An Update from the Executive Director

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By Gina Lindquist-Bailey

In the last few months, our world has changed substantially. The Adventure Unlimited staff, like so many of you, has been working remotely, finding new ways to execute our mission of Opening Windows to God.

We’ve also been making decisions on a daily basis about the future of Adventure Unlimited programs in the coming months. Of course, we’re grateful to be able to turn to God for every decision – and we’re thankful for the prayer of our supportive alumni family, too. This metaphysical work remains our primary focus.

We’re staying connected by holding our weekly staff meetings via Zoom (about two-thirds of the staff is shown)

What we’re doing
We’ve been checking in with families and individuals to see how you’re doing. What we’re hearing is that you’re looking forward to our programs this summer!

We’re as excited as you are and are doing everything we can to say “yes!” to Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound (DB) programs, including the National Leadership Council (NLC), this summer. The guidelines we developed in conjunction with the Board of Trustees’ executive committee prioritize 1) the safety and well-being of our participants, 2) the safety and well-being of our staff, and 3) operating in compliance with regulation.

We’ll follow guidance, once it’s available, from the American Camping Association (ACA) and our governing body, Colorado Childcare, for direction on our summer programming.

We’ve taken steps at the A/U Ranches to ensure a high level of safety and cleanliness, including the addition of several handwashing stations at the lodges and at the corrals. The number of times disinfecting is performed over the course of the summer will be increased as well.

Meanwhile, construction of the Hub at the A/U Ranches continues through its qualification as an essential service. Check out the progress here.

What we’re adjusting
Spring Service Weekend at the A/U Ranches and the DB Compass retreat in Boston, both over Memorial Day weekend, have been cancelled, along with the 100 Elk spring season. Much of DB Outreach’s spring programming is postponed to the fall or spring 2021.

DB NLC international service trips are being delayed a year. The students impacted will work on other projects this summer, such as Congressional Awards, local service, internships and capstones; we hope a check-in trip is possible at the end of the summer. NLC adventure trips have been moved to less populated locations.

On May 4, we’ll determine the timing for staff training at the A/U Ranches. On May 18, we’ll decide whether we can run first session Youth Camp, June Family Camp, and DB NLC adventure trips and orientation summer. Each subsequent week, decisions will be made about programming in the month ahead. Find current information here:

A/U Ranches Program Status DiscoveryBound Program Status

Working together
We’re collaborating through shared resources and best practices with the other five Christian Science camps. Additionally, the Christian Science Nursing division of The Mother Church is helping us consider necessary practical steps.

We’re grateful to our institutional funders and Andrews Society donors, who have indicated their ongoing support. In addition, Adventure Unlimited applied for and was approved for a loan from the Small Business Administration under the Payment Protection Program.

Financial forecasting of four scenarios in a staggered 2020 schedule for resuming more traditional programming, combined with reduced expenses and the continued support of our donors, has allowed us to feel confident our needs will be met. We’re grateful to report we’ve been able to retain all year-round and winter seasonal staff.

Bringing the A/U Ranches and DB to you
So how can we execute our mission of Opening Windows to God in this environment? We’re bringing camp and DB to you! You may have already participated in some of our online activities, from morning inspirational discussions and Bible Lesson study on Zoom to Facebook live events, classes and game nights. These are a few of the ways we’re bringing the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound to you:

There’s more here:

Camp2U DB2You

While many factors impacting the path ahead are not within the control of Adventure Unlimited, rest assured, we’ll find ways to continue Opening Windows to God that bless our community. We invite you all to join us in continuing to prayerfully support the organization; this is where we’ll see blessing for our Adventure Unlimited family – and for the world.

5 Responses to “An Update from the Executive Director”

  1. Sherrell Bortman

    This update was so well written. It was focused, detailed, yet open minded toward the need to follow the laws of the land. I feel everyone is doing their homework, so to speak:) I so appreciate the dedication, infinite love and hard work that you all have put into maintaining our Adventure Unlimited and Discovery Bound activities, which are so vital for, not only our youth of today, but which continues to be a huge blessing to their families, therefore, the entire world.

  2. Deonna

    I agree! You all are so on top of everything! Thank you for dedicating so much thought and prayer to each event and all of its participants and staff.

  3. Gina Lindquist-Bailey

    Sherrell, thanks for your kind words and support – it is felt. I have to say the staff of Adventure Unlimited daily blow me away with their dedication, commitment and creativity in working to still execute our mission, and it is such a wonderful collaboration. We will keep you all posted as we move towards the summer.

  4. Jennifer Dale

    I remember well the afternoon we swept the plywood floor of Wyly Lodge as the buses rolled in for NLC’s All Class Retreat the day renovation was completed. For months, the staff prayed and shared inspiration on a regular basis, never expecting anything but completeness – meeting the expanding needs of this growing program. Adventure Unlimited’s culture is rooted in reliance on Christian Science, and its leadership never wavers. I’m so grateful to see this thorough and professional preparation coupled with an anticipation of only good, in whatever form it takes this year!

  5. Stephanie Maxey

    It is so evident that God has lead all of you to a state of grace and harmony. It reminds me of the statement in S&H pg 323, “Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, – wait on God. Then we push onward, boundless thought walks enraptured and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory.” You’ve got 3 kids here ready and able to push onward with you all. Thanks for being such a wonder spiritual village for them.


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