Due to the current situation, and the interactive nature of the Bible Study program, we have had to cancel it for 2020. However, Susan Humble will be back next year as the instructor, and we look forward to welcoming you to the A/U Ranches at that time.

At the A/U Ranches’ Adult Bible Study program, we discover the Bible’s relevance for today’s society and how its teachings can guide individuals and churches alike. Our days are a mix of Bible study and lively discussion, along with times of rest and relaxation. Delicious meals and new friendships await all. We’d love to have you join us! Space fills up quickly, so reserve your place today.

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2020 Topic: The Gospel of John: A Gospel with Many Dimensions

From the instructor, Dr. Susan Humble, PhD:
In this upcoming Adult Bible Study we will be studying the Gospel of John, a gospel quite familiar to most students of the Bible. My primary interest is to engage you in mining each chapter for new insights and inspiration. We’ll be learning how to engage with John’s gospel by asking new questions, exploring new perspectives, and seeing often-missed connections. After our three days learning together you will have practical and new tools to use with your continued study of the Bible.

About the Instructor

Dr. Susan Humble, PhD

I am often asked: 1) Why would I spend eight more years in school getting a Master’s and then a Doctorate, and 2) why, of all subjects, would I study the Bible? My answer: it was a natural progression inspired by my passion for the Bible.

For most of my career, I worked as a Vice President of Investments for a national investment firm. I enjoyed my job and appreciated the opportunity to put into practice what I was learning from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.

One day I was invited to a talk by a Bible scholar on the historical, political, and cultural backgrounds of Galilee, Samaria, and Judea during the years Jesus lived and traveled for his ministry. Inspired by that weekend’s experience and the new ideas I heard, I began to broaden my study of the Bible. A few years later I enrolled in the Biblical Interpretation program at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California, where I earned a Master’s degree.

Three years later I was led to attend Denver University and the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. I completed my doctoral work in 2015. In 2016 my dissertation on the Gospel of John was published by a well-respected publisher.

The best part of all this study has been the opportunities to share what I am learning. I’ve had the privilege of making presentations, engage in Bible studies, and lead discussions about the Bible at churches, to small groups, at conferences, seminars, workshops, and universities. I find that people hunger for a better understanding of the Bible, and they want to learn more new ways to read the Bible in order to gain meaning, guidance, and inspiration from this cherished book.

Adult Program Highlights

2020 Adult Programs

Fall Service Day
October 9-11 | Adults and Youth $35

Bible Study

Christmas Camp
December 21–27
Adult $975; Youth (8-13) $770; Child (1-7) $635; Infant (0-11 mo.) $315

2021 Adult Programs

Spring Service Weekend

May 28–31 | Adults $45; Youth $35

Family Camp
June week 1: June 25–30
June week 2: July 1–7
Extra charges for night between sessions and day after week 2
if have child in camp that has one more day = $150 flat rate

August session: August 14–20
Adult $995; Youth (8-13) $845; Child (1-7) $695; Infant (0-11 mo.) $315

Adult Mini Camp
Full session: August 22–28 | $900
Half session: August 22–25 or 25–28 | $575

Fall Service Day
October 8–10 | Adults and Youth $35

Bible Study
TBD | $695

Christmas Camp
Adult $975; Youth (8-13) $770; Child (1-7) $635; Infant (0-11 mo.) $315

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  • $200/person Deluxe single
  • $150/person Super Deluxe double
  • $225/person Super Deluxe single

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Adult Program Registration

Adults 18 yrs+; all our Adult Programs are open to Christian Scientists, their adult family members and friends of all faiths. Note: Adults are also invited to attend all our Family Programs.