At the A/U Ranches’ Adult Bible Study program, we discover the Bible’s relevance for today’s society and how its teachings can guide individuals and churches alike. Our days are a mix of Bible study and lively discussion, along with times of rest and relaxation. Delicious meals and new friendships await all. We’d love to have you join us! Space fills up quickly, so reserve your place today.

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2023 Topic: The First 500 Years – Emergent Christianity

From the instructor, Helen Mathis:
This workshop will explore the stages and some primary texts of the early Christian story to identify and track the issues, questions, conflicts, paradigm shifts, and healing practices and models that emerged. We will share how they speak today to Christian discipleship, spirituality, organization, community, and mission, both within our congregations and in the wider Christian Church. Since these voices often contended for doctrines and practices at odds with one another, they are invaluable in helping us listen and respond to multiple perspectives and gain empathy for the many ways people throughout history have expressed and understood their Christian faith.

About the Instructor

Helen Mathis

After living in Swaziland with her family for nine years, Helen earned her Masters in Biblical Studies in 1998 from the Pacific School of Religion, one of nine seminaries of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. Helen then spent four years as Director of the Foundation for Biblical Research in New Hampshire providing workshops for the public conducted by leading Bible scholars, and professional development opportunities for clergy and lay leaders.

She has taught the Bible around the country for 18 years, as well three years teaching the Bible and Christian history at Principia College. She wrote for and edited a Bible study curriculum series for the nonprofit, Bible Study Seminars. These past six years she and two colleagues have compiled, annotated and published the book An Annotated Bibliography of Academic and Other Literature on Christian Science—the contents of which are now available online at csbibliography.​org.​

See Helen in Action

Watch a sample of Helen’s work, a talk she gave on “The Corinthian Church.”