We can’t do it without you!

We are so grateful for all the volunteers who attend these important programs! Your selfless effort yields immediate results and leaves everyone feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished. Your combined hours save us thousands of dollars in labor costs, and most importantly help keep our program tuition prices down!

We hold service programs twice a year:

Spring Service Weekend

May 24-27, 2024
Memorial Day Weekend

Adults $59; Youth $49

There are a wide variety of projects that need attention to get the A/U Ranches ready for summer, so you can always find a project that fits your interest or skill set. There are two work sessions on Saturday, and one on Sunday afternoon. There are indoor and outdoor projects, and they typically include:

  • painting/staining
  • raking
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • window washing
  • organizing/office jobs
  • carpentry
  • kid specific projects
  • and more…

The weekend is not all work. Participants enjoy making new acquaintances, reconnecting with friends, utilizing the ranch facilities at the end of the day, playing games, taking hikes, attending church/Sunday school and enjoying the incredible surroundings.

How you can help

There are a number of ways you can participate in a Service Program:

  • Physically come to the A/U Ranches to lend a hand to our cleanup efforts. You’ll play a big part in sprucing things up while enjoying some fantastic company!
  • Send money to support a specific project or for general maintenance – flowers, paint, etc. Donate
  • Donate a needed item on the A/U Ranches Wish List.

Be sure to check out the Adult and Family Programs 101, so you know what to bring to make the most of your experience at the A/U Ranches.

Adult & Family Program Highlights

2024 Adult & Family Programs

Spring Service Weekend
May 24–27 | Adults $59; Youth $49

Family Camp
Week 1: June 22–28
Week 2: June 30–July 6
Week 3: August 11–17 | half sessions August 11–14 and August 14–17

Cost: Adult $1,145; Youth (8-13) $985; Child (1-7) $830; Infant (0-11 mo.) $380
Half Session Cost: $725 adult; $615 youth; $520 child; $260 infant

Stay the night between weeks 1 and 2, or the night after week 2 to attend your camper’s end-of-session banquet, for $150/night

Christmas Camp
December 21–27
Adult $1,170; Youth (8-13) $995; Child (1-7) $795; Infant (0-11 mo.) $380

There is now financial support for all adult and family programs through the Campership Fund!
Apply for Adult & Family Campership

$100/person (up to $500)

Deluxe Housing Requests
  • $50/special requests
  • $75 for a private room
  • $100 for an apartment
  • $125/person Deluxe double
  • $200/person Deluxe single
  • $150/person Super Deluxe double
  • $225/person Super Deluxe single


The Adult and Family Programs application is online. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, so plan accordingly. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Participant’s name, phone number and email address
  • An emergency contact, complete with phone number and email address
  • Payment information – either credit card or echeck

Adult and Family Program Registration

Christian Scientists, their family members and friends of all faiths.
Children – no age limit; all children must attend with an Adult.