NLC Student’s Winning “Monitor Passport Prize” Essay

As part of the National Leadership Council (NLC) fourth-year curriculum on Global Perspectives, students put into practice the benefits of working with The Christian Science Monitor to better understand the world and how to pray about its challenges. “This curriculum is intended to encourage the senior class to develop their metaphysical muscle,” says Chuck Stocking, whose informal group, Friends of The Christian Science Monitor, helped to create the curriculum in the NLC program’s early years.The project involves three parts:

  1. Reading the booklet, “Engaging with The Christian Science Monitor” (a collection of articles from the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal)
  2. Interviewing two adult Christian Scientists about how they pray for the world
  3. Reading the Monitor regularly and keeping a “Praying for the World” journal

At the end of the course, each student has the option to write an essay describing how they have used the Monitor to pray for the world, and enter it in The Monitor Passport Prize. This year the prize was won by Favour.

Read Favour’s (pictured right) winning Monitor Passport Prize essay:

2023 Winning Monitor Passport Prize Essay

NLC 2023 Gold Medal Winners

The Gold Medal recipients from the 2023 graduating classes are from left to right – Christi W. (2023S), Mabel M. (2023B), Mitchell M. (2023B), Kate S. (2023B), Favour O. (2023B), Jade J. (2023S) and Conner F. (2023S).