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Rob Terrell

Get to know Rob Terrell, Principia College Strength and Conditioning Coach, who will be leading a new initiative this summer providing specific strength and conditioning training plans for campers and staff. Rather than feeling like you’re missing out on summer training camp back home, you’ll now have the option to continue your training here at camp. In addition to the physical benefits of training at high altitude, you’ll learn how to incorporate Christian Science and the power of prayer into your training and competition. Rob works with athletes in 18 different sports at Principia and will be able to create an individualized training program for you. Questions? Contact Rob.

Meet the A/U Ranches Team

Alison PeticolasAlison Peticolas
Ranch Director
888.543.4849 x105
Drew HeimerlDrew Heimerl
Facilities Director
888.543.4849 x120
Lachlan ClarkeLachlan Clarke
Horsemanship Director
888.543.4849 x106
Linda ClarkeLinda Clarke
Enrollment Manager/Office Manager
888.543.4849 x101
Steve CreightonSteve Creighton
Sky Valley Camp Director
& 100 Elk Director
888.543.4849 x110
Chad HeeterChad Heeter
Assistant Food Services Manager
Cami JamersonCami Jamerson
Operations Coordinator
888.543.4849 x102
Matthew LeonMatthew Leon
Executive Chef
Food Services Manager
888.543.4849 x303
Brooke Morehardt
100 Elk Assistant Director
888.543.4849 x111
Chandler Morehardt
Round-Up Ranch Director and Enrollment Manager
303.779.3000 x148
Steve MurrySteve Murray
Facilities Foreman
888.543.4849 x121
Joy StricklandJoy Strickland
Ranch Administration Coordinator
888.543.4849 x100
Mike TrathenMike Trathen
Facilities Technician
888.543.4849 x121

Meet the Adventure Unlimited Team

As a division of Adventure Unlimited, our Operations Staff is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Adventure Unlimited Team

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