Youth Adventure Day Camp
Session 1: July 6-10 Currently running as planned
Session 2: July 13-17 Currently running as planned
Session 3: July 20-24 Currently running as planned
Session 4: July 27-31 Currently running as planned
Session 5: August 3-7 Currently running as planned
Session 6: August 10-14 Currently running as planned
*NEW* Family & Friends Getaway
Choose the length of your stay during these windows:
July 6-17 Currently running as planned
July 20 – August 14 Currently running as planned
August 24 – September 2 Currently running as planned
Family Camp
June Session: June 18-24
August Session: August 8-14 Converted to an additional week of Family & Friends Getaway
Adult Mini Camp
August 16-22
Currently running with a modified format
Mountaineering Reunion
August 16-22
Postponed until 2021
100 Elk Outdoor Center – Fall Session
August 15 – October 30
Currently running as planned
Fall Service Day
October 9-11
Currently running as planned
Bible Study
November 5-9
Christmas Camp
December 21-27
Currently running as planned