Always a member of our family

Just as you are committed to us, we are committed to you. Adventure Unlimited endeavors to provide all alumni with continued fellowship and to help you connect or reconnect with the organization that will forever cherish you.

One quick and easy way to stay connected with Adventure Unlimited and other alumni is to join the A/U–DB Alumni Facebook Group or any of our other social media outlets.

If you can’t connect on Facebook, send us an email with your message and the name of the person you want to reach. We’ll forward it if we have an email address on file.

Who are Adventure Unlimited Alumni?

Glad you asked!

  • A/U Ranches staff, campers (after they reach the age of 18), bunkhouse parents, and volunteers
  • DiscoveryBound (formerly A/U Field Program) staff, participants (after they reach the age of 18), church contacts, chapter workers, chaperones, facilitators and volunteers
  • Adult/Family program participants
  • Current and former headquarters staff
  • Trustees

We encourage you to sign up for our Zipline blog, participate in Adult programs designed just for you, come to Reunions, or consider volunteering at the A/U Ranches and for DiscoveryBound. There are many ways you can stay connected, but whatever you choose, we look forward to continuing our relationship with you.