Responsibilities of a CIT

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Many CITs find great joy in the opportunity to act as a friend, mentor, and role model for campers in the cabin and in programs. They become very close with the other CITs and staff members and enjoy access to the many amazing facilities of the A/U Ranches. In addition, CITs will develop a number of important professional skills that can help them as they move into the job market. Leadership, an ability to manage large groups of people, experience making effective decisions in a fast paced environment, and strong collaboration and teamwork are all essential skills to any employer.
A CIT is a full-time junior staff member training to become a counselor. CITs must commit to the whole summer (all three sessions) and will be paid $1300. CITs and counselors work closely together and do share similar duties but different levels of responsibility. A CIT has duties in the cabin, program, and lodge, but a counselor has obligations primarily in cabins and programs only. However, CITs cannot be held legally responsible for campers because of age.
CIT responsibilities cover three main areas – cabin, program, and lodge.

  1. Cabin – CITs help provide an uplifting, fun, and inclusive atmosphere for campers to live and play in. They help to facilitate cabin activities and to make campers feel comfortable and at home.
  2. Program – CITs serve as a role model and help fellow counselors facilitate program activities. They act as leaders, take initiative, encourage, and help support campers in program activities that may be new and challenging. CITs will be asked during the application process for their top 3 program choices.
  3. Lodge – CITs wash dishes after meals and work with lodge managers to keep the lodge clean and orderly.
CITs should generally be between 16 & 17 years old, though 16 year olds may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Candidates for the program must show a commitment to practicing Christian Science and should demonstrate leadership qualities. All candidates must be available to come to the ranches two weeks prior to camp for training and must be able to stay through all three sessions. We do also consider a candidate’s experience working with youth, their skill and comfort level in an outdoor environment, and any knowledge of specific activity areas they may have.

Certainly! We encourage anyone who is interested to apply. At the A/U Ranches we are primarily interested in the qualities you bring and, of course, your understanding of and reliance on Christian Science. Those who have been to the A/U Ranches as a camper may find they have more of a familiarity with camp traditions and programs, but you can certainly be a very successful CIT without having been a past camper at the A/U Ranches.
While all staff members support each other, CITs work primarily with their lodge manager and CIT Trainer, cabin and program counselors, and fellow CITs.
CITs come to the A/U Ranches two weeks prior to the start of camp. The two week training camp is designed to help familiarize you with the ranches, bond with fellow CIT’s and staff members, and prepare for program, cabin, and lodge responsibilities. The training will also help you obtain any needed certifications you may need.
A CIT develops a number of professional skills that are useful in future jobs and school activities. Some of these skills include experience with leadership, managing large groups of people, decision-making in a fast-paced environment, time management, ability to work as a team and collaborate, acting as a mentor/role model for other people, professional outdoor guiding, outdoor education, etc.