At this moment in time, it looks like many of the same protocols from last summer will again be in place for summer 2022. We are moving forward with the bulk of program planning while the details about camp’s day-to-day operation will be finalized closer to the start of camp to meet current regulations.

Regardless of changes we’re making to the structure of camp, what’s most important about camp will stay the same – growing closer to God, spending time with our friends, and participating in awesome activities.

If you have any questions about the protocols listed below, or feel like there’s additional information you need to decide about your child coming to camp, please feel free to contact any of us.

Alison Peticolas, Ranch Director
Linda Clarke, Enrollment Manager
Chandler Morehardt, Round-Up Camp Director
Brian Peticolas, Sky Valley Camp Director

Camper FAQs

All programs will run according to the most current regulations. Click a question to expand the answer.

Camp Policies

What is Adventure Unlimited’s Inclusivity Policy?


  • As summer approaches, we invite you to join our staff and board in supporting the unfoldment of good at the A/U Ranches and with all our DiscoveryBound programming. Every year the organization chooses a metaphysical theme that encompasses our programming. For 2022 the theme is: “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, ‘Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.’” (SH 13:2) It speaks to the Love and embrace we want all to feel as part of our programs.

    The core of our prayers has been cherishing each person’s individual spiritual identity as a child of God, and that has been the springboard for our discussions. While the world has been exploring what it means to be more accepting, we have been asking ourselves the same question and embracing our entire constituency. Our non-discrimination policy includes that we “do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, economic status, social group or ethnic origin.” Our desire is to be welcoming of all campers, participants, volunteers and staff who sincerely desire to deepen their relationship with God, consistent with our mission of Opening Windows to God.

    This year, as we are preparing for the summer, we are bringing an increased focus to several elements:

    Bullying – Addressing bullying continues to be a priority. We do specific training with staff/volunteers on bullying prevention and intervention, including outside resources and role playing responses, in line with our anti-bullying policy. We introduce the standard of no tolerance for bullying and share the steps every individual should take if they experience or observe bullying.

    Modesty and Privacy – We are establishing and supporting modesty and privacy in our accommodations by more clearly articulating to all that anyone is welcome to use a private space in the bathroom to change. This is a normal and acceptable part of respecting each person’s privacy and comfort level.

    Names and Pronouns – We recognize some people may prefer to be called a different name or use a different pronoun than what we have known them by. Therefore, we are making the space for anyone to introduce themselves using their desired pronouns, should they wish to do so. It will be an option for everyone, but not required of anyone. As a community, we will respect these individual choices and call people by the names and pronouns they request. This year participants and staff/volunteers will continue to be housed according to birth gender.

    Listening with Care – As we embrace the diversity of all, we are also doing additional training on how to respect differences and how to listen to each other with care. We recognize polarization is a challenge in the world today and we have an opportunity to practice listening to and loving each other. This training returns us to our focus on spiritual identity. When we see each other as the perfect child of God, it allows us to talk with them with love and understanding.

    Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and prayer about these focus areas, and your loving embrace of each camper, participant, volunteer and staff member drawn to the refreshing waters of Adventure Unlimited’s programming. We’re eager to universally and impartially embrace each one, and look forward to welcoming all this summer. Please let our executive director, Gina Lindquist-Bailey, know if you have any questions.


How will campers be grouped in cabins?
  • Campers will live with a family group by program and eat meals together. (All cabins will be by gender.) We are working to balance mask free family groups with time for campers to interact with everyone.


How will majors be different?
  • We are planning changes to some programs to maximize cabin capacities and create the most effective family groups.
    • Explorers: 1st Session by gender; 2nd & 3rd Sessions will be co-ed
    • SVR Mountain programs:  
      • Girls programs and boys programs all three sessions
        • 1st Session (Camp United): 
          • Mountaineers and Challengers girls will be combined
          • Mountaineers and Challengers boys will be combined
        • 2nd Session: 
          • Mountaineers and Challengers girls may be combined, depending on enrollment numbers; Mountaineers and Challengers boys may be combined, depending on enrollment numbers
          • Challengers Outcamp enrollment open to boys and girls with final decisions made in spring once enrollment is known
        • 3rd Session: 
          • Mountaineers and Challengers girls may be combined, depending on enrollment numbers; Mountaineers and Challengers boys may be combined, depending on enrollment numbers
    • Waterfront: Co-ed program all three sessions
    • Buckaroos: No separate Buckaroos program this summer; youngest riders will be a patrol within Sky Valley corral
    • Sky Valley Corral: Campers will be grouped in family groups by patrol; note we are still figuring out how to accommodate boys in the corral because of their small number and limited male staff
    • Cattle Working: Will be part of the Camp United Sky Valley corral
    • Round-Up Corral / Polocrosse: Co-ed programs 2nd & 3rd Sessions
    • Mosaics: Will be combined into a “Mountain Men” program and a “Mountain Women” program in all three sessions
    • Mountain Biking: 
      • Camp United (1st Session): Co-ed, open to MS-HS boys and girls
      • 2nd & 3rd Sessions: Only Round-Up boys
    •  Rafting and Kayaking:
      • Camp United (1st session): Rafting capped at 15 campers 
      • 2nd Session: Rafting capped at 10 boys and 10 girls
      • 3rd Session: Rafting and Kayaking combined will be capped at 10 boys and 10 girls
  • Program capacities will be more limited this summer. We encourage campers to sign up for their desired majors as soon as possible. 
  • Campers will not be able to switch programs or cabins once they get to camp. 
  • We will be accommodating stayover campers at camp. 
  • If you have any questions about the program(s) your camper is signed up for, please be in touch with Linda Clarke or any of the camp directors.
Will there be free choice activities? Evening programs?
  • Yes, we will have free choice activities and evening programs. We plan to offer primarily outdoor activities where family groups can come together and play while easily being physically distanced. We’ll also continue to follow mask and cleaning / sanitizing guidelines for these activities.
Will masks be required?
  • Colorado has removed their indoor mask mandate and Chaffee County has also adopted this change. This means we are also able to adjust our expectations for wearing masks. We will not be requiring youth campers, family and adult participants and staff to be wearing masks during normal indoor activity. Any camper or staff who would be more comfortable continuing to wear a mask is welcome to do so. We are asking families to still please bring or send masks since they will be required in specific situations. If a camper or participant is exhibiting covid symptoms, we would ask them to wear a mask. There may be other situations when wearing mask would be appropriate.

Arrival and Departure at Camp

Should I quarantine before coming to camp?
  • We encourage campers / participants to limit their interactions in the two weeks leading up to their arrival at camp, especially during the final week and days before camp starts.
What will arrival at camp look like?
  • We are recommending driving to camp. An airport run will be available – see Transportation below for details.
  • Screening questions will be asked for each camper at the hay barn upon your arrival at camp.
  • We will unload campers and luggage from the vehicle at their cabins. Parents and family will not be allowed in cabins.
Will there be a Family Day at the end of the session?
  • With the current regulations, we will not run an end of session Family Day.
How do I collect my child at the end of camp?
  • Families will arrive at the cabin to collect their campers. Staff will load up luggage and campers and say goodbye. Parents and family will not be allowed in cabins.


Will there be an airport run?
  • Our first choice is for families to drop off their children at camp. However, we do plan to offer limited airport transportation this summer.
  • Families who drop off kids can send them home on airplanes.
  • Families will need to do a screening for each child just before putting them on the plane and send the sheet with the camper. Staff will confirm the screening on the same sheet when they arrive at the airport.
  • Campers will be collected at the airport and transported on charter buses by family groups sitting together and space between each group. Masks will be required on the buses.
  • The cost will be increased to accommodate buses at half capacity.
What will “in-camp” transportation look like?
  • Similar to last year, family groups will aim to stay together when traveling in vans. If campers need to be mixed, van/bus capacity will be reduced to 50%, masks will be required and ventilation will be increased.

Incident Response

What happens if someone is showing symptoms of Covid-19 at camp?
  • The person showing symptoms is moved to a separate location for prayer and healing.
  • If symptoms continue, they will be moved to an area for isolation.
  • That person’s family group goes into quarantine, which means food is brought to their cabin and they won’t interact with any other groups. They are still able to do activities. This group will be monitored for anyone else showing symptoms.
  • If the original person showing symptoms opts to take a test and it comes back negative, the person can rejoin their group and all resume camp as normal.
  • If the original person showing symptoms opts to take a test and it comes back positive, the person remains in isolation and their family group remains in quarantine.
  • We are researching whether campers / staff in isolation or quarantine will be permitted to leave camp in a private vehicle.
Will campers or staff be required to take a test if they are showing symptoms?
  • We will not require campers or staff to take a test.
  • We will discuss the option of testing with staff or parents, if the situation arises.
  • We will accommodate any request from a camper family or staff member to take a test.

Bunkhouse Parents

Will there be Bunkhouse parents in 2022?
  • Yes. Bunkhouse parents would be in a family group within the cabin.
  • They might need to be distanced from their own kids in a different cabin during the camp session.
What jobs could they still do?
  • Yes – inspection, laundry, store (anything individual or distanced)
  • No – dishes (nothing working in a group together)
  • They wouldn’t be able to be a BHP family group.
  • BHPs would be governed by the same rules as staff in different family groups.

Day Camp

Will Day Camp be offered?
  • Yes, we are planning to offer two five-day sessions of Day Camp during 3rd Session. The Day Campers will be kept separate from overnight campers.

Family Camp

How will meals be structured?
  • Similar to last year, each family will be considered a “family group.” If you would like another family to be part of your group, that is entirely your choice. Members from different family groups are not allowed to eat together inside. One option to visit with other families is to eat outside, six feet apart.
Will Kids Camp be offered?
  • We will offer some level of child care and kids activities utilizing smaller, consistent groups. It will not be the traditional model of all kids nine and under being together in Kids Camp.

Staff FAQs

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Living and Working

What will this summer look like compared to last summer?
  • Staff Development
    • You will be in a program family group for the entire time. Eat, sleep, develop.
  • During Camp Sessions
    • Living in cabins by programs, if you share a bathroom you are a family group.
    • Cabin assignments/family groups may change between sessions.

Staff Time Off

Will staff be allowed to leave property on their day off?
  • Yes, staff are allowed to leave property on their day off so long as they abide by the same protocols in place at camp and as a community member of Chaffee County.
What staff mixing between family groups will be allowed?
  • Staff mixing between family groups will be limited to minimize the reach of someone’s contact trace.
  • Specific expectations will be decided closer to summer based on the current situation.
What does contact tracing involve?
  • You are in someone’s contact trace if you are within six feet for a total of 15 minutes over a 24 hour period, regardless of whether or not you are wearing a mask.

CIT Program

What will the CIT program look like this summer?
(This is a broad description with many details still to be worked out.)
  • CITs would live and train with program staff during Staff Development.
  • CITs would live together in a CIT cabin starting 1st Session, and not live in camper cabins during youth sessions.
  • 1st Session
    • Specific CIT program will include working in the lodges, training sessions, and bonding time.
  • 2nd Session
    • CITs would work in either Valerie or Chuckwagon Lodge and join programs daily.
  • 3rd Session
    • CITs would work in either Valerie or Chuckwagon Lodge and join programs daily.
    • CITs could choose to be Group Leaders for Day Camp as their program.