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Registration for all Youth, Adult and Family programs is online. Click on the links below and complete the forms.
Register for Youth Camp

Register for Adult Programs

Register for Adult & Family Programs

Financial assistance is available for children who would not be able to attend camp without support. One Campership application needs to be completed per family. Campership applications are not considered until Youth Camp registration has been completed and the $200 deposit has been received.

After you have registered your child(ren) for camp, please go into your CampInTouch account and complete the Campership Application.

Your CampInTouch Account

At this time, Camperships are only available for Youth Campers. However, if you need financial assistance, you should explore possible grant opportunities through your local DiscoveryBound Chapter or branch church.
If you intend to use the A/U Ranches’ shuttle service from an airport:

Youth, Adult and All Ages Programs – book flights to arrive into Denver International Airport (DIA) between 8:00 am and NOON on arrival day. For departure, book flights to leave after 12:30 pm. For youth campers, please depart between 12:30 and 4:00 pm. With the travel time and security clearances required, the regularly scheduled A/U shuttle service is not able to accommodate flights scheduled earlier. International campers or participants who aren’t able to find flight schedules during the above-mentioned times should contact the Enrollment Coordinator about making arrangements to spend the night in Denver.

Christmas Camp – book flights to arrive into Denver International Airport (DIA) by NOON. For departure, book your flight to depart after 1:00 pm. With the travel time and security clearances required, the regularly scheduled A/U shuttle service is not able to make flights scheduled earlier.

The A/U Ranches is a special place to experience the true spirit of the holidays. Come share in a uniquely traditional Christmas surrounded by the company of other Christian Scientists, family and friends. More…
For the most current list of local lodging options, as well as a calendar of area events, we encourage you to visit the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce website.

Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

A/U Ranches
18325 County Road #366
P.O. Box 2036
Buena Vista, CO 81211-2036
The Medical Exemption is not a waiver for medical treatment, should some form of care be needed while at camp. Instead it is a waiver indicating your child is not required to have a full physical exam and immunizations prior to attending camp – an assertion that your child is in good health before entering a community setting. Should a need for care arise during a youth program, while we immediately treat every situation through prayer and obtain care from a resident Christian Science Nurse, we would immediately call you to find out what course of continuing care you’d prefer for your child, and then we follow the parent’s request.
The A/U Ranches address is:

A/U Ranches
18325 County Road 366
P.O. Box 2036
Buena Vista, CO 81211-2036

Turn-by-turn navigation instructions from the Denver International Airport are provided here:

Travel Directions

DiscoveryBound is current program name for our Field Program. John “Cap” and Marianne Andrews, the founders of Adventure Unlimited, started a local chapter-based “Field Program” in 1965 to help reinforce, on a year-round basis, the inspiration and fellowship families were experiencing at Christian Science camps during the summer.

DiscoveryBound Website

Statement of Community Standards
“The divine demand, ‘Be ye therefore perfect,’ is scientific, and the human footsteps leading to perfection are indispensable. Individuals are consistent who, watching and praying, can ‘run, and not be weary; . . . walk, and not faint,’ who gain good rapidly and hold their position, or attain slowly and yield not to discouragement. God requires perfection, but not until the battle between Spirit and flesh is fought and the victory won.” – Science & Health 253:32-8

As an organization that serves a broader Christian Science community, Adventure Unlimited (inclusive of DiscoveryBound) expects its staff and volunteers to strive to live the highest moral and ethical standards. Adventure Unlimited believes the following standards support an environment focused on spiritual growth and healing. I am willing to maintain these community standards on all of the following points.

  1. As a staff member or volunteer for Adventure Unlimited, I understand I am a role model for others and will be working closely with children and adults to support their and my own growth in Christian Science through various activities and events.
  2. I am an active student of Christian Science. I strive to live in accordance with its teachings and to demonstrate its principles daily, including utilizing it for health care.
  3. I will maintain elevated thought and speech in my own conversation and with those around me.
  4. I am free from the use or possession of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, illegal drugs of any kind and sexual activity outside of marriage.
  5. I will express divine Love and be inclusive of all participants, volunteers and staff.
  6. I am committed to contributing to an environment focused on supporting each individual’s understanding of his or her relationship to God and to holding myself, my peers and supervisors accountable to these standards, by utilizing the spirit of the Golden Rule (Matt. 7:12) and the Matthew Code (Matt. 18:15-17). (Science & Health 497:26)
  7. I am a member in good standing of either The Mother Church (The First Church of Christ, Scientist) and/or one of its branch churches, or am in the process of joining one or both. (For full-time staff.)
Training school usually starts the 2nd week of June. All staff, except for Counselors-in-Training (CITs), should plan to arrive that day. CITs arrival day is earlier on June 8th, as they take part in additional training. Staff departure day is two days after Youth Camp’s final session ends, or if staff choose to stay and support Family Camp, it is two days after that program ends, depending on contractual agreements.
The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is designed for 17 & 18 year olds who want to train to be Youth Program Counselors. It offers them an opportunity to learn and grow their skills in a chosen activity area while gaining valuable leadership experience by living with campers and supporting a cabin. More…