Bunkhouse Parents are Cool!

Did you know you don’t actually have to be a parent to help us in this role? It’s an opportunity for adults to nurture campers in grades two through eight. For many it’s a great way to use their years of experience as a counselor and give back by sharing traditions and unconditional love that’s such a special part of the A/U Ranches experience.

For others, it may be helpful if Mom or Dad are around to offer support, as needed, for those children who may be experiencing their first time away from home. While all campers are surrounded by loving camp counselors, a wonderful practitioner and trained staff, it can be comforting for the parent and child to have those moments when they share their excitement or a reassuring hug. It’s also rewarding to watch them make new friends, try new things and grow in Christian Science. It’s such a blessing for everyone!

  • Due to limited Bunkhouse Mom positions, we give preference to 2-week Bunkhouse Moms for consistency and coverage. If you wish to serve 1 week, we will keep you on a waiting list until closer to camp.
  • We are more often able to accommodate 1-week Bunkhouse Dad positions because we have fewer male applicants.
  • For first time campers staying for 1 week, a one-week Bunkhouse Parent position is considered to support the child’s introduction to the camp experience.

After graduating from college, I still wanted to be at camp and continue helping young people learn and practice Christian Science in their daily lives. So this past summer I returned as a Bunkhouse Parent. The first night a boy in my bunkhouse made the observation I was ‘much too young to be a Dad’ and insisted on calling me a ‘Bunkhouse Bro.’ If you think your camp days are over, I’d encourage you to reconsider. Where you have kids of your own, being a Bunkhouse Parent is a blast!

How to apply

Thank you for your interest!

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