The Practitioner Corner: Leading by Listening

Sometimes it takes courage to step up and speak Truth in the face of fear or contagion. But if DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council holds to one of its main principles, “encourage the heart,” then encouraging each other as leaders and healers is the very thing we’re here to do.

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Healing, guidance and paying it forward

I have been so fortunate that my Sunday School teacher – a father of four A/U Ranches campers – took enough interest in my spiritual and personal development that he co-sponsored my first trip as a camper to Sky Valley Ranch in 1966. In that spirit of helping others better themselves – by embracing them in a loving atmosphere that promotes personal development and confidence – my wife, Linda, and I made a 10-year pledge from my 401(k) to benefit campers at the A/U Ranches, which will continue from our estate in the event of our passing.

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3 Strategies for Making an Impact During Turbulent Markets

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The first six months of 2022 were marked by levels of market volatility and inflation that haven’t been seen for decades. This double-whammy of investment threats, coupled with international instability, has created stress for investors large and small and for individuals who remain committed to supporting the work of Adventure Unlimited. What are the best ways to continue this support in the face of turbulent markets? Here are three strategies that might be worth considering.

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