A/U Ranches Summer Update

By Alison Peticolas, Ranch Director

As you might expect, some things are going to be different this summer at the A/U Ranches. Looking for new ways to run camp is giving staff an opportunity to try out new ideas and see how they work. In fact, some of the changes for this summer might improve the way we run camp in the future. Regardless of changes made to the structure of camp, what’s most important about camp will stay the same – growing closer to God, spending time with friends and participating in awesome activities.

Join us this summer at the A/U Ranches for programs for all ages!

Many of the same protocols from last summer will be in place in order to meet current regulations. Some will change because we’ve heard from other camps about what’s worked and what is and isn’t required. Most of the details about camp’s day-to-day operation will be finalized closer to the start of camp (first session and the first week of Family Camp begin June 24) . 

To learn more about summer programming and keep yourself up to date on any changes, check out the Camp 2021 Frequently Asked Questions page.

Mountaineering Reunion
To ensure attendees can enjoy reuniting to the fullest with fellow mountaineering alumni, the Mountaineering Reunion has been rescheduled to Mini Camp 2022. We look forward to seeing you August 21-27, 2022, at the Mountaineering Reunion!

Adult Mini Camp
Adult Mini Camp 2021 is currently scheduled to follow current protocols with family groups for meals and lots of time outside. Come play with your own family group this summer at Adult Mini Camp, August 22-28! Learn more.

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