Driving to the A/U Ranches

For those using a GPS system, our address is: 18325 County Rd, #366, Buena
Vista, CO 81211-2036.

From Denver International Airport (DIA) to Buena Vista:

  • Exit the Airport on Pena Blvd.
  • Take I-70 West.
  • Exit on C470 (towards 285).
  • Exit on to 285 (to Fairplay).
  • Turn right after Johnson Village at the 285/24 intersection toward Buena Vista.
  • Go through Buena Vista to County Rd 384 and turn left (at big yellow Jumpin’ Goats Dairy
  • Then go to the first (and only) stop (CR361) and turn right.
  • The A/U Ranches are the very next left. You will see the gate over the road to the Ranches.
  • Follow the signs to the Hub/Ranches office (approx. 2 miles from the gate) to check in.

We hope to see you soon!


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